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Futuristic city builder generator

by Ferjerez Jul 20, 2016
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Where's the file to print the model in the first picture?

Not available in STLs, but you can replicate using the customizer: Set seed =813833 and in 'rectangle-base' use a 160x160 square (or the size you want). STL doesn't generate inmediately, may take around 1 hour

Is it still working in Customizer? I just get errors ...

Some people recently reported issues with customizer in Thingiverse group, i hope they fix the customizer soon. I just try to generate a figure and it works well.
Meanwhile you can try downloading OpenSCAD and opening the .scad file attached.
Good Luck!

See it published to web by using ArtisGL 3D Publisher free app

Hello, very interesting script! I would like to know more about Processing, seems like quite fun to learn and to work with, is it possible to have the original processing project files? Thanks in advance!

Yes, Processing is great for learning graphics programming. Quite different to OpenSCAD, the code is written in Java.

I wrote the processing code 4 or 5 years ago, i can zip an upload the files. It's much more complex than the OpenSCAD code (writen in a few hours) and has lots of Object Oriented programming, uses some external libraries, mouse and keyboards events, data structures like ArrayList and many 'advanced' features that can be tricky for beginners and can't generate printable files. But it's ok, maybe this weekend upload the processing files of the 'precursor' of this generator.

If you are new in Processing the best way to learn is follow the examples provided. It install a lot of examples, tutorials and interesting things that you can use for learning.
Also check out the OpenProcessing.org website, a community where people share their programs and you can 'copy-paste' the code and work on it.
Around Processing there's a big community of programmers, artists and students making awesome things.

Hope you find it useful and have fun learning Java with Processing

Just awesome, I love this!

Thanks! I hope you enjoy it

Looks like a great greeble for a futurescape!


PD: I needed to search 'greeble' (didn't know what means 'greeble', my english is not as good as i would) and wow! what a great plugin for 3D software.

My congratulations :)

Wow thanks!
It's a great surpise to be featured!!

True, i wished they would ask the publisher before they do it.
What if you are on vacation or you don't want to be featured for some reason?
I think they should add at least a "do not feature now flag" ...

mmmm....maybe, anyway featured is just more visibility for your design, i can't imagine a reason for what you don't want to be featured.

.. because you already know what is going to happen :=)

mmm...i'm lost... what's going to happen??....didn't understand...my english is so limited and sometimes i'm lost in conversations :P

I have sent you a PM.

Your code is super elegant. Thanks for sharing this. I'm looking forward to pouring through it and playing with it. Really great work.


It's great you like my code, to be honest, this one has a lot of improvisation and never thinked that other programmers would like the 'code style'. It has a mix of spanish (my natural language) and english.

Hope you have fun exploring, modifying an playing with this program.

I'm interested in how you made this generator. Can you tell me how to get started, and where I can find more info on how to make a generator myself. I know python and javascript is that ok, or not? Where to begin, and any tips would be extremely helpful.

The keys are 'recursion' and 'Geometric subdivision'.
Learn about recursion searching examples like tree or terrain generators. Geometric subdivision is basically draw a figure inside other and repeat the process choosing random figures.
Learn also OpenSCAD languaje. It's really easy (if you know others languajes) and simplifyes the making of 3D figures.

A few years ago i developed this generator after getting some nice results with a 2D subdivision algorithm. Originally was written in Java under Processing framework (www.processing.org). A good point to star learning graphics programming.

If you want 'understand' how the cities are generated take a look at 'subdivided surfaces' (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1693518) and imagine this plain draft growing vertically. This is the concept i developed a few years ago. Using some simple figures and repeating at diferent sizes pushing ones over other, finally a kind of city emerges.

Well.. i don't know if this little explanation it's useful for you. hope you can understand a bit better how the algorithm works.

Also, i apologize for my english, i'm from Spain and my grammar are not as good as i want.
Thanks for your interest.

Subdivided Surfaces

reminds me of Siem Reap buildings also. very cool work