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TOOTHLESS Herb Grinder - by 420ThreeD

by guerillacaterpillar Jul 20, 2016
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NICE one!...OBV...im only gonna grind Oregano with this..............................looksaroundinparanoia

Do you have a file for the grinder that does not have any of the designs? I want to print one to spray paint. Much appreciated!

I hope this doesn't sound stupid but I am new to 3-d printing. I have a CR-10 using Cura. When you say to print the 2 pieces together. Do you mean on the glass at the same time? And if so how far apart would you set them?

Also. Any chance you can show a pic of settings? In Cura Shell has several options to change. I am attaching a picture with hopes you can confirm or suggest correct settings.

Wall thickness 1.2
Wall Count 3, assuming you have a 0.4 nozzle?
Everything else looks good.

Doesn't matter how far apart, screenshot looks good.

Sorry to bother again. That first one I sent you was for the grinder guts. Now I am ready to print the walls. I do have a 0.4 nozzle. Do these setting look right?

I made the Shredder 2.0 and it does in fact rip through herb so much better than my old metal grinder. Is there a version of the insert that could make the grind finer?

Awesome! Good to hear!
I'll upload you a file now, it's the v1 of the plate which I thought went a bit too fine, see what you think.
The insert is 55.59mm in diameter & 2.2-2.4mm thick.
As long as you leave a dimple or hole in the middle for the top piece to fit into & draft the sieve holes outward you should be able to make one of your own / fine tune it to your liking.
Hope it goes well!

Awesome, thanks. I'll give it a try!

Comments deleted.

I'm so high thanks bro

i accidentally deleted my comment instead of my reply oops......
Your grinder grinds my goods finer than any metal grinder 10/10
(Ill be posting a remix soon)

Comments deleted.

Your grinder grinds my goods finer than any metal grinder 10/10
(Ill be posting a remix soon)

so many files included I'm so confused. how can i just print the one seen in your first picture?

Loll sorry about that! My bad!
errr. If you print the top files in the list:

These are the ones from the photo. :)

I hate when people do that too. Confusing and it take time to sort things out unnecessarily if you ask me.

thanks mate, this is so popular ive sold 3 of these to friends.

can you make a thick bottom case with the leaf pattern?

Will have a look for it :) x

Comments deleted.

Hey Man, I LOVE these designs. I checked out this one and the 2.0 and both look BOMB.

My question is which grinder is better to use for kids who are rough with their grinder.
All of my friends by habit use all of their might while grinding their herb (and not at a constant moderate pace like you suggest)

Between 1.0 and 2.0, which do you think would be better for this? Pros and cons?
Thanks a lot for the share man.

Hi Paco,

Neither grinder should be used by 'kids', This is not for anyone under the age of 18.

A MATURE / of age user, should adjust their grinding style, because it really doesn't take that much effort on either model,
or use just use 2.0.

Hi guerrilla, what's up? Sorry for bothering you but I repeatedly tried to print the Thickercases file on my Creality CR-10S, but I don't seem to be able to get the first later right, should I add a raft?

Layer height is 0.25mm with initial height at 0.3mm. Wall thickness is 1.2mm, ergo the 3 walls/shells. 0% infill, with initial print temperature at 200°C, heading towards 185 at the end. Print speed at 70mm/s with an outer wall speed of 35mm/s.

Thanks a lot for your designs!

Setting look good man!
Do 2 shells with 100% concentric infill pattern? x

I love this and will be giving it a test print tonight. Can I ask though, I absolutely don't mind your branding on the bottom say, but is there any chance you could make the top customisable please as I'd love to put some friends names (and the festival(s) we're at on a couple. :)

Still work if i rescale it? (more little i mean)

Yuuueessss Indeed it does, don't go below 40% without changing your nozzle over :)

Would you consider updating the licence to a more permissive one, perhaps even just allowing derivatives? This is currently under the most restrictive CC licence and would technically forbid people from customizing it to even add their own name if they wanted (No derivatives). Also newspapers or blogs are technically forbidden from featuring this design if they make any money from the site what soever (Non commercial).

I'm just curious if you chose this licence with that intention in mind and if so, that's fair enough. Just in the spirit of 3D printing and making the world a more permissive place, would you consider re-licencing under (ideally) Attribution - Share Alike, or even Attribution - Share Alike - Non Commercial (as that would allow people to add their own names, logos, etc).

It's your excellent design, I was just wondering if you'd considered it. Thanks!

Cases print much too loose for the grinder in my case, had to print at .98%. Printer's tuned in pretty well, but I am using woodfill for the center so who knows.

I have the EXACT same issue. I'll try your scaling recommendation and give it another go.

Hi Macelius,

I had exactly the same problem with wood inner vs some pure pla outers, sometimes it was the extrusion multiplier depending on the filaments true width, or fans, the amount of times cooling has not led to good dimensions haha!
Glad you got the scaling all good :D

This thing works great! Any chance of getting the source file? I have a few changes in mind. First, I'd like to make the bottom shell and grinder part into one piece with thicker walls. Same with the top, but I want to extend the top case by 2mm or so to stand it up higher and get a thicker grind. Also, I'd like to remove the branding because I'm more of a discrete thyme grinder, ya feel?

So on the spacer tho, how do you recommend printing that? Same as the case? 2shells, 0infill?

0.4 / 1 shell. 100% infill

The Egyptian, Greek and Roman empires all used millstones. Not sure about the validity of that license in court.

Like "Hey Judge, he stole my stolen design..."

Can't blamle you for trying to steal their idea tho. They were very smart to think it up.

Uploaded my new case for it! I pretty like the result but tell me your opinion about it.


Dude please excuse my insolence self-promotion xD

Case for the TOOTHLESS Herb Grinder - by 420ThreeD
by Andi_an

Not at all dude! Love it! Great work! x

Hey, thank you for this design. I was going to design one myself but it would have been no where as awesome as this.
One question, Which one grinds better, this design or the version 2? I like the design of this but obviously the one that grinds best is the one I would like to print.

Do you have any pictures of how both of them grind? if it's not too much trouble xD

The original way always the best... :D

Thank you for your reply and effort in making this! <3

You are more than welcome Misjim! Happy Shredding! xx

putting a license on this thing is actually ridiculous. I can model this in under 5 minutes. Already sold a bunch to my friends after fixing the terrible tolerances.

So why not post your "improved" design?

did you post the improved design?

Wow thanks for being a dick about it....

is it okay when I make a new cover for the Grinder which covers also the Typo ?

Of course. Crack on :D x

good to hear... thanks man

Do you mentioned the outer dimensions of the bottom grinder and the top grinder when they are assembled? I can't find them anywhere and don't wanna recover them from STLs...

Total (w/cases) OD 52mm
Total (w/cases) Z 48mm

Top: OD: 49.5mm, Z: 20.5 (incl nib)
Bottom: OD: 49.5mm, Z: 26.875mm


hey man great work! the link to the micro shredder is broken. I got a 404 error. any chance you could fix the right link? thanks.

Hey, any chance you could modify that spacer for the thick cases? That would be AWESOME :D

Sorry dude, only just seen this. I will have to dig the sldprt out :)

I scaled it to 95% and it fit

"Comply with this shit.... or I'll get all Woody Harrelsonon on yo' ass." I'm laughing so hard right now!
btw where do you get your bamboo pla?

Hahaa.. You'd be surprised... ;)

Bamboo pla was originally from ColourFabb, but they've discontinued it.
There are other places to get it (us import) but I haven't seen anything as close to the quality of the EU batches.
:( super sad face.

What program did you use to create the visual?

1st shot is a photo of the prints, second image is from photoview360 plugin on solidworks. :)

Can you make the case parts thicker using multiples of 0.4 so they print without a gap in the middle ? 1.2 or 1.8 would be good 2mm would be better :)

Uploaded Thickercases.stl, just now...

Is the case suppose to be loose on the grinder or did I do something wrong? Thanks for the upload its pretty cool.

Hey Madhat28! Sorry to hear it's a bit loose.
Did you print the original or the thicker cases?
All filament varies unfortunately, you might need to use a small amount of glue on the contact surfaces of the case before you slide the grind pieces in.

You can also try printing the cases at 101%, flow or scale, to get the cases a bit more snug.
Let me know how you get on.

Thanks for the response. I printed the original leaf case and and the original top case. The cases print pretty quick so I will try A few things. Also I printed the grinder In glow in the dark PLA, it makes the leaf design look awesome in the dark.

Comments deleted.

I printed this and I'm not sure if 'Grinder' is the best way to describe it. It absolutely pulverizes. This thing just shreds anything you put into it into a fine powder. Very nicely done. With that said, I did have some trouble extracting the fine powder from the grinder when I was done. I'm looking forward to V2.

Hi Adam, thanks for letting me know! I've added a spacer in case the fine grind is a bit too much. I ususally used the side of the case on the upper grinder bit and a scalpel or bamboo tooth pic for the inner bits.

Would you be able to upload your make please? :) would love to see your colour choice.

Grinder 2.0 is good to go! Just finishing printing a batch now!

Im using S3d and size of object needs to be at 160% to get 4 shells to show up..

Even tho I can get 4 shells to show up @160% the shells are not together for some reason.. Never saw anything like this actually. There is a minute gap between the two inner shells and two outer shells. even at 100%infill. so odd. not sure what Im doing wrong.
also Needed to print out the outside casing at 157.5% as it was a bit bigger and loose for actual grinder part if printed both at 160%

I think there is something wrong with the model itself.. the inner and outter walls will not touch in S3d.. not sure whats going on.. email me I can send you my gode output and you can see what i am seeing. The model is at 160% now and still having issues.

wow, does sound odd, even on 100% infil.

So, it's the 'thicker' cases that you're having problems with?
Did you try to slice the standard cases at x2 shells?

If that's still no good, there's a new file at the end of the list (Blank Base case) that's got a 1.2mm thickness, try three shells on that?

Oh noo,,, sorry about that.

What size nozzle are you setting?
The 4xshells for the thicker case aren't needed and the original cases work just fine on 2xshells.

.40mm Nozzle Diameter and .2mm resolution

That's the correct settings for the shell.
The original cases are 0.8mm thick, and for the thicker cases, 1.6mm.
Im on cura but will run the cases through s3d on my end.
are you using custom .fff?

I use S3d and work perfect with your suggested settings!

I'm still cracking mine, (being lazy about it) Glad it works on other S3d though. :D

That new case will be up in a sec Telli!

Would I be able to borrow your g-code output from s3d please Telli?

ActuaLLY A whole blank set would be cool. but understand if you dont want to as people my brand as there own. I just want to put my own funny txt and stencil cut outs! Now of course I could go into fusion and do myself but that doesnt feel right without your permission.

As with previous arguments I've had regarding this; you can do what you want with it on your pc, as long as you don't upload it as your own thing. I'm just glad you asked, people haven't been asking recently and there are a few copy cats posting non beneficial, backward leading versions. Thank you for asking.
I'll give you the blank case, if you want to clear up the top logo piece it's up to you, I just ask that you don't u/l it as your own work or sell it, again, under the licence, I don't really want these sold, gifts are more appropriate.

Happy to hear that, just working on smaller version of toothless, let you know how test print turns out. If it goes out on thingiverse definitely let you know or decide whether you allow it ;)

Awesome no problem. Ill always ask the designer to use his work in anyway..I know not a lot don't do but since I have good friends that are designers and have been right ripped off or remixed without permission I always ask. In this case Id respect your wishes and not upload as remix as for me it personal reason wanting this. Customizing for friends for gifts is why I want. Thanks again if you choose to send me a blank version I really appreciate it!

possible to get a blank bottom case? Be cool to add your out cutout. I was thinking avengers symbol lol. Awesome work!

Hi Telli,

I'll upload you something now :D

Many thanks, nice touch re-using 1000 year old technology!

Many Thanks to you FredGenius! :)

Wow, this is a genius build! You take something everyone needs and put it into an easy 3d print! I printed this with a lulzbot, and it's awesome. my mom loves it! Thanks so much for this build, guerillacaterpillar

Thank you Ryan! and Thank your Mum too.
Really pleased you like the file.

Well well! Will print this a.s.a.p.! Bought one in Amsterdam, but will try this one instead.. ;-)

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out! :D

I made one of these on a taz 6 with PETG. I used the exact settings the OP said to in the details and it came out friggin sweet. I mean... This thing is epic. Just don't overload it.


Thank you Criticool!
Really appreciate it! Glad it's working well for you :D

AND for introducing me to get yarn! Awesome quote!

Hey, definitely going to make this for my friend and will let you know how the print goes, I was just wondering if you ever considered uploading an unlabeled lid?

Hi Alex,

Awesome! Can't wait to see the results. :D

The file is currently on loan from 4203D and being shared by me, the customised versions with names and custom graphics on the lid can be ordered through the 420Facebook Page :)



Hi, Im trying to print this on my Mark forge Mark two Printer. When slicing it in Eiger its telling me that some of the angles will not print correctly. My set up is 15% infill, 4 Roof and Floor layers, and 3 Wall thickness. My layer height is at .01. Do you have any suggestions for me printing on my Markforge Mark two?

Hello, Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the slice. That IS one lovely printer you have! wow.
Sadly, I haven't tried Eiger, I assume the output from that straight to the printer is MarkForge's own? Rather than gcode?
The layer height can be greater, I do mine at 0.25. That might do something? 0.2 should be good too.
I'm awaiting a copy of Eiger now so I can get something printable over to you asap :D

Thank you. :)


The most i can go up to on layer height is .02 and its still being a pain in my ass. I dont believe you can use eiger with any other printer and i dont think you can even get a hold of it without having a markforge printer. Im going to throw the print into my printer tonight and see what these angles are that eiger does not like. I will upload pictures of the finished product after it finishes printing. But if you can get a hold of eiger software and see what i mean just keep me posted.


Hey Zackery,

I've applied via the website to test a trial of the software, just waiting on an email link for it atm.
Do let me know how you get on, but hopefully I'll be able to see it from your software later today.
Thanks Again,


Really need to look at some things:

This design has some badly broken geometry. I had to re-make most of it before it would print right.
Saw there were many dimensions which were under .1mm. There are barely any printers out there (if any) that will print these which will cause problems. Simplify the shapes or the printer will push around previous filament.

It's not entirely a bad design. After re-making the design with the basic concepts it works really well.

By your own admission you've also completely breached the licence that this model had been provided under:
TOOTHLESS Herb gRINDER - by 420ThreeD by PolyPrint is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - No Derivatives license.

What you have done is wrong and you should take a good long look at yourself.

Re-make most of it? hahahaha. As IF I would release the final version on here.

YOU really need to look at some things:
Please check the verified status of this thing and do one.
This thing has been sliced and printed countless times and I have had no problems 'pushing around previous filament' - that's your printer settings noob.

Run it through netfabb.... then see how many geometry errors you get!
Get some manners or a qualification and I might show you some respect, as for now you have none, amateur.

Holy crap. You have some serious nerve.

Here's the deal, I can download this and edit it as much as I want without reposting it as my own. I never stated I re-submitted it as my own work. Just re-working it so I can personally print it.

My printer is able to print high-quality prints perfectly other than your model. It has nothing to do with my printer or it's settings. It's literally your design and it's dimensions less than .1mm and extra lines in the STL as I stated. A Cura slicer gets confused by that stuff. Running it through both AutoCad and Sketchup brings up geometry problems. (I personally dislike netfabb)

Obviously I'm not the one with the manner problems, as I was being completely honest without slandering. Learn to take criticism over your work.

Balls of steel over this side of the pond batman....
What other response were you expecting from such a vague & blunt critique?
I am perfectly happy to take criticism, provided it's constructive, yours was not - you shouldn't bother next time, I literally couldn't care less for your opinion on a file which prints for purpose JUST FINE.

If its a case of "it's literally your [my] design".......you don't have to print it.....move on, print something else.

"Just re-working it so I can personally print it ", 4203D do not want you to print or edit this file, regardless of whether you
re-post, SO DON'T DO IT!

As for Slander?(ha!) Obviously one requires the prerequisite of a good reputation....

Well guys, my guess is that ben_xman tried to slice it at less then 70% procent scale.
Dont know why but the top and low caseing can't be printen under 70% or only the first layer gets sliced.

Going to print it right now ;) thanks for the design.

ahhhh, I see, the thicker cases should be better for scaling,
the original cases were 0.8mm (2xshells on my 0.4 nozzle) and the thicker cases were 1.2mm (4xshells).
Let me know how the print goes? :Dx

Just chiming in a bit, but the No Derivatives form of the Creative Commons license does allow anyone to edit the file for personal use as long as it's not shared.

Great design, though; printed one off as a X-mas gift for my sister.

love the print! thanks for sharing BlackBeltPanda! x

what do u mean buy shells ?

Funny, I've seen "perimeters" before and didn't know they were talking about shells!

Amazing print BTW! It works 10x better than the mini grinder I used before and I paid something like $30 for it too... Wish I saw yours first.

Gotta love that jargon. haha.

Awesome! Glad you like it!

Comments deleted.

hello! are you able to upload files with 1 by 1 object rather? kinda painfull to print the x1 grinder and have the other one screw up :/

Cura -> right click -> split

Never had a problem with both parts printing at the same time....

splitting doesnt work, cura 15. crashes, and the 2. version wont let me.

My printer might screw up, i never risk printing stuff together, one might the insane warp and the other one can be fine.
Or if i would print them in differant colors

I just split the file using 15.04.6
It didn't respond for 2 mins while it was splitting, but it definitely worked....

And then my laptop died..... files will be uploaded in a sec.

Is it possible to add a customizable version? Thanks


I'm sorry to say, it's not actually possible.
What would you like customised about the design?
I can put a request to Team420 and get back to you...

Printed this for a friend and she loves it but the ground material sticks to the insert in the bottom case. To help with this and as a suggested change, I modified the bottom grinder insert to have a groove in the side and the bottom case to have a matching emboss inside and a wide enough opening to push a finger through. I then sanded both parts to make the insert slide in and out easier. The emboss/groove keeps the grinder spinning but allows her to push the insert out to brush off the top of it easily. The top insert and case I left alone.

Post a pic??
I can't picture your mod at all....

I posted pics in the "Made" section. this changes are circled in red except the opening in the back. The shell isn't as smooth because the programs I used to edit the STL files is simplistic and used blocks so smooth curves won't remain.

Thank you for posting! I see what you mean, I was thinking of an extra circular rim for a pop fit.
Thank you for sharing the inner photo's too, the extra bits on the inners look like extra shredding teeth! looking mean ;)
Love it!

she has other types and likes this one best. is there a way to get files I can edit easier? she asked if I could make one that is taller but skinnier. STL files are a pain to edit and the software I have been using would take forever.

do you have solidworks?
If not, I can't exactly make the file easier for you to edit.

Cura can do all the scaling you're on about though... really nicely too.

x & y at 85% and z at 125% would be great?

I do have solid works but i'll try Cura first. I've always locked the ratio when scaling. Forgot I could scale the axis differently in Cura. Thanks.

Awesome! Let me know how it goes? :)

Please where is the design cannabis beacause i have the heart on this file, sorry for my english i'm french :p

Bonsoir Vic, je suis desole pour le confondre, la feuille de la cannabis cas est maintenant disponible.

Bonne Slicing!

No problem thanks for the file! And thanks for your very beautiful grinder, nice job!

De rien! :D

Je vous souhaite l'utiliser.

Printed perfectly on my MP Select mini with recommended settings. Currently printing another

Awesome news! Let me know how it goes! and how they look!
Cant wait :)
Thank you for printing!

Awesome...have you designed a bong yet?

I have one if you are interested

Oooooo now there's an interesting question....
Not yet no... Would you like one?
If I have time, I shall put my mind to it soon.

I have one if you'd like I'll post it I kept it off my profile for numerous reasons......BTW nice herb shredder.

Love this, i'm just wondering if there is away i can make the top and bottom outer shell thicker. Any suggestions.

I can do you a thicker case version if you like?
Print them with 0% infill on 2x shells, they are so perfect for the application, the inner grinder parts strengthen the cases, and as the grinders pivot slightly, the forces are exerted equally throughout the print whilst turning. This is how I designed it, and this is why it works. lol.

But in all seriousness, the thickness is great for wood and plain pla, I've got 6 samples out with testers at the moment and not a single issue with the cases failing.

Try a print, you'll be surprised I'm sure.

I've done a print and it works nice. But yeah I would definitely be keen for a thicker case version if its not to much trouble :)

Thicker Case has just been added to the thing files, 4x shells should see you right,

but I maintain it's overkill for the application....

Will send that over to you later on today. :)

Cheers man I appreciate you uploading a thicker case.

De nada!! :D
Hope it works for you dude. Let me know how you get on with it?


Wow I made this as a fun experiment i didn't expect it to work AMAZINGLY well! Nice job dude.

Thank you FestaMan!
Glad to hear the design is still functioning.
Do you have any pics of the print?


Comments deleted.

its cool but 2 perimeters is a very thin wall
3 or 4 would be better

Printed this yesterday
Came out perfect using formfutura Carbon fill in a flashforge dreamer.
It actually grinds pretty damn good

I was baffled by the smash nature of the grind.... two turns. haha.

Your print looks AWESOME! Thank you for sharing! :D

Nice design. Might be improved by removing the bearing from the model and putting in 2 recesses to hold neodymium magnets so plastic isn't wearing on plastic.

Thank you, have you printed one yet?? :)

I did consider this at the time of CAD'ing and have the magnet files if you want them?

I then kept it simple, rather than requiring the printerman to have to get magnets in;

I made the bottom case tall so it would be sturdier and hold the top, larger part in place, more so than a shallow grinder design would do- which would require magnets.

I have a couple printed in pla and once coming off in bamboo now. The tolerances are excellent on both prints so far.

  • Also, the plastic wearing on plastic occurs in all grinders (except metal/wooden models), and the fact one would grind with something in there, the pla on pla would be minimal. If you create an assembly of the two parts you'll see the 'bearing', which I refer to as a nipple for fun (ha), doesn't come into contact with the hole.
    The extrude thin around the bearing yes - this does rub when there's nothing in the model, but that just means you're not using it properly, two turns is plenty.