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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Droid Body Parts - R2D2

by mrbaddeley Jul 23, 2016
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Mr B, my son and I are getting ready to attempt the artoo build. When you printed the parts, did you use a standard nozzle? 0.4mm? would a slightly larger nozzle provide a little more rigidity in the final products? my concern is the time to print and unnecessary resolution for much of the body panels which will be filled and sanded regardless. thanks for your community minded approach to your designs.

I'd have to agree with skittle, is there a reason for them being on sheets.. it's a job in itself removing the print..... that being said, thanks for the files Mr Baddelay

I wish these parts and part on your other files were not on sheets. Individual parts in one file would be better. Too much wasted filament and time cutting these away.

Comments deleted.

Cheers, check my link on https://www.patreon.com/mrbaddeley for loads more stuff. I’ve moved over to that platform. It’s all free subscription is only optional, nothing held back :-)

can you explain how to assemble rear coin return ?

great parts. but how i put the front and rear vents together?? to much parts amd i cant figure out. can u help me? :)

I think you're asking about the pockets. Basically you make the pocket, then the square frame which sits around the pocket, leaving a square hole in the centre. The centre plate (Blue) is assembled (with 5 slots for the silver fingers) then fitted into the square hole. Finally the fingers slot into the slots in the square frame.

ah ok, i unterstand, but one part, of the silver finger (Slot in the middle?) is smaller? sorry about my little stupid questions, but in this case, I'm having a brain stoppage.

I think i have now made it! :) only one part is left. small slime finger?

I think that's a panel to hold the nut in place and therefore can be ignored..... (from memory)

Very good job, I just tested many parts, all are with very good quality.
Just a small problem on the "octogon port", there is a side that does not exist, I think it was deleted during design it.
Thanks for your great job :)

Hi, thank you. The octagon port I modified as the frame meant the lower side had to be paper thin. When printed it prints on mine but is less that 1mm thick. I am working on version 2 of the body and have redesigned the octagon port. There's a link to the OneDrive share with all the files in my Patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4294285 There's a greebles folder with the design in, both octagon ports are the same except the mounting frame do choose one and try that. Any probs drop me a PM :-)

hi are these files csr frame compatible?

Comments deleted.

how big is the fully assembled R2D2?

Hi there, it's 1:1, full size, around 1.09 meters or 3ft 7.


Hi, the original design files are shown in the description (123d design) which show how it goes together. There's also a link to the YouTube video mightyjabba did which shows his build.

Thank you so much for all your hard work on R2D2, I've promised my daughter for years we would build one and now she can hardly contain herself daily, just loving the time we are working together on him, so again thank you.
So we are about 4 weeks in and I have a couple of questions, is it possible, using some of the centre parts to make the foot static but still have the other two move, she want to do charity events with him and I don't think we need the up/down motion on the centre foot..
Also have you uploaded the front vent and other panels, as I cant seem to find them
Thank you, Bernie & Jenny, Manchester UK

Hi, all the vents and parts are in the body parts section, I've uploaded everything for a full build. Static centre foot is a lot easier, in fact I'm not happy with he current mechanism so will have to try another design. The centre foot frame should be easy to glue into place but I can do you a more solid frame. Just on holiday at the mo, but back in a couple of days. Will post then. Any questions drop me a line, I'm in Nantwich (originally from Tameside east of Manchester.

Down the road, so to speak lol, gluing the centre is the way I'm gonna go, less to go wrong and wouldn't really use it.
I can find everything apart from the front panel the goes around the vent and the other panel inserts
Again thank you for all the help
Enjoy your holiday

Ah, I think they're on the front skins section.

Morning Mr "B", sorry to be a total bother but I can't seem to see them there? have they maybe been removed from it somehow?

All added to the front skins, sorry for the confusion, I must be getting old....

All added to the front skins, sorry for the confusion, I must be getting old....

Hiya, no problem at all, you're right, they're not there. I'll add them now :-)

No worries, the vent panel is the fiddlest part of the panels, lots of thin pieces so not an easy assemble though. May look at doing it differently.

Yours is looking great! I'm looking forward to finally being able to use some of these pieces. :)

Looking pretty good my friend ; ) Just brilliant. I look forward to catching up and generating something as awesome looking as what you have created here. Cheers Jace

How much plastic do you think goes in this full R2D2? Or how much have you used until now?

Just a note : ) I did mine a 4 - 6 mm shells and at times 50% infill for strength and rigidity. Possibly overkill ; )

Mines already at 35kgs and I still have the centre mechanism feet and skins to complete

I'm going to take a guess round 50-60kgs to complete ; )

21kg so far and we're getting close. I'd guess 25 - 27 as we only have some body parts and a few brackets. 27 may be an over estimation.