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Reinhardt - Overwatch

by NickRimmer Jul 30, 2016
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are there any files available with a fully assembled model, or perhaps major parts assembled? I'm printing on SLA, and it is easier to print it all together.

Hey, i am having issues constructing the hammer... is there a diagram or instructions to put them together>??

Like im having issues with just fitting everything... i feel like i have to do more adjustments just cutting pieces so they can slide and fit with one another

For those having issues printing the arms. They don't lay flat against the bed. I have reoriented them for you here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2767972


So maybe i screwed something up, but how do i get the head to fit into its socket on the body? Thw neck is way to big to fit in there for me

You will need to physically cut off some chunks on the right side to get it to fit right. I just use regular snips that I use for cutting filament to gently cut away small chunks at a time, then i sanded that side a little as well. Once it slides into place it hides all the parts that you cut so you wont be able to tell.

Same for me, wtf ?

I've never seen an FFF/FMD printer do transparent parts so clear as in the photos with red and clear parts. I feel like they have to be SLA...?

Hi, can someone confirm that the resolution is 0.5, not 0.05?

Can the legs be printed without supports?

Does anyone know what the cubits and the decor is for?

It looks as in your print settings you made him at .5mm it seam unlikely but I've never seen an Anet printer printing at .05mm I was just wondering which it is.

Maybe having the printer I have is half my issue. I printed the torso, waist, head, and legs just fine. Then got to the arms...tried several times and the print keeps messing up straight in the beginning. Tried adjusting my settings, re leveling my bed, cleaning my nozzle, and putting less tension in the PLA spool. The print still keeps messing up. I tried a different part right after...the front chest pieces...and they are printing fine. Which leaves me to believe that it is the arms file that has something wrong with it? Idk...

it is truly a great model. I have the monoprice mini and I kind of wish that the arms were two separate files. Also, I am having a hard time trying to connect the head to the torso. Is the head supposed to fit inside the opening in the neck line of the torso? when looking at the images, it looks as if the head is just resting on top, but if that is so, then I still cant figure out how to secure a strong bond that wouldnt break. I printed the torso and the head. The torso and the hips glued together and matched perfectly. Just having trouble matching head to the torso I guess. Anyone else?

is the resolution 0.05?

What's the best way to go about assembling this? Just super glue or something better? Never had to put printed pieces together before!

Use hot glue. That how I assemble my models.

If you printed with ABS, then will better use ABS juice (; Otherwise this is will a good test to explorer what will better for your materials.

This thing is awesome, thank you so much for breaking the pieces up!
First attempt at this turned out pretty good: http://imgur.com/a/i6zbv

Any tips on printing the hands? The angled hand keeps breaking off the print bed for me :/. I've tried rotating it but there really isn't a way to get a part flat on the print bed

Thank you for your made (; nice print!

thanks! Good job on the model Nick

You should also thank Worgience for getting the original file from the game and making more simple cuts, i do love the way Nick has cut the model apart as well.

Hi, of course. I done it. I said about Worgience in description, and I marked my thing as remix of Worgience model. But in really... I'm just thank Worgience, because I asked him to make Reinhard, and he made. His model helped, but I used other source for my version.

For example, my new goal is D.va. You can see it there (https://s19.postimg.org/z2mnm7mqb/assembly_01.jpg), which wasn't published by Worgience yet.

Thank you (=
Your quality of print is awesome!

P'S: my probably next publish

It's looking amazing!