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3D printed RC truck V3: Single rear axle(Single wheels setup)

by MrCrankyface Jul 16, 2016
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I really want to print many of your designs but am stumped on this fitment issue. My calibration cube is perfect and esteps are tuned.
Ive made some test pieces from your gearbox v3, and the male piece fits inside a bearing perfect. But the female piece does not fit the OD of the bearing, it is .2mm too small. Is there something else i should be checking, or adjusting? It is really close! Whatever help you can can share is greatly appreciated and I will help others if this can be solved.
I cant wait to post a make of your truck! (or variance)

Do you know the gear ratio for this diff? Trying to pair motors and tire sizes

If I remember correctly it should be around 2:1 so 2 revs on the input rotates the wheels 1 rev.

Whats the material that was used ABS or PLA?
What is the temperature used?
I am using ABS and am trying to troubleshoot small parts

I used PLA. ABS tends to shrink more which can cause problems.

Hey mate, This is a great model! I have an access to Connex3 ObJet260 printer (polyJet) - printing it there - will share my results!
I need original cad files really badly! would like to make it a middle-axle - so i need an extra output on the back side.
Please get it touch with me if you can help me out.

I'm not sharing the source files but if you check my sequel to this truck you will find that it has dual "output" axles that you could sue.

3D Printed Rc Truck V4

Can you tell me what the approximate scale of this model is?

The scale is 1:14.

Thanks for this great work. It would be great if i can get the .step-files form the Rear-, Front-axle and the center differential. I would like to modify it for my R/C tractor.

Could you please make a 20 cm wide version with the lower Control arm mountig points more outside

What are the dimensions of the axle slots on the tires??? I am making my own rims to use for something similar that I am designing for my robotics class. I am making rims that bolt onto hubs which are attached to the axle so I can change the rims similar to a full-size car.

are you ok with me repurposing your design for a sumobot?

Sounds awesome, go for it!

thanks! I'll be sure to post pictures of the build

Hi, thanks for the many work that you have done! It would be great if you have this axle with a second output for a 6x6 or 8x8 truck. Would it be possible:)??

Thanks! I have experimented with designing a 6x6/8x8 before but the current axles won't work. The joints are too long and makes it look really awkward, you get almost a full tire width between the axles/wheels because the axles themself are so long.
In the future I hope to be able to spend some weeks on completely redesigning more compact axles and gears.

hi there ! It's my 3rd time printing the Axle-rear-bottom-single and axle-rear-top-single and with the bearings in it does not close :S what can i do ? which slicer do you use ? Yesterday i tried with pla and it wasn't better than when i tried with Abs. The bearing won't go halfway in.

Sounds like you need to first check if your printer is being accurate. Print a test cube and make sure it's exactly the right size.
This truck requires very high precision to come out good. :)

You can try printing them larger. My advice is making the male end about .02 smaller than the female. If you have a way to measure the bearings, over size both accordingly. Also try a Dremel. Hope this helps, smokin0137

where are the tires

thank you so much, I thought I was going to have to find tires for the rim

is this a locked or unlocked diff?

Open/unlocked differential.

is it possible to make it locked with a servo ? switchable between open and locked diff

Hi. I printed all piezes of the rear axle but i have a lot of problems to fit some male pieces in respective female pieces. You understand me? What can I do? Thanks for all!


Either re-calibrate your extrusion(sounds like you've extruded too much plastic) or use a file to carefully remove material until they fit. :)