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Asajj Ventress' Lightsaber

by CaseStudyno8 Aug 16, 2016
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hey where can i get this printed if i dont have a 3d printer

Check 3DHubs and see if there is someone in your area who could print it for you :)

how much would it be to print this and others like this(i mean about other lightsabers)?

I'm not sure to be honest, I've never used them since I have a printer, but the cost would vary depending on who you choose. I believe you you can upload the STLs there, similar to Shaoeways, and it can help estimate the cost.

Have you ever tried cutting it in half and make two halves on one palette

No, that's not how I've designed my sabers, I try to allow for different parts follow specfic part line to allow for easier painting and more logical part lines

fair enough. "no hate to you or the sabers"

Fine addition to my collection!


Maybe this is on my end but I wanted to let you know that I had multiple attempts printing Grip #3 & #5 with only a partial build before it "finished". Basically it looks to be half the height and never even gets to the point of the two raised pieces that interlock with the associated grip pieces above it.

I just figured I would reply to this as I applied a workaround that was just a shot-in-the-dark to see if it made a difference.
Basically, Grips # 3 & 5 kept partially printing. So I imported them into Tinkercad to take a look, I didn't change your models at all just exported them as a new .STL file. Then I went back into Cura and made GCODE files of them for my printer and it printed perfectly.

The only model you have that seems to be off is the Pommel, which I already saw a comment about. I am new to 3D model software so I haven't figured out how to correct it myself. All-in-all, my Asajj Ventress saber turned out pretty damn good. I just have to clean up a few edges despite my slow print speed to make it as clean a possible, then paint application and affix all parts permanently

Thanks for these models!

Sorry for my slow response, but I'm happy you were able to troubleshoot it yourself! I upload a new version of the pommel as well, so it's laying flat on the build plate, though for furut reference if you run into any other models that clearly should be laying down flat but aren't, there an option in Cura under the rotate button called 'Lay Flat' which has saved me more than once

I am familiar with that function. I figured it might come out odd laying flat so I didn't test it. Thanks again! Doing all of these must have taken a great deal of time to perfect.

They're a pleasure to work on, glad you're enjoying it!

First, I want to say thank you so much for creating this. My wife has been bugging me to print Ventress' Lightsaber for her, and I just don't have the modeling skills beyond a bit of TinkerCad.

And then just wanted to give you a heads up that the pommel appears to be tilted 1 degree on the X-axis. Layers 2-4 wanted to print in the air. I'm not certain if that was by design or not, but wanted to let you know. :)

WOW, amazing work on these lightsaber hilts!!
Would it be possible to upload the assembled files for all of your lightsabers as well?
I want to scale down them and print some lightsabers for my 6 inch figures as well.
Thx man. Job well done!!

This looks gorgeous. I wish i could slip a blade and electronics into it though.

It would be more difficult with this one for sure, some people have taken my saber and done that like this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:193156

Ahsoka Tano's Lightsabers (Clone Wars)

Love these 3D files. I'm in the middle of printing one of these sabers and I'm not sure of the scale.
It seems pretty thin compared to the other sabers in my collection. Is this a very slender saber hilt?

Asajj's hilt is pretty slender in comparison to the others, that was something I played around with a lot while modeling this one. If you look at the Hasbro toy it's a lot bulkier, but I suspect most that size came from the necessity of batteries and electronics within the hilt. So I derived the size from looking at the sabers in Ventress' hands in the clone wars and given her smaller, slender frame I chose to make these a little smaller.

Most of the cylindrical hilts are about an inch and half in diameter, I feel like Kanan's is a little small, I may change that one day.

Thank you for responding. I'll finish printing and see how i like it. So far i've only printed a few parts. It's a great design.

Would you please take a look at the "AsajjVentress-_Upper_Grip" piece that is posted here. One corner is shaved off WAY more than the other three, but it doesn't seem to correlate to any matching surface on the "lower_emitter". I've inserted the "upper_grip" into the "lower_emitter" in both orientations, and either way it just leaves a big gap where that corner is much more steeply angled. Am I missing something in how these pieces are supposed to go together?

Thanks, Brad, for such a great design. This is definitely one of my favorites. I'm going to need to print two in order to have the matched set. ;-)

Thanks! just re-uploaded a corrected file. I usually export as an STL in Solidworks and then bring it into Rhino to orient the STLs for upload, but this time I exported as an IGES so I could handle the angled pieces more accurately and then exported from Rhino as an STL, guess I won't do that again.

Thanks so much for fixing this. This one looks correct. Reprinting now. Hopefully I'll have the finished product posted in a few hours.

Great, looking forward to seeing it.

I suggest that you make a connector for each of the lightsaber handles so they can make a saber staff. like in the Clone Wars.


Maybe magnets on the end of the handle?

Really good work, THANK YOU

Thanks! I intend to do something soon so two can connect. I've been delayed a lot due to flooding in my area.

Did anyone ever make a connector for these?

Not that I've seen, I should really get on that

Im trying to get a couple of these printed currently. (Pretty new to 3D printing.) I would love a connector if you can find some time. Also your other lightsaber projects are pretty awesome. Thanks for all you do.