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my arduino boxes

by Old-Steve Jul 14, 2016
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thanks for these great boxes!

I don't have any pictures, but I have found these boxes extremely useful for project boxes. The builds are great, and the fit is perfect. Thanks a lot for providing the build files. Excellent!

These boxes have been a god-send for my projects...everything fits snug, exactly as it should. Thank you so much!

Most things I've downloaded from thingiverse LOOK great but there's always something or other wrong with them.....dimensions are wrong, something is just a bit wrong or doesn't fit.....stuff like that. That is NOT the case with these boxes. I printed a 2 bay box with the lids for the HC-SR04 and the Nano. The fit is perfect without tweaking of any kind. Thanks! Awesome boxes mate!

thank you - I'm glad it worked.
It is amazing to me that I can design and print these things on my printer and someone else can download them and print on their printer, even though it's different from mine. If I draw a 20X20X20 cube and print it, it doesn't come out exactly 20X20X20, so I tweak my designs to get everything to fit properly.usually 3 times or more. haha

Hey, it stinks when you labor and post and then nobody says anything. If you post good stuff most people just give a silent thanks; in my experience no issues usually means no comments.

On behalf of those who use these cases - thanks.

On a side note, those SainSmart relays are nice, but I'm always a bit nervous around them. They are supposedly UL listed for AC 230v/10A but I don't want to burn down the house with a tinker gone wrong. I was getting ready to make a case for them that would fit into a standard US code-compliant 2-gang electrical box. So a dual relay would take one side of the box and each relay hard-wired to a standard US commercial 15A outlet in the other side of the electrical box. I just have to special order an outlet set that lets me wire each plug to its own circuit (otherwise both outlets would be on/off at the same time). Add arduino and connectivity as you'd like.

In the above example, the case for the relay (plus arduino) would basically be inside something made for electrical.

Thank you for the kind words. I was kinda hoping that no news was good news.

You don't need to special order a 15a outlet.
There are little break away tabs you can remove to isolate each plug from each other on just about every outlet I have ever seen. just remove one tab from the hot or black side, and you can control each plug individually. Leave the neutral or white side attached. Check one out at a Home Depot or Lowes. If they have someone that knows anything they will know what you are asking about.

I understand totally what you are saying about the relays. Plus, if you buy them on Ebay from China, you really don't know what's inside. In my boxes in my walls I use Omron LY2N relays with a 12vdc coil. I use spade connectors to plug in and black tape around them. They are a little bigger but I trust them and have never had an issue.

Thanks for the referal to the Omron relays. I was going to go look for something like that and you saved me some time.

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