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Techzone Huxley LM6UU X-Carriage

by DeuxVis Feb 8, 2012
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Thanks for sharing. I was searching for a few weeks and about to attempt to design my own.

Is it possible for you to post more pictures. I'm trying to see how the hotend clamp connects to the carriage. Will it bolt to the printed part, or do you need a metal plate as seen in the picture (image:108655).

Ok, I opened up the STL file in RepSnapper and can see a bit better. The carriage holes are wide enough to fit the TechZone Huxley hotend clamp.

Now, what is the plate for? From the picture it looks like you have a j-head nozzle. That's what I'm using and it mounts directly to my hotend clamp.

Mike, That's a mendel parts V5 hotend. The brass nozzle is supported by a peek block, which is attached to the carriage using 2 M4 bolts.

The aluminium thin plate is not mandatory, I made it to avoid the original Techzone carriage to bend before I printed this carriage (it was obvious it cannot stand the holes I drilled to mount that hotend). I kept the plate with that new design as it would help dissipate any heat that could trave
l up the attachment bolts (not that it seems there is any).

So the way my hotend is mounted is :
1) The original Techzone clamp block (seen on the picture just under the yellow part) is used as a spacer. Its bolt is only loosely tightened to avoid lateral movement of my ptfe cylinder, not to provid
e fixation.
2) The M4 bolts pair have their head under the peek block. They each screw into 2 nuts : 1 under the carriage (in a push-fit hole to avoid rotation) and 1 above (that you can see on the picture).

I have no idea how a j-head nozzle is mounted. If you attach it currently using the origin
al Techzone hotend clamp block, you would be able to continue.

I'll post more pictures from different angles, hopefully during the weekend.

Thanks for the explanation. I look forward to the pictures.

Another question. Are you able to make another version with a larger hotend hole (the same as the original carraige). This will allow me to remove the hotend from the top while still connected to the clamp. Also could you remove the 2 screw holes used to hold the peek block? I think you'd have
to move the bearing holders further away to make room for the larger hole.

Thanks for including the SCad files. I'm trying to figure out how to make the mods myself, but I'm still learning OpenSCad. And I'm having trouble compiling your files. And figuring out where to make the changes.

I'm hacking through your openscad code and I'm pouring through any tutorial I can find. I've made some progress on modifying your design. Do you mind if I post a new thing as a derivative so you can see what I've done and show me how to do it correctly?

I'm making progress and almost have something possible to print. At first, I was having trouble rendering the 3d images of some of the files. F5 didn't work on x-carriage.scad. It worked on a few of the other scad files. I thought it may have been an issue with dependencies or file references. But, I don't think so. You included the config file and I think as long as the config file and other files are in the same folder, and possibly open in OpenSCad, I'm fine there.

Finially, I got the image to display by using F6. Now, I am able to make changes to dimensions and see the result. At this point, I think I have a printable object that will work for my Huxley with the j-head hotend. I don't think my methods are the best. But, it may print. Do you think I sho
uld post a new thing so you can see the changes I've made. I changed the hotend hole to 25. I removed the variable. Haven't figured how to change that yet. And I moved the bearings -15 and 15 respectively and increased the size of the base by 30 (-15 and 15 in each direction since it is centered
). Now, I'm trying to get the trimmed mass resized. I've got 2 of the 4 trimmed edges so far. Basically translating by -15 and 15 respectively seems to be working.

Sure, make a derivative, maybe someone else will be glad to use your work.

Looks like you've managed to get pretty far already :)

Ok, I posted my changes as a derivative of yours. I only made dimension changes to the x-carriage.scad file. Thanks again for including your files. Please let me know what you think. I'm sure there is a better way to make the adjustments I made. I'm guessing my changes could have been done through variables or parameters. But, I haven't figured that out yet. I think I'd like to make the circle an oval to remove more material. Also the trim on the 4 corners could be improved.

Yes I can do those changes, I just don't know when I will have enough time to do so...

Maybe would be better if i can help you work on it. What is the trouble you have with openscad "compile" ?