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3Dator Bowden Extruder MK8 gear (M6 fitting)

by 50koruny Jul 18, 2016
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Where MR105ZZ goes?
608ZZ is for pushing filament to MK8 gear, but where is the place for MR105ZZ ?

on the axle of the motor.

Comments deleted.

I printed the pieces but I do not understand how the pressure mechanism works. But do you need any springs?

no.just put screws inside.you start to understand if you do it.

What size bearing is needed?

608ZZ and MR105ZZ

Thanks, I have an 608zz, is the MR105 the stock one that comes with the Anet? Can it be grooved or does it have to have a flat edge

Hi.. Nice extruder!!!
Could you please share your solidworks source files? I would like to adapt your design for my printer.
My email is pedrinho (underline) 33 (underline) 3 (at) hotmail (dot) com
Thanks a lot

OK, today i have reorganized STL.have maked some new mounts (even for AL20) and for now, every mount/adaptor is here

Adapter / Mount for 3Dator Bowden Extruder

Спасибо огромное.

Я строю принтер "Vulcanus Max V1.1". И хочу на него поставить экструдер "Diamond". Для него и хочу сделать вашу конструкцию. 3 штуки. Правда пока не могу найти каретку под "Diamond" что бы подошла на мой "Vulcanus Max V1.1". А сам к сожалению не умею рассчитывать.

у меня есть другая

Спасибо. Сейчас буду печатать. А можно и прямой "adapter.STL" сделать под 20х20мм?

Простите. Этот я поставил уже печатать. А я имел ввиду прямой а не угловой который у вас в списке называется "adapter.STL". Просто мне потребуется два крепления на углу и два прямых.

это может быть?

А можно сделать крепление под профиль 20х20мм? Ну очень понравилось и хочется сделать!

Я уже сказал, что да

Огромное Спасибо! Буду ждать.


Крепление здесь тоже под 30х30мм?

I've printed many of these and I'm using four right now on my 4-color setup. A little finicky to get used to adjusting, but works perfectly after that. I've printed TPU and PVA with these with very little trouble. Simply awesome!

thank you :) yes.pressure adjustment needs some practice but thats worth of them.very universal machine.yesterday we have reached 1000 downloads, so - take some photo of that 4-extruder farm and add make, please :)

Any reason why the axle is flatened?

its original axle from 3Dator.i dont use that axle.i have steel axle(s).but how can you print that axle, if is not flatened?

By rotating on the round face down. Using a steel axle is a good point but shouldn't be necessary. Thx for your reply.

How do I clean the drive gear?

with needle, if you have gear from steel

Love the design! I'm currently printing it. But a suggestion would be to put instructions to use supports for that one part that holds the 608 bearing. I just referred to the original design and now I realize that the part/print will probably fail cause of that little overhang/lip on that part that was really hard to see. Printing all the parts at the same print, hopefully it will only affect that one part :)

i think about it now.we are talking about bearing holder part of M6 or M10 version?if you think M10 version tightener, then yes.part have overhang.read last post in comments for M10 version please.

Comments deleted.

i have sent STEP or Solidworks files to at least 4 of you, people.make remixes please.little payback for community.thank you :)

I love the design, but i want to change a little bit. Is it possible that you send me the files as STEP?! Would be awesome. ;)

for sure.send me pm with email.

Great. I usually wanted to remix the original design but then i found this one and it fits much better for me. ;)

Thanks a lot!

Ok. This is getting complicated. I'm using a "PC4-M5" connector with a "Mk8" drive gear. Exactly which files do i need to print? I've printed all of the (non-i2) files as the instructions seem to say the i2 version is for the "PC4-M6". But i'm not sure if i've printed the correct files. Help. I'm confused.

yes.old files for M5 and i2 for M6.i think its time to split that things. :D

hi. nice extruder! where to find the hook from the first picture? the one in the archive file is a bit longer.

thx, but i make just modifications/remixes of that.its work of 3Dator.
and yes - that was my fail, sorry everybody :-/
i have uploaded old hook only.now its complete.

Many Thanks. I will print a second extruder and the missing hook for the first one. I will post the pictures here.

yes please.i love mades :)

Hi, could you please share your solidworks source files? I would like to adapt your design for my printer.
Thank you by advance

timothe.frignac (at) yahoo (dot) fr

thank you.

Hello, I'm interested to make a version for 2,85 mm. wire.
Can you give me the original cad files?
STL are not directly editable.
Thank You.

sure.where to drop it?and wich format?i am using solidworks 2016.

solidworks is ok!
please send at stefano65 (at) gmail (dot) com
thank you

Comments deleted.

Can you send me a link for the real mk8 gear you use. When i search on web i find 2 differents gear with the same name "mk8". Thanks

Can the Tightener part of this version be used on the MK7 version? I have a MK7 drive gear that I want to reuse but I like the regular M3 nuts in this MK8 design instead of square ones in the MK7 design.

yes, you can.holes ale slightly moved (0,2mm) but thats only difference.drill that holes at least.

How well does this print flexible stuff. I know the original was supposedly great

dont have tested yet.but shapes are the same like original.there is no reason for malfunction.