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Customizable everything box (waterproof)

by mcseven Jul 19, 2016
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Best waterproof customisable box on Thingiverse!

Thank you, good sir :)

My pleasure! The only thing that could make it better would be if you could say the dimensions provided are for inside the box. This means you'll always have space for your parts without having to calculate the additional boarder for the screws :)

Wonderful design! Thanks for sharing.

thank you for this great box!
But unfortunately I need a version I am not able to customize myself.

How to make a hole into the lid?
Maybe you can do a version 1.2 to make this possible?
Or just give me the right code for an example of a hole in the lid?

Thank you very much!

Hi, well, try this:

  1. download and install openscad for your platform
  2. also download the SCAD file from this thing
  3. open in Openscad
  4. scroll down to line 151:
    translate([box_Size_X+5, 0, 0]) lid();
  5. replace with:
    translate([box_Size_X+5, 0, 0]) difference() {
        translate([20,30]) cylinder(r=10, h=20);

This demonstrates how to make a round cutout in the lid only for the version where the lid is right of the box. In line 149 you find the version if the lid is above the box.

If you're satisfied you can render and STL-export the box yourself.

Hope this helps you, cheers.

This worked for me. Thank you!
But I had to change the line

translate([20,30]) cylinder(r=10, h=20);


translate([20,30,-5]) cylinder(r=10, h=20);

Glad that you helped me so quickly.

Thank you for this STL , very usefull for me!
As a newbie , anyone can help me to reseize the large box like that : Length : 113mm Width : 87mm Height: 25mm with only one hole center?

Thank 's in advance

Well, at least the outer measures you can change easily with customizer. "ThingApps enabled" --> "Open in Customizer".

As for the holes, you'll have to make yourself familiar with openscad and change them yourself. The two holes are defined between the 3-lines comments in the *.scad source file, also here in the "Files"-section.

Hey, Thanks so much for this, it's really versatile and useful :D. I was wondering if you could maybe add one more option?

I've figured out that you can put an elastic band in the barrier gap in the lid to make it waterproof and seal it! The only thing is that the lid won't fit down properly as the seal takes up space and the barrier on the box is too high.

Could you possibly add an option to have a barrier height offset on the box to make it slightly shorter to allow for a rubber seal in the gap?

Thanks! :)

No worries, I figured it out! I've also uploaded it here.. :) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2529094

Customizable Enclosure With Rubber Seal

Hi, thanks very much for sharing and thanks for your appreciation, of course. The real challenge would be to make the inset and the wall with round corners as well in order to releave stress on the rubber... if only I had time :)

Really Useful ! nice work ! I downloaded the scad file and adapted it for my application. Thanks for sharing.

glad that you liked it and thanks for letting me know. happy to help. cheers.

Hi, i need your nice Box without any cable holes. Can you help me?
The "View Source" has no effect...


sure mate, just go to the "Thing Files" section here in the Thing and download the "box_complete.scad" file. You can adjust any setting in there, same as with the Customizer, only without its fancy web UI. The two holes are cut out with the lines where it says "Your own cutouts here". Let me know if that didn't help.

Sorry, but i am a newcomer.... I download the file.. And then? Can you tell me the steps, what i must do?
Thank you..

Ohm, basically, you'd need to:

  1. download OpenSCAD from their website,
  2. install it on your computer,
  3. open the file "box_complete.scad" with OpenSCAD
  4. look into the source code on the left side in OpenSCAD window, there you'll find the section marked with "Your own cutouts",
  5. remove anything between (2x "cylinder(...)" I think)
  6. Press F6 to render the new version (takes a bit)
  7. see if that did the trick
  8. File -> Export -> STL

Hope that helps :D

Worked for me thanks mcseven

That helps, thank you very much.

I need a round box exactly like this, any easy way to modify it? via scad code?

Erm, it is "customizable". So, again, please find the section "Thing Apps Enabled" here on the top right, and then press "Open in Customizer". You'll be taken to the customizer application interface where you can enter the settings. Then export as STL.

Note: You'll need a makerbot account in order to use the customizer function.

How can I customize the box? I have a Mac and the Makerbot Programm is installed (can view .stl...)

Hi, please find the section "Thing Apps Enabled" here on the top right, and then press "Open in Customizer". You'll be taken to the customizer application interface where you can enter the settings. Then export as STL.

Thank you very much!