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Led bridge lamp Universal Segment

by Opossums Aug 7, 2016
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How much Filament round about do I need? Is 1kg spool enough?

First of all congrats for the great design and thanks a lot for sharing! I'm actually printing the parts on a single piece, I printed the curved ones with stl name of LBLUC_segment_curved_onepiece_06022017-2.stl, now trying to print the straight ones on a single piece and printed the one with name LBLUC_segment_straight_onepiece_160916.stl however the light channel does not match with the curved one and also can't find the light guide for the straight one, can you please let me know which one I should use? Thanks in advance

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I really cant understand why so many are freakin out do to that thing.
Only because it was published once by Thingiverse so many believe this has to be awesome ... holy moly.

Why wouldn't they. It's a awesome design and concept.

OMG! First criticism! Thanks a million, now this project have seen everything! :)))
Actually I’m surprised myself that it is so loved ... nothing special and quite easy to model.

Hey, i have a problem with the power supply.
I have a 5V 3A supply. My problem is that the cables are very hot. Does anybody know why?
I use the original cable from the Led Stripe and 0.75 for the Power connection.

If cables start to warm up the diameter is too small. Simple physics ;)
Alternatively if the power supply also heats up a lot, then maybe your led pulling too much amp.

Hey Opossums - shout out! This is awesome and I'm really excited to put it together. I found this on Prusa's LED video. I'm a little bewildered though. I was printing the first of two feet on my CR-10s and, somewhere around 20 hours or so, I experienced significant layer shift on the X axis. Please see the attached image. This has never happened to me before so, thinking it was my printer, I went to google and (without referencing your model at all) almost immediately found this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/CR10/comments/6ohesm/x_axis_layer_shift_on_cr10/ - https://imgur.com/a/Zz3C1. This person, like me, hadn't experienced any layer shifts prior to printing one of these feet and, per the reddit comments, chalked it up to the model or S3D. So - I guess my question is, have you been made aware of this issue? Is there something about this model that S3D just can't handle properly? Thanks again! I'm really looking forward to completing this and will certainly post a "make" once complete.

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I’m always slicing all my models with S3D, never experienced any layer shifts because of gcode.
What happens if you load back your sliced model to S3D and play it back, is there any shift? I suggest co contact S3D support team anyways, there is nothing special in stl file.

No shift in the playback. Really weird and a crazy coincidence with the random reddit post - but no biggie. This actually just motivated me to take the time to pull in your fusion file (Thank you!) and customize it a bit. It should be pretty cool... again, I'll post the make. Should be pretty rad.

Curiously I had exactly the same at same exact position/height

Enjoy! Welcome to the owners club:)

Wow! Thanks for letting me know!

Does anybody have tips or advice for assembly for the arch while running a single LED strip down one side of the LED channel, and then back through and down the other. I'm thinking I first need to do all the led strip threading, then start assembling/gluing the arches starting on the side where the led strip doubles back. I know I won't be able to slide the strip around much at all once it's fully assembled at 180 degrees though. Or do people just snap it together and forget he glue?

Great Design!!
Could you please upload the files of the curved thing in seperate parts not as an group model?
That would be great and printing would take less Time....

Thank you!

As it seems that there are some parts still missing:
you can find them on myminifactory :)

Thank you very much for the hint!
I finally found what i've been missing --> LBLUC_segment-curved-onepiece-170916

What kind of powerswitch will fit in the socket?

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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There doesn't appear to be a curved peice to match the straight with two light channels in it

is it possible to get something for a 1.75mt table?

Could you upload the LBLUC_segment_curved_onepiece_170916 and other 170916 parts? They seem to be missing.

Comments deleted.

With the straight segment (combined), we can see that there is guides for 2 led strips.
Is it possible to have same guides with curved parts, that fits nice with straight part ?
Thanks :)

I printed the curved pieces in a singles shoot and now the single shot of the straight ones the led channel does not fit, I see seems similar to what you posted as assembly of the straight, do you know if is available the straight one on a single shoot that fits?

I printed the curved one piece, and the straight one piece sections, but the led channels aren't the same. One has a space for only one strip (curved) and the other has space for two.
I want two strips, but also want to print the curved sections as one piece, does anyone have an updated file?

Where did you find the correct straight one in one piece?

I found the file elsewhere. The one on this site is incorrect.

Can you be so kind to share where did you find the straight one in a single piece? Thanks in advance

Where did you find the correct file? I'm mapping out everything to print, and I've been pulling my hair out about there being two different channels. Glad to know the correct file is missing, but could you please tell me where to find the correct one? I also want to have two strips.

I'm sorry...I feel stupid but don't know what do I have to print...there are a lot of files and don't know what I need...I also want to scale to make it 1100 mm large...but there is no problem with it...could some one tell me what to print? what is the normal base, the normal segment and how many have I to print...please!!

Hi! Try to import models in your slicer app and preassemble it there. It will become clear :)

If I print this, would I be able to use it as the only source of light for my table area? If so, would it provide adequate lighting for working in front of two monitors, reading, and sketching stuff, etc?

It is ideal lamp for assembly or painting work bench. It is giving bad reflection to monitors

Can you tell me pleas how wide and tall this lamp is at 100% scale (perffered the outer dimensions)?
Couldn't find anything about it, got only a 1195mm desk.

Look at the bottom of description

Sorry, i've allready seen this picture but forget that it has all the dimensions on it facepalm...
Btw, thank you for that great design! Love this lamp now that it's printed! :)

Wondering if anyone has printed this with a Prusa i3 MK2s and if so, what settings were used for the foot base for supports? Slic3r wants to add a LOT of support if I use 45 as the overhang threshold and I'm wondering if that's really necessary? Printing in PLA, by the way...

I have a question about it. Could it be possible to make an arc by adding straight segments to feets so it can be tall enough for a person to walk through it?

I’m printing with i3 MK2s, but slicing with Simplify 3D

Hey i need this to be 120cm long. is there a way I can scale it down like that?

People are doing this

hi all just wanting to know if it possible to print the two base { feet } without supports as i am having a very hard time with the supports messing up

I just printed the feet without supports and it came out great on a Tevo Tornado -- of course, with my slicer settings it took over 72 hours to print both the feet.

Any chance you could post the design files? I'd love to tweak it slightly for our setup. Thanks!

Sorry if this is a silly question: If we are printing the segment_set (sides and back in pieces for later assembly), do we then print BOTH segment_light_guides AND LED_Channels? Or does LED_channels.stl stand alone to assemble with the segment_set with no additional print?

Hi All!
I would like to know the total dimension (when it's build).
Somebody can say me?

Thanks in advance

This is an absolutely amazing lamp! Out of curiousity, and I apologize if this was covered somewhere but what are you using as the diffuser?

Diffuser are special parts printed in clear pla. Look into the files

Thanks a lot:) diffusers are printed from two different pieces and plastics - white and transparent

Ah okay! Well I’ve already got my printer working on the straight segments. I’ve got a desk that only has enough room for my two printers so the plan is to build a half dozen straight segments and mount it horizontally off the side of my bookshelf directly over the desk. Might even try doing the diffusers in glow filament and see how that comes out. Thanks for this awesome contribution to Thingiverse!

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Is the photo taken from the MakerFaire ?

No, it’s another one in Riga

Just awesome ! Unfortunatly my desk is too small for dat and I see we can't rescale without lose led channels.
But I see https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2408930 and its perfect !
Thanks alots Opossums for that design.

LED Bridge Light Mini

Glad that you like it:) One day you may decide to build just a half of it, as did I before buying big Ikea desk.

Has anyone divided up the foot piece so that it will print on a 200mm x 200mm bed? I have 3/4 of the segments printed and my leds have arrived, but I can't get the feet to fit on my printer.

Hi! As you are nearly done I decided to help :) Please check file I just added - Base_in_half_a.stl and Base_in_half_b.stl

Stupid question, what is the second hole for on the side of B? I get the holes at the bottom for the clamp, don't understand the other one.

SCORE! Thanks a lot man. Any chance you have a version of the LED channels that allow of a slightly larger LED strip? I apparently did not get the same size you did so mine are a touch too big. I'm not able to slide the strip through the opening.

Will this do? LightPipe-wider.stl

You are the man. That worked perfectly. Now to print a bunch.

Hello, Great project :)

Got my Leds, power supply etc.
Just one question, I read some comments that we can scale down to fit small desk. But if scaled down can I still put the LED strip (10mm) in there (LED_channels.stl) ?


Good logic! No, if you scale down, you have to design new led channels:(

Thanks for the fast respond :) And without the led channels, just the light guides ?

Comments deleted.

Just a heads up that in your LBLUC-general_assembly.pdf file both top pieces are marked TopA but the instructions say "Glue together TopA and TopB parts".

Printing mine now for light on my miniature painting desk. Can't wait! Thanks for the awesome design!!!!

SO COOL .... DAMN !!!!!

Only one question...:

  1. What is the different between this build " UNIVERSAL SEGMENT " and the one before ????

Glad you like it! It's not as difficult as it may look:)
First one has oval shape. Each segment is therefore different. Latest one is circle shaped, segments are universal. You can bulk print them disregarding order.

Would it be possible to scale this down & make it a complete circle with an inner diameter of 650mm? I would like to make a light for my dartboard & this would be perfect

That is awesome! I'm not sure what I'll use it for, but I have to build it!

Glad you like it :)))))))

This is absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!

Do you have the files in a format that can be used in SketchUP to be scaled down or up as needed?

Another question. I see that supports are needed for printing. Are these already defined in the stl files? (Sorry I`m an novice still)

Thanks :) You can scale down STL files in any slicer, you don't need SketchUp for that.
Supports are depending on what approach you will use - printing segment as a whole one peace or priting parts and then assembling it together. No supports are integrated because they depend a lot on your printer capabilities.

Thank you for your very very quick reply.

As a novice many things are new.

Thank you for the advise.

You are welcome :) The only stupid question is the one you never asked.

May I ask what the exact dimensions of the segment parts are? I got two different sizes when printing on a FlashForge and a Delta :)

@Opossums thanks for the print it's awesome! I scaled down the height and depth by 30% and it's great for my table. I was wondering about the Straight One Piece STL file. It looks like it has a double inside (Designed for two led strips side by side) however, the LBLUC_segment_curved_onepiece_06022017-2 maybe is an old design as it only has 1 channel. Is there a way to get the LBLUC_segment_straight_onepiece_160916 to match?

Hey! Awazing work! I cannot wait to print this!
Do you have any tips for printing the base foot on smaller dimensions? That piece doesn't fit my 200x200x200 printer :(

@Opossums Lovely piece of art, printed one myself and still can't believe how awesome it looks!

I've just a quick question since it seems I fail to understand something trivial: the LED channels seems to fit perfectly just on the straight pieces, not curved ones that do not have the middle "line". My straight pieces have like a 1mm line in the middle that the curved ones seems not to have, effectively leaving a portion (something like 1/4) of the LED channel outside the curved sections.
Is it possible that you have not uploaded any version of the LED channels for curved sections?

Thanks a lot!

Seems the single one-piece curved section has different dimensions than the separated curved sections printed to be glued together. Unfortunately I realized this one I already printed everthing but the LED channels.
@Opossums would love if you could tweak the LED channels to fit the LBLUC_segment_curved_onepiece, that would be awesome! Thanks a lot for this awesome design, once again!

Matthew 7:7 :)
It's not tested/printed. Try, send pictures, will corect.
Check it out - LBLUC_segment_curved_onepiece_lightguide.stl

@Opossums wow, that was quick! :D
So, I found that the piece works perfectly as for fitting in both channeling the led and into the once piece curved part.
On the other hand, since the angle in which the LED stripe scrolls through the LED channel changed something like 20 degrees or so (judging just by naked eye), it seems to me that the light is projected not focusing the area under the arc but outside it.
See the angle difference here http://oi67.tinypic.com/2naihvq.jpg
Using a little of imagination :P you can see the direction in which the LED stripe faces in this image http://oi66.tinypic.com/2gu9yc6.jpg , in which the first part is the straight piece and the second one is a portion of the curved one, see how a little twisted the curved is facing out the model.

It seems to me, and this is just my opinion :D that since the length of the channel is smaller than the other version, there might be no space for fitting two LED strips into it and still having the majority of the light facing down.

In my case of use, I think I would be more than fine with just one LED strip instead of two, so having just one LED guide on the channel would be a huge success!

Hi There

Just noticed the bottom part on the LBLUC_segment_curved_onepiece_06022017-2 is a lot thicker than the straight onepiece. I'm pretty sure the LED channels won't fit. Would you be able to upload a curved onepiece that will take the LED channels?

Check this out - LBLUC_segment_curved_onepiece_lightguide.stl

Thanks for all your hard work man!! I bit the bullet and printed all the individual ones. Your design is so good I couldn't wait

Then I suggest using this part (LUC-segment_asembly_helper.stl) - print two and use them to assemble peace together, then use some drops of glue and it's done. :)

Would I be able to join two 180 degree sections together to create one large circle?

Should be possible, why not?

I work as the Costume Crafts Artisan for Portland Center Stage in Portland, OR. I have a dye room and a paint room that are long and narrow. the dye room is 7' wide, and the paint room is 6.5' wide. My problem is getting enough good light for dying and painting.
My spaces have ceilings that are too high to hang light fixtures from the ceiling. Right now I have thick wooden dowels spanning the spaces with clip lights attached. Not ideal.
Do you think your bridge lights would work in these spaces if I spanned from wall to wall?
If so, can you help me estimate the cost of maybe 3 bridges per room? I'd have to have them printed for me. I'm much too much a 3D Printing novice, and the theater doesn't have a printer, so that would have to be included in the cost.
Can you also tell me if I can get LED strips with 'natural light'? Blue-ish light would't work for looking at and matching paint and dye samples. The light needs to tend toward the warm tones. Is this possible with LED strips?
Can you help me?
If you need more info contact me at:

Will superglue work when assembling all the pieces together or would you recommend a stronger glue for PLA?

I've gotten really sketchy, inconsistent results with superglue and PLA. For my light bridge (which I printed entirely in PLA) I chose hot glue instead -- it's a mess to work with, but it gave me far better results.

I'm having excellent results gluing PLA with gel type superglue. It's thick, does not run and bonds fast with no mess.

Sorry, i don't have experience with pla, I used abs and acetone

Seems there is an unintended gap in the strait_onepiece_160916 file. Looks like it is either slighly out of position on the model or wasn't combined. See attachment for separation area:

Hi Opossums! I'm very impressed with your design and in the process of building it. I've got most all the segments printed. Still have the feet to print and the LED channels. One issue I am having is trying to slide 10mm LED strips through the LED channels. I printed one set of the LED channels to confirm I could easily slide the LED strip but I found the tolerance too tight. Is there anyway you can increase the width of the channels to allow the LED strips to more easily slide through 16 sets of LED channels? - Thanks

Never mind...I found I can use a hacksaw blade to widen the channels. Thanks again for a impressive and challenging design to build!

Hi Opossums ! The zip file contains only the straight parts. Could you add the curved parts, please ?

How many of the curved pieces do you need to print? Also, for the base, do they have to be in line with the arch, or can they be rotated 90 degrees perpendicular to the arch?

I printed the oval design, but unfortunately, it was so fragile it started falling apart. so looking to print another!

16 curved segments.
Base can be rotated any way, as you like.

Oval design is sturdy enough if not scaled and feet are bolder down :)

What are the original expected dimensions for the base (foot)? (The rectangle that makes up the base) and ideally also the height? I want to make an interesting remix of it but after importing as STL in SketchUp the dimensions are unitless and want to save myself from having to print a bunch of samples to reverse engineer that value. Thanks in advance.

Thank you, that is much appreciated. :-)
I read somewhere that in cura each square was 10mm and got pretty close to your numbers by estimating off the screen, nut now I'll now go update the model I was working from to be exact.
Thanks again,

No problem, Bill

Write to me hms[at]inbox.lv if you need more help :)

Hello, I really love this project! Could i have the scad from "onecurved_segment_onepiece" to add some supports with freecad?
It would be great!

I'm modelling in Fusion360 and unfortunately it can not export in scad format :(

Ok, I understand. I cant edit it with freecad because it says that the stl is not a mesh.
Could you please, if you have some time, modify and add other stl with several supports in the side of the photo I give you in link and in ther other side?


If you can, I would be very grateful.


Do you need it for printing? If so, the supports are usually added by your slicing application. I use Simplify 3D. For example https://i.ytimg.com/vi/6tlrCpwAV4M/maxresdefault.jpg. But Cura (and any other slicer can do this as well)

Yeah, i only know Cura. I only want supports in that zones so i will try use simply 3d.

Is this structure strong enough so that I could bolt the base to my wall and have a large overhanging horizontal arc? Pretty much tip it on its side 90 degrees and attach, would it hold? obviously there would be a limit to the amount of segments, but how many :D ?

Roman arc relies on the central stone and gravity. If you mount it on the wall sideways, you will have to fight gravity adding some transparent fishing strings.

Did you print the large base with supports? (In cura I took a look to see if it would generate any with that set and does make some that add about 2 hours to the print time. Seems like it will take a fair amount of cleanup to remove supports under there so I am curious from others who already printed them if the supports were used and worthwhile)

I've printed 12 sections so far, with supports for the tabs. So excited to be getting close to assembly and wiring this up to run some animations like what I used in this tiny desktop lamp project:
(Code for above is open source and linked via the above post)

Once I get something together I'll be sure to post about it.

Thanks for a great model

I did not use supports when printing the bases. I remember there's a bit of an internal overhang (inside the base) that Cura wanted to provide supports for, but it's completely unnecessary given that the internal edge need not be perfect. And although Cura wanted to add some supports on some of the decorative curves, my Taz was able to print them quite well without them. Hope that helps!

Good to hear
I have a taz6 so hopefully I'll have similar results, thx for the info

Unfortunately the base won't fit on my print bed. Will scaling to 80% cause issues with the LED strips fitting in the channels?

also any issues with overheating with the led supports? Thanks again.

I want to use your led supports but please take a look at the STL for the straight segment. I think something is missing. Thanks for the great design I am grateful for all the designers generosity on this site. Thanks!

Has anybody tried bridging two 180* sets together to make a halo?

Hi, can you release mama and papa pieces, where the connector is 90 degree rotated? I want to rotate the foot for 90 degrees and have already glued the height extension on it, but now the rounding is wrong. Thank you in advance!

Hi, I'm trying to slice the curve one piece in ZSTUDIO for my M200 Zortrax and each time 1 part is missing. 1 of the 3 parts that stick 2 curved to each other... do you have an idea?

Hi, I don't quite follow. Could you please share some pictures?

Has anyone printed the curve pieces as one part? want to know whether or not self assembly is worth it. thanks.

Has anyone printed the curve pieces as one part? want to know whether or not self assembly is worth it. thanks.

I would love to build this, but my workspace is too small for this original model. Can you please explain what you mean by "Constrained workplace? Print just half of the arc and rotate foot by 90º. Thanks alot!

Exactly! Also you can print just couple of straight segments, or scale the whole thing down ...

Thanks for the reply. I am still not clear on what you mean by rotate the foot by 90º.

Thanks for the reply. I am still not clear on what you mean by rotate the foot by 90º.

Hallo ich habe ein Problem !
Ich habe einen Geeetech prusa i3 x mit einem Build volume: 200 x200x140mm .
Leider Passt LBLUC_foot_base nicht auf mein Druckbett.
Können sie mir eine Datei erstellen ?
Für mich ist all new .
Bitte helfen sie mir

Rescale das Teil auf 85% und es sollte passen. (Google translated)

rescale the part to 85% and it should fit.

Ich cann das Deuch nicht gut, nur zwei Jahre in der Schule. Können Sie schneiden Basis in der Hälfte mit Ihnen Slicer-Software.

Hallo so schlecht ist dein Deutsch nicht. Ich konnte alles Lesen.
Ich benutze Slic3r .
Ich habe es noch nicht getestet aber ich glaube schon.
Wie gesagt für mich ist das alles neu.
In der mitte durchscneiden und dann Drucken und später zusammen Kleben?

Google Translate

Hello so bad is your German not. I could read everything.
I use Slic3r.
I have not tested it yet but I think so.
As said for me, this is all new.
Intersect in the middle and then print and paste together later

Ich habe es versucht aber ich kann nur in der höhe schneiden.
Z axis

Comments deleted.

Something that I don't understand is why using glue for the legs when you can add some locks to it like those that the segments have.

Locks are there, just in a form of separate parts. Look at the parts list ...

I've gotten both legs and about 6 segments printed so far in PLA. Very excited! What type of glue do you recommend?

Great news! Welcome to bridge lamp club:)
I used ABS and acetone, you probably will have to use cyanoacrylate or epoxy

Please post back some pics;)

Can I print this 100% with PLA?

Comments deleted.

Outstanding redesign.
I made one of your original design with some modifications to allow me to recess the LED strip i bought (It was wider than the one you sized it for).
I can't wait to get started on this version.

Outstanding redesign.
I made one of your original design with some modifications to allow me to recess the LED strip i bought (It was wider than the one you sized it for).
I can't wait to get started on this version.

Thank you, it's pleasure to work for such fruitful community :) Please, post picture of your make!

Comments deleted.


Very nice design.

What about the strength? If it's cat proof... i must be strong right?

I was thinking to add my PLA on the top ;-)

IF legs are bolted to the desk (as my lamp is) and segments are glued together, then it may survive spherical cat climbing it in vacoom. ;)

Right ! here is my answer.


I will start this print as soon as i can !
I plan to resize it to fit on my desk.

Good day =)

"Cat Proof"... that sounds like "Idiot Proof"..... not possible... resistant? yes!

No, certainly not "idiot proff"! If an idiot hits inside of the arc upwards with a head, lamp won't survive. :)))

Can you upload an assembly?
All right placed parts merged to one file?
I want to print the Bridge as one single piece with a BIG machine ;-)
A little bit scaled down of course.

You would definitely benefit from having some 3D modelling skills, try joining parts yourself in Autodesk 123D ;)

How much filament did it use to create this model?

How much filament did it use to create this model?

How much filament did it use to create this model?

How much filament did it use to create this model?

How much filament did it use to create this model?

by my calculations, printing with rafts, it is 1800g

How did You attach the led strips to LBLUC-segment_light_guides? You glued it?

Doublesided padded tape

I absolutely love this inspired design! Functional AND beautiful to look at. The iterative design tweaks you made from your first version are excellent, and I'm really looking forward to getting started on this one. Thanks for sharing your great work!

You made my day! Thank you for your inspiring response :)

In the middle of making this awesome design! Cura says the feet for it are just a hair too big to fit on my bed, but the feet you made for the original arch will fit on there easily. I would just use the originals, but they look different where the segment connects to it. Any suggestions on how I can fix this?

I'm very glad you decided to go with this very challenging build! Welcome to the pro club ;)
Unfortunatelly I do not understand the probem you are describing, can you please post some pctures :)

The first picture is of the original foot from your original arch while the second picture is the 2nd foot which is located in the universal segment arch.

The second one won't fit on the bed. Also I read where someone spent 90 hours printing the entire bridge and as you can see just two feet will take me 70 hours and the segments are taking around 12 hours each. Is this just due to me using settings to print everything in a more higher quality?

Well ... idea behind second arc was to make it possible to print just half of it and use as simple desk lamp. Therefore bigegr foot. Even with this, boigger foot, it barelly stands without tipping over and I will add some lead weights for wishing nets inside it.

I would suggest cutting it in half, print, and glue it later together. What printer are you using? What are amximum printing dimesnions?

Okay so I should just print the original arch if I wanted to use it as a work light on my desk or can I still use this one because I did see where one user used this one and made a complete arch with it? He said he had to scale his down to 90% which I'm on my 4th segment so I'd prefer not to start over. I have a Reprap Prusa i3 A8 with a 210x210x210mm printing space.

Original and this one are completelly different, you can not interchnage them.
With some STL editing tool you can cut, making it shorter

Youc an also design you foot as people has done, it is really easy ....

Ok thank you very much

What is the practicality of making this to span over the center of a 3' bench? I have a really nice work bench I built and the basement has really bad lighting in spots. Something like this directly over the center of the bench would be perfect.

Works great :)

Would it be possible to add a curved one-piece segment with room for two LED strips? Only the straight one-piece has room for two strips, but the curved one-piece has room for one strip.

Hi, Tim!

I don't quite follow - here are both segments together side by side, they both have room for ttwo led strips.

Could it be that you checkd wrog segment from previous lamp?

Thank you for your reply.

I see both segments in the image you linked. However in the downloadable files for this thing I see LBLUC_segment_onepiece_090916.stl, which is curved has room for one LED strip, and LBLUC-straight-combined.stl, which has room for two light strips, but is straight. I do not see .stl file of a segment in one piece that is curved and has space for two LED strips.

Will upload in a minute, sorry for delay!

I noticed one of the three locking tabs is missing from the LBLUC_segment_curved_onepiece_160916.stl. The other two locking tabs are also very thin (compared to the tabs from the LBLUC_segment_straight_onepiece_160916.stl).

Thank you for noticing this! (facepalm)
Coorected, LBLUC_segment_curved_onepiece_170916.stl

The corrected piece you mention here ( LBLUC_segment_curved_onepiece_170916.stl ) is no longer available for download, and instead the current piece ( LBLUC_segment_curved_onepiece_06022017-2.stl ) only has a single channel for the LED strip as opposed to the two channels for two strips present in the other components. Is it possible for you to either update the current part or re-upload one of the old parts that still have two channels?

Awesome, thank you!

Ok, so I am one of the guys that "just don't care". :) I am printing the segments as a whole.

I was wondering if you could design in a fourth tab, or something along those lines.

What happens is that without that tab(slot maybe), the two parts will slide along the mating surface. The last tab doesn't need to click, just be there to prevent the sliding.

I am really planning on taking this to my various IoT/Maker Talks that I give, so I really like that I can break it down. I am thinking gluing a couple of the segments together. Having 4 or 8 segments is a bit more manageable than 16. :) Use some velcro and quick connects and I have a traveling LED light bridge.

Gonna put up a youtube playlist with stuff as I do it. Will take me a bit, as I have a day job. :)

Great work.

No problem, just submit a quick sketch of the chnages you want to see. Geometry is like maps, alwasys source of confusion ;)

Wonderful but why only as Bridge,could also be fine as an sraigth LED Lamp to hang at the ceiling, if you do an straight segment ?

Straight segment uploaded, had no time to print it and check in physical world;) So I hope to hear from you how well it went.

LBLUC-straight-combined.stl (one piece vertical part)
LBLUC-straight-flat.stl (to assemble segment from flat printed parts)
LBLUC-straight-parts.zip (individual partsarchive)
LBLUC_foot_mountingPiece_mama_v6.stl (corrected mating "mama" part)

Having only straight elements pretty much defeats the core idea of the design. I would argue that that is a totally different lamp.

Still, having different angles or straight elements could be interesting to mix into the lamp. You could make the lamp higher or wider by just putting in some straight elements. I am not sure if the parts are compatible though, just an idea...

Straight segment uploaded.

  • what angles are you interested?:)
  • where to locate groove for LED strip?(if located up, it will lit the celling, will create nice scattered light ...)

Saddly I'm not good ad geometric programming and can not do this parametric in SCAD. :(
This fould be correct approach.

Great Job, thank you. Print startet after first testprint now with 9 combined straight segments on my Kossel xl with Duet 0.8.5 Controller and 0.9 deg. Steppermotors. With cheap PLA in orange (9.99 Euro per 1 kg), sliced with S3D 3 Perimeter and 25 micron layer height. needs the hole night.

How do you connect the universal segments when you get to the middle/top of the arch?

I'm sorry for late reply. I have just uploaded three new parts.

  • Closing part for half-bridge. You can glue two half-bridges together.
    End cap for half-bridge.stl

  • Or you can use two different for to arc mounting parts - "mama" and "papa"

No worries! And thanks for getting those pieces up!

What is the sequence for using the foot mounting pieces? Foot base -> foot middle -> ?

Any chance you'll be uploading a straight section piece in the future?

What's your preferred LED strip to accompany this design?

Hi :) As with original LBL, I suggest
"individually addressable 30/60/74/144led/m stripe waterproof IP65 IP67 5050 rgb DC5V WS2811 WS2812 WS2812b led strip 5m 1m 2m 4m"

Just started printing mine! I posted pictures of the first three segments. Not sure about everyone else, but I'm assembling as I go. I find it easier to build+glue with small spring clamps each section. So far, I have only had to make a small length adjustment (minus 1 mm) to the Top A piece due to the printing variance that happens. It's best to not have any overhang of the left and right sides by the completed tops and bottoms, so that the sides are a tight fit. I posted a picture of my start.

Cool :) Can't wait to see your result :)

Me again...have you changed the design? Just looking at the file section again.

Hi :) I have chnaged desigh of the locking tabs of the one piece segment. The file name is LBLUC_segment_onepiece_090916.stl

I see you also have segments in multiple parts now? And they look bigger. Which ones should I print?

Please read the description of this model, it contains many interesting things (and lot of words, sorry).
Mainly explaining what and why :)

Okay thanks for your reply....

Welcome! Tell me how it will go ... :)

I qill quote the description of this model
The following segment sets are available
1.LBLUC-segment one piece.stl - for those who do not want to bother with segment assembly and do not care about LED strip light guide to be cool white.
An the separate part segment
2.LBLUC-segment set.stl - all parts played flat to assemble segment top and sides
3.LBLUC-light guides.stl - two parts of light guides, to be printed in white or transcluent plastic.
4.Zip file with all STL parts separate.

Great design!! I have started printing and I have to say these are hard to get looking good.
I am using S3D with PLA.
Can anyone here post there setting please?
Maybe a picture of how it is on the bed?
A picture of how the supports look in S3D?

Thanks for all your help!!!

I haven't printed onepiece part yet, I'm doing only multiple piece parts, as my light guide is from different, white, plastic.
But judging from mrevious oval lamp print, settings are standart - 4 mm 45 deg supports, manually placed in citical points.
On the bed it is always with that side, which you will join pieces together


I really love your design it's awsome.
I'll start printing it tomorrow, but how many segment do I need to print?


Looks like 16 (if you look on the picture in thing details)

Ho yes didn't see it. Thanks

Hello, what is the resolution, infill etc please :)

Z step is 0.35, infield 15%, but this is your own choice depending on the printer capabilities and your prefereces

Thank you very much for the fast response.

Still figuring out how to fit your design on the 120cm bench. Will have to scale down everything equally and redesign the LED channel to be wide enough even if scaled down.

How did you go with fitting one on a 120cm bench? I'm looking at printing this for my desk, which is also 120cm.

Half-arc (like in the blue-print in thing description) will fit just fine, no?

I would need to attach the second foot to the wall and that would totally ruin the original design. I checked the parts resized to 70% and the will print just fine. Also I connected both of the LED channels, so even at 70%, the led strip still fits.

Good luck! Looking forward to seeing your make :)

I love it... only issue with my printer is, your parts are too big for them... I'll probably have to scale down a bit...

Glad you love not, me too. New half arc will be fantastic desk lamp!
What is your printer?

Well I have a Rep 2x and a FF Dreamer... and the feet won't fit on either... :(

Bezdak821is going to scale it down to 70%, ask her m how it went ...

70% would be too small imo just noticed that each base would take about 10 hr print... damn!

mine was 16 hours on full scale

Awesome...but I printed the onepiece stl and I am not able to connect them together.

Can you post some pictures? How much clearance is missing?
I have printed only multiple piece segment so far, but it is made from the same model later in the history line.

Posted it. Obviously, it is different from your sketch. Why didn´t you cut out the negative top in section A that way that it all fits smooth together?

My bad :( I have posted updated design LBLUC_segment_onepiece_090916.stl.
What do you think, will it do?

Awesome! So glad I caught this updated version right before printing the original!

I'm still printing it myself, so this is very early work ... :)
But you, as an early adopter, will have say what to improve and fastest turnaround
Good luck!

Awesome I am thinking of laser cutting the design

Glad you like it, laser cutting is great idea :)