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Anet A6 - Frankenstein (E3D v6 / Volcano)

by NickRimmer Aug 6, 2016
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I know it's been a while but is there a new mod to allow for the small blue sensor for auto leveling?

Would be nice to see this thing integrated into you design: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2841681

Precision Piezo Orion Module Parts

Does anyone know which Noctua fan is suitable for the part cooler with its variable speed? There is a standard 40mm fan and the is a 40mm PWM fan.

Which screw and nuts I need everything for it?

Thank you! It is excellent work!

Friend you have this files in solidworks format ?

wow amazing! i made one !!

Very good job !!! Thanks for share !

Comments deleted.

Like to print this and have some questions.

Did anyone print it with PETg? What is your experience?
How many bearings of 8mm are used?

wow amazing! i made one !!

Hello everyone, I need to ask you if the fan 40mm is enough to cool down model from PLA. Because the original turbine has a double air flow.
Can someone give me a advice please ?

Superbe création ! Quelqu'un aurait le lien vers une version incluant le direct drive avec le titan :
Superb creation! Someone would have the link to a version including the direct drive with the titan :
? Thk

Comments deleted.

Did anyone had problems with this setup in comparison to the original extruder?

What is a recommended length for the PTFE tube?

And when I use a cheap E3D clone will I still see improvement in quality?

Hi there
Can anyone tell me white size bolts i will need and how many of each?

Thanks a Lot

Can someone tell me why there are parts of a magnetic Carriage in the files of this carriage? Can they be combined?

I intend to use this frankenstein in a hypercube printer.
How can i use it? what end elements for y-axis should be built?
I am very new in the field and I do not know much.

I plan on making this, but idk where to plug the other end of the bouden tube into, any help? Im new to this

wherever the filament comes from, so probably the end of the extruder motor

I'm guessing any e3d V6 clone will fit this, but what about a genuine e3d lite6?

Do you have to mess with the firmware to install this.

The thermal barrier radiator is NOT rigidly fixed inside his holder.

I am very new to 3D Printing, but I was wondering... what would it take to convert this to a DUAL extrusion system? with an auto-leveling sensor?

I collected this miracle of engineering thought and I have a BIG PROBLEM. The belts locks are deformed under tension. It is not possible to use this belt attachment system.

Hello,can i use the igus drylin bearing whit this carriage? Can i have the diameter and how long is the bearing? Thanks

You need 2x LML8UU (15x45mm)

How can I lock the extruder cooling fan in the body mount? It seems to get on.

One question, this is compatible whit the alunar m506 a6? and the all upgrade part for the anet a6 is compatible whit alunar m506? thanks

How do you connect the fans? When using both fan connector on the Anet Mainboard, one is always running, which doesn't seem like a good idea.

The fan that comes with your E3D V6 is designed to run 100% of the time it cools the heatsink on the nozel. It simply goes in place of the original heatsink fan on the board. Fan 2 from what I remember. You then use the old heatsink fan as your cooling fan this will run on demand much like the old one the impeller fan, you disgard it as it has no use in this mod.

Comments deleted.

Any chance we'll get this great design for direct drive E3D Titan?

Yes please !

Comments deleted.

I don't have ABS but I do have PETG, would that work? Also is it possible to add a mount for an auto leveler? If not where would the best place be to put it? I can add one once I get my A6 delivered

I have two questions regarding this carriage:

  1. Can it be printed in PLA, or should it be ABS?
  2. Has anyone any experience whether the bowden driven printing is an improvement in printing via the direct drive, besides being able to print faster?
  1. Yes i printed it in PLA and it works fine.
  2. When printing more complex objects (even without retraction) i am experiencing a lot of filament jams. those jams happen right before the heatbrake so i guess my filament cooling needs to be improved. such kind of problems i never had when using the direct drive. yes, the printing process looks a lot faster but for some reason it still has the same overall duration on those models i reprinted so far.
    I think the major advantage of the E3D hotend vs the original hotend is the difference in printing-quality which suprised me a lot. before i used it i thought that my quality was already really nice but the E3D took it to another level. As additional bonus the printing-process has become a bit quieter.

Thank you, Korgano, for this answer!!!

Which Fan is for What?

See the images, they speak for themselves...

for what are those top holes in carriage part 3&4 used?

For fixing the hight of the e3d v6.

Is there any way to add 3Dtouch sensor to it? I understood that need add another part to attach 3Dtouch sensor, but maybe someone have done it and can share it?

Do you have done one yourself?
If not, I will do one for the BL Touch Sensor

I would also love to have an BL Touch mount! :)

Not yet, but if you would do it, it will be very cool.

Frankenstein BLTouch / 3D Touch Holder
by DW1988

My new design that can be used for both direct drive or bowden.


Anet A6 E3D V6 X Carriage Direct Drive and/or Bowden (Final)

Someone Works With igus drylin?

Yes. Since they are shorter i needed to glue the bearings into frankie but it works very well. First i tried to use 2 bearing per hole but it caused too much friction.

What are the acceleration and jerk values you can use with this part?

Anet A6 - Auto Leveling Mount for Frankenstein
by zakero

Thanks for this , it works a treat!

if You lift Z Axis to high Frankenstein collides with the LCD Button, You can print 175mm in Z-Acxis only :(
What screws do you use for the hotend fan? M3 to small and M4 to big.

Another option is to remove Button and its LCD. Then you could use that spot to mount the extruder which leads to a shorter bowden tube. ;)

anyone... what kind of bowden extruder are yall using..... i CANNOT get a constant filament flow...

And yet another sensor mount: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2261529
You can adjust it using openscad. It currently fits 18mm.

Sensor mount for frankenstein

Amazing work! Thank you, very helpful. Is it not better to use PETG or HIPS?

can anyne lead me to a HIGH FLOW 40mm fan for the cooling duct?? i bought a noctua 12V 40mm fan for it...it doesn't produce NEAR enough air flow over my parts :/.. i even sealed the fan onto the mount to keep any air from escaping around the sides... it didnt do much

Great design,
but it needs carriage for igus bearings.

No, you don't. The diameter is the same only the length is different which is not that important.

I designed a new Inductive sensor support (18mm), easiest to upgrade. I hope you find it useful :)


Anet A6 - Auto Leveling Mount for Frankenstein
by zakero

Hey Nick,
thanks for this awesome design!
Are you still planing to release some .step files? I would like to add a mount for square inductive sensors and maybe some parts to make the extruder "hot swapable" to a common direct drive type for use with flexible filament.

This is a damn beautiful design. You inspired me.

I created a working Sensor Mount for this model http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2223947

Frankenstein (E3D v6 / Volcano) Autolevel Sensor Mount 18mm

How it working with encoder knob?

I am sorry, my English is not really good, what do you mean?

Did you change any major settings? I'm having a hard time getting proper prints (lines have gaps) no matter what I try.

Hello. I own a Prusa i3 Anet and plan to print out your Frankenstein model for a E3D v6 extruder. But I will also need to build the motor gear parts for the filament loading. Which model do you recommend as being the easiest to build?
Thanks in advance for your reply. Pierre.

Anet extruder is pretty well, why you do want to replace it?

What screws are needed to assemble this?
M3 - 10mm screws and nuts for the most part?
What size are being used to attach the fans? M3 is too small and M4 is too large...

For most holes M3 fitted perfectly. For the fan-holes i added some glue to make it work.

Comments deleted.

Would like to know this as well.

How did you remove the bearings from the original anet a6 head?

They are hold by screws (;

Do you have an autoleveling adaptor?

I want to try for my printer. Can you suggest a distance between the centers of the shafts (tubes)?

Comments deleted.

Hi Can i do it in pla??

I did it in PLA. I dont think that it is a problem since the hottest Part which touches frankie is the filament heatsink which should be kept cool anyways to prevent a filament jam. thats why it has a dedicated fan. just be carefull that the parts called "nozzle cooling fan" does not touch the heatblock. btw it should be called "target fan duct" since you do not really want to cool your nozzle when printing. ;)

Thx i goning to try it then its ok now i got a a8 to if i fuck it up

Not sure, better if you will use ABS or same. There is too hot for PLA \=

This is a great thing. I was wondering if it could be changed to reuse the A6s original cooling blower? Some will hesitate to use this because you will not be able to use the existing proximity sensor bracket things with it. Could you knock up some versions with brackets for the common diameters? Also some bolt to a tab like the stock A8 one does. Thanks and outstanding work.

Do you need to update the firmware if you buy the hot end you specified?

Please do an update with autolevel sensor/mount NPN LJ18A3-8-Z/BX

+1 :)
Maybe make an upgrade with this auto level http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2001681

Anet A6 : Auto Leveling bed AND Cable chain !

Hope he can update it with and auto leveling sensor mount :)

I agree too!!

I agree with you :)

I have an Anet A6 and want to use the E3D V6 with this Frankenstein mod, but I don't know which one I have to order from here: http://e3d-online.com/E3D-v6

Could someone post the direct link please? Thanks :)

I just finished creating the Frankenstein and I bought this one:
v6 HotEnd Full Kit - 1.75mm Universal (with Bowden add-on) (12v)

Also, I bought an upgrade for my bowden drive:
Anycubic Left Hand Aluminum Frame Block for 3D Printer MK8 Extruder Reprap i3 DIY Kits

Just buy the right bowden drive or you will have to reverse the gearing.Lastly, the SkyNet3d Firmware Development Facebook Group has the firmware you will need. Makes the process so much easier.

Does anyone know if the E3D titan extruder will fit on top, or would need to be attached somewhere else on the printer?

Where is the extruder motor?
can you put a photo?

Just look up bowden 3d printer setups, im sure you can find a similar Prusa/ Reprap setup that is running a bowden. Hopefully the user who posted this answers us both, but im sure he/she is busy. i hope i helped you out!

Okay, now I understand.
I'm new to this
Thank you!

Is there any disadvantages of the bowden setup, i've recently purchased an ANET A6, and i feel like the direct feed setup is more ideal... i might end up designing a direct feed version of this(of my own design of course!)

With direct, you have pretty heavy carriage. With lighter carriage you can print with more speed.

and with higher speed/ bowden = less retraction so shit quality and lag in all areas of G code extecuted models.
If you want real speed make your model with traditional fab methods or 3d print them at slow but steady speeds

Show me a pro bowden machine?? Of hang on there aren't any...Go figure

hmmmm... maybe the ultimaker 3?

Comments deleted.

Which parameters/values should be changed once mounted (Retraction) ?

Thank you

This is may be individual for you printer. I used 4mm with low speed retract

Inductive proximity sensor holder will?

Unfortunately I don't planning do this. But I working for publish sources, and probably someone or you (; will make remix with it.

When are you going to publish sources?

Only thing what is missing, is the option Part for auto level Sensor....

Is it possible to add an auto bed leveling sensor to the frankenstein? or two sepereate versions , one for cynlinrical sensor and one plate for attaching a cubic one ?

I used glass, and inductive proximity sensor didn't work with glass \= So, this is why carriage without sensor mount

what size are the both fans?

Original E3D v6 fan (30mm) and one 40mm

Do I have to print it in ABS or does PLA also work?

Use ABS, it have higher temperature of melting

Superb assembly
Would you like to share solidwork files, I would like to try editing your assembly to put it in direct extrusion.
Thank you

Is it possible to add an auto bed leveling sensor to the frankenstein?

Sorry, I can't make this now. We created own other printer, and all my works about it now. But in future I can convert sources fo Frankenstain to STEP files and publish them.

Great work, looks really nice. I am researching the E3d V6 hotend, and am very interested in your solution.


1) I read on some of the E3D A6 products that for the thermistor that they use, they recommend an update in the printer firmware for more accurate temperature readings... as the Anet A6 is a proprietary board and FW, I'm assuming you didn't do this (please let us know if you found a way to)... So, can you please confirm which thermistor you're using (the one that came with the Anet A6, or something different), and if using without a change in the FW, if you're seeing any deltas in the temperature readings.

2) How much improvement in printing are you seeing with the E3D V6 hotend and what sort of improvements are you most impressed with?

Thanks much.

Hi, thank you (=

1) You can using your thermistor from original Anet hotend. Otherwise you right, on Anet A6 installed Marlin firmware, where will need change thermistor table configuration.
2) It's really getting better quality with faster printing speed.

Very nice work!
I'm planning to print one myself.
Is it possible to add an bed-leveling sensor mount (prefer to the rear right) to the frankenstein ;) ?

thanks for sharing!

Comments deleted.

Is it possible to use the filament feeder of the A6?

Yes, but as bowden. So you will need PTFE tube with fittings.

Compliments for your nice work! It looks perfect. I like it very much and want to build it too. Are the printing results better than with the orginal direct drive method?
Could you show a picture of the way you constructed the the steppermotor on the Anet?.
Thank you!

It's simple. You can mount it anywhere (= I placed it on top right side. (=

What software did you use to design this?

I used Solidworks (;

Hello, can you send me the SolidWorks files? I want to make a modification for another machine that has the same shapes as the x-axis bars.

Can you share solidwork files with me? I would love to make some modifications to fit my own needs