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Soldering Fingers

by mistertech Aug 19, 2016
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could be more lightweight with a shell feature processed on the bottom face

How does it react if you drip solder on the PLA? I assume it would melt right through it, but anyone have a testimonial?

The solder seems to cool quick enough that it doesn't melt through the PLA. You could use ABS or PETG if you were more concerned.

This is a worthy addition for the soldering bench! I'd seen this a couple weeks ago and now needed it for soldering LiPo extension wires. A simple solution that makes life easier.
I ended up printing the square base remix, but wanted to thank you for the original model.

Спасибо за данного помощника при пайке. Рекомендую

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Thank you for the model!

This is an awesome idea! I'm going to take a second whack at repairing an expensive set of gaming headphones that have a broken jack. I've got this guy printing as we speak. Hopefully this will make my job a little easier.

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I have used alligator clips on a stand that can be pain to use some times. I saw this and will use it for sure. Thanks for this.
Going to be the very next thing I print out!!!

This is so cool, was actually planning on buying one untill I saw this! thank you so much!

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Danke! Auch ich hab einige gedruckt. Ein Toller Helfer.

super useful, have printed a few for friends too

Great design, easy to print and it works!!

Many thanks

This is literally a Genius thing, i mean it....
Printing right now

Very new to 3D printing but printed this tonight and turned out very well. Thanks for the upload.

You're very welcome! Thanks for posting and good luck on your future printing.

For anyone curious about the original:

Solder Fingers
by idig3d

I have been an Electronic Tech for 40 years. Always doing things the way they were always done. Always using the crappy alligator clip things.
This design is so incredibly simple and perfect!
Time to stop following the other Lemmings over the cliff.

Thank you for the excellent compliment! I'm so glad to see so many people enjoying it!

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I am printing this right now. I could definitely alter your file, make my own, download one of the remixes, but I would rather make something aware to you and everyone who plans on printing this file.

I deeply feel like the bottom base of this object is unnecessary. At 1.5mm quality, it prints 7 100% layers, then finally starts to print the infill density at layer 8. During that time, the plastic begins to peel upward, warping the bottom of the object. I would highly suggest redesigning the base for everyone.
I am also letting everyone know reading this to expect peeling and to put a raft at the bottom if they want no warping.
But that would only add more time to the print, so it goes back to redesigning it.

Of course, setting the layer height higher would decrease the peeling due to faster speeds, but since this tool is made for "delicate and tiny work", why would you print it at such bad quality? Which is why I am printing at 1.5mm

Good job on this object, but just hear me out about this.

If I feel so compelled about this, I may end up posting a remix myself.

I think that you're having an issue with bed adhesion. There are 158 makes at this point and most (if not all) have printed correctly. If you have a heated bed, this print should be easy. If you don't have a heated bed, try blue painters tape and rub it with an alcohol wipe. It shouldn't peel at all.

I prefer the wider base as it makes it less likely to tip over during use. I have added rubber feet to mine which, without the wider skirt, make it fairly prone to tipping because it's so small.

Feel free to create a remix if you feel so strongly that a few layers save an appreciable amount of plastic and time for you.

I do have a heated bed. I also have a printer that isnt heated.
But adhesion will not solve everything. Ive designed and printed plenty to know this.

Your base is simply unnecessarily too thin.

The wider base can replaced by other design changes.The wide base only makes the object a few percentages less likely to tip in all honesty.
A large, tacky brim would do a better job than you intentional base at preventing tip overs.

I also partially apologize to you!! My head bed settings were lowered somehow. It was at 60C instead of 90C. Im sure that would definitely make a difference.

PLA is fine. ABS would work also but is unnecessary.

Super idea. Ive been joining wires for years by hand. Well done for this design. I was thinking for people like me and other similarly cack-handed folk it would be useful to add weight or some holes whereby it can be screwed down to a surface.

Thank you!

I added rubber feet to the bottom of mine which helps it from skating all over the work surface.

I'll have to think about a way to add weight to it. I like that idea.

Thanks again for the compliments.

Awesome design - hate that someone is monetizing your design (prior ebay link), reported to ebay

Great idea! Thank you for creating it!

You're very welcome! I'm glad you like it.

Thanks, i just printed this. I think it will be really useful.

Well, looks like it went commercial

I suspect that seller has more items, that are prohibited for commercial use

The ebay.co.uk link is dead, guess it has been taken down.

Being sold through Fast Lad Performance (helis drones and other RC flying stuff)

I have already contacted this seller last year and they refuse to comply. I'll contact eBay.

Thanks you.

looks like it was shut down

I just filed an ebay report as well. It might take a couple to get the seller shut down. Chip in everyone.

Nice! I've been needing something like this.


Which application did you use to draw it? I want to learn draw something for me.


I created this in Autodesk 123D. I'd start with www.tinkercad.com (That's how I started). I then went to 123D and now I'm using Fusion 360. Starting with tinkercad will help you with the concepts first and then you'll naturally move up as you outgrow the software.

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Wondering if it would make sense printing that with flex material, probably "holds" the wire even more... think I'll try.

I don't know but I'd love to hear what your results are!

Looks to work fine, just posted my Make! Will probably print one in PLA as comparison...

Thanks for sharing. Brilliant idea.

Simply brilliant!!!
Thank you so much!!

Got a project coming up so this is now being printed. Thank you for your efforts.

Use with sticky tac to REALLY hold some stuff! I like, nice work.

That's not cool. Thank you for letting me know.

Only good thing about the thieving gits is that they think that it's "the neatest product we have ever come across for soldering"

Great addition to my workbench, thanks for sharing...

I'm glad you like it. I hope it helps you make great things!

Very handy tool! Works great

That's great! I'm glad that you like it.

This is genius i been looking for something like this because i cant press the small clamps on the one you buy, how did i not come up with this, its so simple yet so genius

I thought the same thing when I ran across the model that inspired mine. So much easier for most if my soldering needs.

Thanks for the great feedback!

No more burnt fingers! :D

I'm glad you like it!

This is one of those "why didn't I think of that" objects. I love it and will be printing one shortly.

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