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Bee Hotel

by mitrasmit Jul 24, 2016
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Wonderful design, and it works for the bees if placed at a suitable place. Pls. refer to attached JPGs for a visual impression of the surroundings.

Printed full size (about 500 grams) in PLA - red.
Placed the hotel about 50 cm above ground in South West direction.
After three days 8 rooms are already occupied and sealed.
Some other 10 are being inspected while I write :-).

However, I found that at this moment (Northern Germany, end of April) no visitors are interested in the rooms with biggest and smallest entry. I'll observe how it develops during the next months.

It might be a good idea though to increase the number of the medium sized rooms and sacrifice some of the huge and tiny ones.

That's great to hear! I'm glad it works and is occupied.
Thanks for sharing your experience and your make!

Nice idea. How about putting a slight angle on the back to angle the holes?

Have just printed it out. Took 2 1/2 days print time but well worth the effort

It looks great! Thanks for sharing your make. Hope the bees will like it.

do you have an instragram tag. I have credited you in my post but would be good to actually put your tag in

Not really, but thanks for crediting.

looks cool might have to try it when it gets warmer

Looks cool, we have some woods ones but if we need more I will print this for sure. The bees started using my sprinkler quick connects this year that are printed in ABS. They liked them better than the wood one that we hung right next to where they were harvesting their cuts, and the ABS sprinkler connections were in a very wet environment, obviously.

That's useful information, thanks!

Also, the model in "Thingiview" looks a lot longer than the prints. Did you tweak this model before you printed it?

Yeah check the summary and print settings, I've addressed both. Centre of gravity will slant it slightly when you hang it up, so the water won't go in, but it will still hang stable. The model itself is perfectly straight. And indeed I've made it shorter myself because it would take forever to print.

What's the best way to make it shorter without messing with the geometry?

Check print settings for one way. Other way would be to print, for instance, 0-20% and 80-100% separately, then carefully glue them together, and you'll skip the 60% in-between.

I'm wondering if this was designed so that the openings are slanted downward anyway, or do I really need to slant the whole thing forward a few mm? I can see on the third image, where the two left-most tubes appear to be slanted, but that could just be (bee?) foreshortening. (Mmm..shortening.)

Anyway...curious if anyone has actually used this, and if so, are there happy little bees living inside?

Awesome! I have wanted another one of these ever since my wooden one fell down, but I didn't want to trust another wooden one again. So what I'm trying to say is thank you so much for creating this! You've saved the bees in my garden!

Good to hear! Please share your print and tell us if it works for the bees!

I am going to make one. Be great if someone posted a pic of one in used though.

Have you had any success with bees using this? I've read certain places online that you shouldn't use materials like plastic or glass when building bee hotels because these materials cause more condensation than wood does, and therefore fungus grows on them.

That's a good question. I can imagine such a thing happening, although it probably also has to do with placement and angle, and there might also be a difference between PLA, ABS, or woodfil. I simply don't know.

I think the safest bet would be to use Woodfil, as that is closest to actual wood. Or maybe some anti-fungus spray/coating that doesn't harm the bees?

Did you ever heard of trypophobia brah?

Haha, came here for this comment.

Phobias can be overcome

Wouldn't wasps eventually take over this though? Or would wasps not find it to be suitable.

This is a proven concept, so I don't think that will happen (or it would have happened already with all other hotels). Most or all wasps are colony animals anyway I think?

You are more than likely correct, I just wanted to check. I'll go ahead and print a couple of these out. Thanks for the design!

Hi Gorklax, Could you try it? it worked? Are there many solitary bees in your hotel?

To further clarify, there are some solitary insects that in some languages are called 'wasps' (ichneumon for instance) but they do not sting and like bees are very important to flowers.
Thanks, let me know how they turned out!