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G-Clamp fully printable

by johann517 Jul 14, 2016
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very useful and easy to assemble but i think you can put some pattern on touching surfaces to prevent objects from sliding out.

Very good, enjoyed it, printed on self-made printer with 20% infill and it's still enough strong.

Perfect, thank you for sharing this!

Great design, printed both versions at same time on my Stratasys SST with no problems

So, what's the best infill-pattern for screws like these?
I am having kind of a hard time with anything that screws using "grid"-pattern, always breaks :/

the print work so well and it came in handy for some of my woodworking

el tornillo funciona en el agujero oficial de la palanca del g27? O no?

someone would facilitate me the .stl of the rectangular protector tanks

Light works for perfect. Thank you :)

"Often believed that these clamps are called "C" clamps because of their C-shaped frame, or also often called C-clamps or G-clamps[1] because including the screw part they are shaped like a lowercase letter g, but in fact they were originally called a carriage makers clamp, or Carriage Clamp."


So basically g-clamp is an eggcorn.

That's really good and was simple to print and easy to assemble. Perfect for light work. Thankyou.

Comments deleted.

This is pretty cool! Printing the set now. Do you publish the CAD file, as I need to change just some of the dimensions, please?

Works perfect and the thread and inserts are amazingly well. Congrats!

Comments deleted.

I wish you uploaded a BRep type so that I can remix it with fusion 360. Can you upload it in a way that I can quickly modify in F360? A BRep will be appreciated.

Import STL to Fusion... convert to BRep... edit. Takes 3 seconds dude.

Ok, try it. See how many thousands triangles appear and conversion eventually fails.

Use the "reduce" command

It converts in about 13 seconds for me, but I’m running Fusion on a decent graphics card. Of course it’ll fail if you’re using a crappy generic laptop or something.

That is an excellent bolt and knurled knob, which I re-purposed for another project.

Love this print, thanks so much - I look forward to using them (I printed 2) in book binding.

I did end up having to use a raft on the thread and knurling knob after 2 failed prints (both times the fail occurred when it started printing the threaded part). Printed on an Aurora A3

printed some, works fine, thanks for sharing!
If the thread doesnt fit, maybe your printer should be calibrated.

Printed it, but the screw slips through the hole on any load.

Possibly more infil? What percentage did you use?

Nice design johann517 ! I made a variation of this with a double clamp.
You cand find here:

Double Clamp - Double serre-joint

I like it!
Many thanks!

would be nice to know what threading this has, so i could find longer (other) clamps that fits with this one, so i dont need to print whole set for all the different threadings... everytime i get one of these, they are missing all info about physical dimensions.

Thank you for this great clamp works great even on a cheap anet a8. i glue a lot of things and its working perfect. im interested in the knurling effect for another project im creating. how is this done?

I printed up a few of these in ABS and PET, they are beautiful! Thanks for the design.

Higher resolution screws uploaded!
Guys are getting to good with printing screw showing rendering pattern.
for example https://www.thingiverse.com/make:386322

G-Clamp fully printable

Hi, i have a problem with your model, the screw not really fit well in the hole, it was so hard that broke up before coming in xD
You have any suggestion or modified models?
Thanks for your attention :)

eahm, from the information i got, your printer should be able to handle it without problem.
So i'm sort of hanging in the dark what's the issue for you. I see others in the replication list who
used the same printer type successfully for replication.

Hi, Which clamp protector should I print for the long clamp?

My suggestion is to print both clamp protectors and check which one fits the best.
It depends on printer tolerance.

I made clamp_protector_0.6_loose.stl works great. thanks man, love that clamp.

Printed with PLA (30% infill), fitted perfectly. Very useful, thank you for this simple yet amazing design.

Excellent design! Printed one and it works well. Thank you very much! Is there a way to possibly make a larger one?
I can see many uses for these. I am unsure of how to do any modifying, I was going to try to make a deeper throat and
a little wider distance from the screw to the clamp cap, perhaps 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 ". I'm sure others may be interested as well.

Thank you! Printed the long version - all three parts in one print. Excellent!

Just printed one (the short) and it came out nice and strong. Also, I found that the thread is loosed.
ABS, 35% fillet

Printed great and worked on my Taz 6. Used ABS with 100% fill and opted for the longer model. I was surprised that the threads worked on the first print... threads can be difficult. TY.

This is really cool, i found it useful in most of my projects!

Is it possible to get the drawing file for the C-shaped part? I need to modify it so that it will hold down parts on my 3D printer but it won't work, as currently designed. I've tried to bring the STL into Autodesk Fusion 360 but it won't let me cut it.

Nice design
Very usefull

Hello. Thank you for your job. Very nice clamp. Could you tell me how you create that thread, which params?

Nice little clamp. Thanks

nice design, thank you!

u R Welcome, Hope you can use it :)

has anyone tried to print them all together.. i just placed them all in together and wanted to see if anyone ran into any issue by doing so..

For the moment i don't see how this could work printed all together at once and still useable ?

I meant just during the same print. Not printed already attached. I placed them in the program and just printed them all at the same time, which worked fine

have you calculated any time saving by doing that? theoretically printing several items together may take more time ( i am talking about printer time ) because the printer head needs to move between the parts in each layer ...

No.. just the time it saves me from going down into my garage and switching to a new print each time lol. It prints just fine that way and I can forget about it and when I go back to get it, it's completely done.

Oh sorry, i didn't understand you correctly.

What's the screw hole size for this clamp?

works really well. thanks

Nice design - Thanks - Hank

Nice design - Thanks - Hank

Nice design - Thanks - Hank

Nice design - Thanks - Hank

Nice design - Thanks - Hank

very well designed prints and works very well kudos to u :)

Could you post your original model files and STEP files? I have a cool project I want to do

Comments deleted.

okay please tell me im not crazy, i printed 12 of this already ( the long version). Works like a charm.
PS: im a prop builder so i always need to clamp something, i glue a lot

If its okay may i ask how did you make the head to fit properly like that, im learning 3D design from scratch. Did you just get them together and then subtract the solid or is it scaling involved ?

Many thanks for your kind words! I'm happy you can use the clamps - the only reward i get is to know
the clamps out there doing the job they are supposed to do :)
"Fit properly like that" is a relative phrase because i can only try to make them usable for as many
printers as possible. Still some problems were reported and therefore another more loosely
connected head was required. With this kind of differences for the available printers in the world it's a
challenge to get something common printable. I did not scale anything but changed the spacing between the parts,
Either from comments or sending questions - does work, does not work - yes, no, yes?

I've used johann517's clamp in conjunction with my own vise design. Great work on this!

Vise (Fully 3d printed)
by jdog13

I saw a video that Chuck 3D Prints a C Clamp Design featured on Thingiverse.com for this Filament Friday.
It looks very handy for many things!!

Running off the "short" version of this on an ftech 2020 i3 using s3d slicer with the stock medium nylon profile for an i3 feeding natural eSun pteg.
That comes out to a .2 slice, 3 top, 3 bottom, 2 shells and 20% fill.
That makes it about a 15.5 gram part for about $0.25 a piece.
Is that worth it for a 1-inch plastic c-clamp?
I think so, I tried to break it using more force than it needs to handle for my construction scenario and it survived with no fractures and no deformation.

it needs to be remixed into a capo is all.

Comments deleted.

If you don't mind a bit of shameless self-promotion here, I just did a video about this printable clamp!

I lost it at clamp-clamp. Very droll.

I really appreciate your effort to make such a cool video.
You have also many other very interesting videos available on you channel.
Your self-promotion is worth it :)

Awesome job! What filament did you use? I like the gold color!

Many thanks Stephan! It is the Innofil Gold PLA filament.

Thanks Johann!
must be this:

By the way - your model printed out like a charm. Also the thread worked perfect without size tweaking as shown on the video of LumberjackEngineering. I've printed it out in different PLA colors - always very nice.

I didn't really need any clamps right now, but I thought this was such a great design that I printed it anyway. It came out great!

Tip: Set your print settings to fine. I tried with standard settings at first, and the inside threads in the frame just didn't come out right that way. Reprinting the frame with fine settings solved that. I used the loose clamp protected, and printed with HIPS.

Many thanks for your tip! You did a nice job making so many clamps at once :)

Awesome great job can't wait to print! I designed one myself a while ago which used a steel thread but this one kills it :)

Hi, I noticed that you use some parts from my original design ( the second photo ). Any chance you could attribute this to me please and keep things right? I'm pleased you managed to get your design featured and was wondering what the rewards/ advantages are.

It really looks similar to your knob but i did not reuse any parts of your clamp.
All parts are new designed in a result of progressive design from feedback.
In fact the knob is not part of this featured design.
So if it makes you happy i simply delete the old picture.
Btw. i wonder how you got so many likes for something not printable.
There is only one Make and it complains about missing space between
the screw and bolt. Why you didn't react on this long time ago?

Congratulations on the feature, johann517, I use your g-clamp every day.

Simple, easy to print, economic... just awesome. Thank you very much for this design!

Great item printed it last night had issue I constantly snapped the bit the goes on the end of the screwed part finally realised you made a part a bit slacker lol printed it and clipped it on works great

Yes you are not the first one who is running into this problem. The result was the additional
clamp_protector_0.6_loose.stl to work around the problem. 3D printers are after all
not calibrated in a way everyone can simply press the print button.
This is always the biggest problem in any design consisting of more than one part.
My guess is it's the reason why Thingverse tries to feature single printable parts.
The 3D printing world would be far more advanced with a standardization or
caliabration technic to solve the problem for all sold 3D printers.
Maybe we need some more featured designs which are dealing with this issue
so we can use the same design language here.

This is a fantastic thing but it also needs a deeper clamp frame so you can clamp things that are longer .like things with guards to prevent damage to the thing being clamped .

I tried but the result is a bending clamp because of the longer frame. It is a small design window where the
size and stability are in the best relationship. Next problem is of course the printing time goes balistic.

Congrats on the feature, well deserved mate.

Thanks so much for making this! I've been looking for a great clamp ever since I joined thingiverse. I have already printed one and I will definitely print a few more. You deserve this feature! Congratulations.

Going to print this now in black ABS!

Many thanks Thingiverse for the feature!
I have to again thank mistertech for his feedback to make the progress in design.
Without mistertech the G-Clamp wouldn't be like it is now.
Check out his designs as well if you like:

Very nice, I'll be printing one soon!

Many thanks Greg!
I would be very excited if you really would print one and share your make :D

As you can see in the makes section, I printed 2!

A very useful and very, very elegant design. I started the print before bed, and woke up with 2 new tools! All fit and finish is perfect.

Many thanks Johann, and congratulations on the feature as it is well deserved!

Nice design, prints well, very useful. I initially printed one for personal use, but garden neighbours' kids liked them so such as educational toy that I had to print several of these clamps already. Thanks for sharing.

Many thanks for your kind words!

Screw piece was a great fit. Ball into socket was tight. I was scared I would break it so I clamped it down and heated it with the heat gun for a few seconds until it popped into place.

Printed on an Afinibot A5 @ .2 quality (1.2 Shell Thickness/1.2 Top/Bottom Thickness) 50% infill.

If you liked this, check out my vise!

Vise (Fully 3d printed)
by jdog13

Pretty nice thing. No need for 100% infill, just thicken the walls and all is good at 50% infill.

Reaaaally nice design. Printed the long version at 140% scaling + 100% infill and its rock solid. Works surprisingly well and has HUGE clamping force - much more than I would have expected. Will upload my make when I got time, but just wanted to express my gratitude for this marvelous design! :)

Many thanks! I really appreciate your comment.

Hello, great design I really like it !
The knob is killing my Printrbot, could you make a handle that doesn't vibrate the printer so much, like a hexagon or something ?
Also I'm having a problem with the scaling, I printed the short screw and the short clamp, but they don't match, either the screw is too small or the clamp is too big, the threads printed fine but they don't match each other and the screw is just going freely inside the nut .
Also the protector cap is too big so it seems to me that the scaling of the short screw is a little smaller ...
Would be nice if you would do same version but with actually a M8 screw and nut, that could be really used as a clamp, this one is just a funny toy I thing !

can you upload your make please?
Your description doesn't make much sense to me.
It would be great to see what you are trying to do.

The longer version works as a capo for a Mountain Dulcimer instrument! I posted my make with a photo of it on my mountain dulcimer along with a wooden capo that I had purchased some time before.

Had better results printing screw and top of clamp protector at 25% speed. Great build.

Mine printed perfectly at normal speed, 0.3mm resolution, 20% infill. I use 4 shells and 5 top and 5 bottom layers.

i am kind of new to 3d printing.. how to you select to print number of shells and top and bottom layers.? I am also wondering what affect of strenth there would be in printing at 0.3mm compared to 0.1mm resolution.

Looks great!

Could you add a version of the screw with the handle attached? It should print fine and wouldn't need glue. :)

The overhang of the knob started warping until the nozzle pushed the print away.
I had to increase the size of the flat surface a little bit but now it doesn't
look so good anymore. I uploaded a make so you can check the picture and please
let me know what you think

I wonder if a raft would have helped prevent the warp. I've had pretty good luck with printing overhangs. I don't see the file but once it's up, I'll print it and see how it goes. Thanks!

One other thought. Instead of making it more flat, you could stretch out the end a bit so no angle is greater than 45 degrees. That should help the overhang problem as well. Either way, it's fun to experiment. Thanks again.

Now the knurled knob combined with screw version is uploaded. The other version you were asking is in the remix.
The print was easy and went fine. By tomorrow i will update the front page picture.
Many thanks for your feedback to make this progress !

The knurled knob is fantastic! Looks like a fine instrument now!

What app are you using to design it?

I'm using Autodesk Fusion 360

I will add now a knurled knob - this will do the trick
already printing

Comments deleted.

no problem, but please let me make one test print first before i do the upload.