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Anet A8 T corner

by Electrico Jul 14, 2016
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Is there an updated version of this. My new anet a8 is made from a composite material, and is a fair bit thinner than the original black acrylic


You don't have a "new" anet you have a FAKE anet. Real anet do not come in composite materials...

I just went through all of the upgrades I've accumulated for my A8. Lots of upgrades I did early on have been superseded by later upgrades when I found something better. Going through the commit history (I keep my collection in a Git repo...it's available at https://gitlab.com/salfter/anet-a8-upgrades/), it looks like this is the oldest one that I'm still using. That it was printed on what was probably still a bone-stock printer with no calibration or settings optimization, yet turned out well enough that I've not seen any need to reprint it now that I have more of a clue what I'm doing says something, and I think it's something good. :)

Thank you for this part, electrico, absolutely unavoidable.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

Printed upside down with supports, works fine and the fit is very good.

Work fine though I suggest rotating model upside down when printing (+ using supports)

Fits perfectly in my frame, thank you

the only way to stiffen the frame is to CHANGE IT !! .. or at least part of it ..

I like the corner brace it came out nicely. I wanted to mount filament on top of printer so figured this would atleast help a little.

Made these. Fit well. However it does absolutely nothing. These are woefully inadequate to stiffen up the frame.

Hello !

I really need your help.

I have built an Anet A8 printer. First of all, I printed a circular fan for the nooze.

After this upgrade, I printed a first "T corner" piece who was just perfect. I printed a second one to have two of them on each vertical Z support.

But... The second one was uggly. The diagonal (hangover ?) was like an inversed scale while the first one was really clean, increasing bottom to top nicelly.

I do not understand what has changed between the two prints.

During the second print, the borders of the piece are not flat but they are more hight than the printing surface.

I have tried many things... downing the temperature, slowing the printing speed, with no success.

Because of the first piece who printed well, I know my printer is able to do it, so I'm searching a way to calibrate my printer.

  • Bed correctly adujsted
  • X axis parallel to bed.
  • printed a new fan for noozle.

Should I have to force fan speed ? I see the fan doesnt work everytime, but it turns sometimes (depending on gcode, I suppose)

I need your help !

Should I put glue on this? I only realised its friction fit after I printed the first one.

Thank you for sharing this design. I have printed it 2 times and both times they fitted perfectly on my Anet A8.

I used a rubber mallet to secure my "T corners" in place. Works great! They add rigidity to the printer's frame which reduces "jerk" significantly resulting in better prints.

it unfortunetly didnot fit my anet a8. i actually broke it trying to install

same here..broke a piece of it. now it fits.

Same problem here!

Perfect Size
Taille parfaite ca colle bien dans son endroit
Merci beaucoup

Tight fit works quite well! Thank you!

cela convient parfaitement

Comments deleted.

My very first print on my A8, as downloaded, on a BuildTak surface.
8mm plates (no paper).
They fit perfectly, nice and tight.
Thank you very much!

I made these for my Tronxy E800, which is basically the Anet A8 by any other name. As others have remarked, the Acrylic is 7.15mm thick, and these brackets appear to have been designed for an interference fit with 8mm acrylic. Not a problem since I'm printing with enough slop (ironically due to the lack of rigidity in the frame) that the inner dimension still comes decently close. So I used a two-part epoxy (2-Ton Flowmix), schmoo'd it in there, used painters tape to hold it in place and bobs your aunty. it made a noticeable improvement in consistency of the X axis printing, though not the accuracy. However, that will be fixed by upgrading to fiberglass belts and the improved tensioner design, which is printing now.

Just a side note - clipping these on may provide some mechanical support, but regardless of fit, your maximum effectiveness will come from apply epoxy on the inside portions of these claps either way.

Alles Rund um den 3D Druck und der Anet 3D Drucker findet ihr auch unter folgendem Link.


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I don't know if it will be useful but I printed it :)

Thank you very much for the file. I tried printing 2 of them as in the picture,( I doubled it up in Cura) last night and at about 80 percent complete when I came back in the room they both had fallen over. Kind of a bummer.
Printing on glass with a glue stick.
But tonight I flipped it over big side or top down with support on heated bed, (just printing one at a time now) and am hoping for the best. will let you know.
Couple hours later.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.
The first printed great. A little clean up with an xacto knife and wala, a perfect fit. Tapped it on with a small hammer and it fits perfect. thanks again!
Now just waiting for the second one to finish printing. 2mm layer height, with support,15% fill. about 1 hr 5 min to print.

I learned this the hard way on another print: if the first layer has a small area like here, a raft helps a lot to keep it from falling over.

Comments deleted.

I could not believe how well these fit my new Anet A8. No slop whatsoever. They require a bit of force to install but that is to be expected. Otherwise they would allow for some movement and that's not what they are intended for. I am impressed.

Do not print these. They don't actually help. In fact, I took mine off a few days ago after reading several places that said they don't help and my print quality has gone way, way up. Somehow these actually INCREASE z-wobble.

Comments deleted.

10/10 for effort nice troll learn how physics works

Not a troll. I had these on for months and saw my print quality over those months. Took them off and changed nothing else and saw an instant and dramatic increase in print quality. Why? I have no idea. I also don't really care enough to analyze the physics. It makes sense that these would improve print quality. That's why I printed them and used them for so long. From my observations, however, they don't. If someone wants to do a full-fledged analysis of the physics or even a more thorough comparison of print quality with and without them I'd be interested in seeing the results. YMMV, but this was my experience.

Have you done anything else with the printer since you took them off? like change the belts or move it? something small that you might have forgotten about? to be honest i have seen small hic ups in prints since i put them on but that might just be down to me doing something wrong ill have to take them off and see if that sorts it

lol.. yeah okay

just printed 2 pieces they fit perfect

I just made my second print, and its this T corner, fits perfect on a Anet A8

Does it also fit with the Anet A6?

the a6 has a sturdier frame so it doesnt need stabilization corners like this

no, the a6 has a different frame

How do you print it? what orientation?

I printed it as it is displayed with the small base at the bottom. Printed it without any issues and made it particularly easy to remove off the hotbed..

Printed in the original orientation with raft, came out and fits perfect.

Fits the vertical frame perfectly, but a little loose on the horizontal.
Still great job though.
Thank you

this print was awesome thank you

Fits excellent! Thanks

I didn't trust that it would stand up, so I flipped it 180 deg, copied it to print 2 at once, and it came out perfect.
Thank you

Wow! This really does work as good as the comments lead you to believe!

I would like to make a suggestion.

Add holes at all three corners so that one can screw this to the vertical and horizontal pieces. Anchoring this brace to both pieces with screws will improve the diaphragm this creates. Thank you for creating this.

thank you so much. it helps with my print especially the longer prints i do (16hours).

This was my first/calibration print on my newly-built first 3D printer! Once I had both belts tightened correctly, it turned out great! Thank you Electrico.

Just printed this in the vertical orientation in PLA with no problems. No supports needed. Fits very well onto frame, no adjustments/hammers needed.

the t braces helped quite a bit with my prints also it doesnt look bad at all on my printer as well

Fits nice and snug just a light tap with a hammer seats it to the top

why wont it download

Comments deleted.

Not sure but after the first layer you can manually set the fan to run... Just an idea... I'm a 3d printing noob.

Fits perfectly snug on my new anet A8 from Gearbest a couple of days ago.
Satisfying it needed a bit of force to finally snap into place very securely

I have the "newest" A8 (measured ist, all plates are 8mm) and it fits just perfectly

Thanks for the Design!

It looks like it doesn't fit on the newer Anets, the top acrylic plate width is 8mm and the vertical acrylic piece is 7mm. The t-corner have 7mm in both sides so it fits in vertical, but it doesn't on the top. Anyway good job with it it looks like works for the most of Anets.

it keeps falling off the build plate, even with a brim printing on buildtak!

Same, I can't seem to get it to work. Anyone have rotated the part so the bigger side is on the hot bed?

Looks like to answer my own question, I have rotated the part so that the main surface is flat on the bed and that solved my issue on printing it.

Can't get it to print either. Tried twice but no go.

the only print that does it :(

I added a thin layer at the bottom (1cm to every direction) and that provided enough support to print it without falling off the build plate.

Did anyone use supports for these, flip it or just print it the way it is?

I printed with a brim, no other supports, turned out great!

Useless part, the screws and the tabs that goes thru the front plate are enough to prevent movement.
The problem lies on the vertical plates and the best to do and you will be glad if you do is to mount a 1/2 x 3/4 rectangular aluminum tube along the vertical plates with 3 screws and that will prevent the tiny vibrations along the plates, also need one on top with 90 deg. brackets to really stiffen the machine. See what I did http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2148996, but I used 3/4" x 3/4" cause was what I had available at that time.
You can also use http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2074478

by ranita
Anet A8 Ultimate Frame Stabilizer - HEX REMIX
by AVall20

I was blown away by how well this fit the frame and what a difference it made. Great job.

Printed two and they fit perfectly - 10/10!

I was amazed at the difference these made, even with just the one on whilst the other one was printing.

Printed perfect and works good Thank you

Made them on my Anet A8 with the semi circular fan duct thingie and they came out perfect !
No problem to fit them in (even with the paper still on) but still they don't move and squeeze on the frame with force.
Really helped with the vibrations but can't say i've noticed any changes in printing quality so far (was already pretty good anyway :) )
I used some Ice filament i got recently and it seems a little bit more flexible than the other ones i tried so maybe that helped.
In short, cool upgrade, many thanks !

0.2 layer height
0.4mm shell
20% infill
Fan 100% except for the first layer

The picture looks like it was printed vertically, and it doesn't look like it should cause problems. Printing horizontally would probably require supports.

For me it didnt require supports
Heatbed with PLA worked out fine

Do you guys print this as downloaded or rotate it so it's laying flat?

Late reply, but I printed as downloaded, turned out great!

EN: Those are too tight! I know they have to be tight but thats too tight! 0.1 - 0.3 mm more on the guides won't hurt anyone.

ES: Muy ajustados. Entiendo que tengan que ser ajustados pero son demasiado ajustados. 0.1 - 0.3 mm mas en las guías no harían daño.

Do you have to take it apart to install this? I printed it but the fit is so tight that i can barely get it on the upright, and to move it up to the crossbar would require a lot of force.

i printed them at 0.1 resolution and did a quick sand on the inside faces, still tight but they go on easier

Thank you, This increased my Quality a lot. i printed these in black, so they are very unobtrusive...

i cant understand how does this can help in reducing the z wobbling. It shouldn't, it will be little by little moved down with every wobble movement

I printed a couple of these and they fit perfect ... thanks to Electrico! Also, thanks to LittleMrJ - I also left the paper on mine, and I made the adjustment to allow for wider channels.

I trimmed the corners with the filament cutter to accomodate the tool holder mod, and my rig is less squeaky. I am only 30+ mods away from silent running...

I printed this and it works very well !. Thanks Electrico !!!!

Don't even attempt to print, unless you got something similar to this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1823404
I wasted a lot of plastic until I realized I needed much better cooling than the stock fan duct can provide.

On my 10th attempt, I used a circular fan duct similar to the one reference above, and the following cura settings:
Layer height .2
Initial layer height .32
Infill density 20
Printing Temperature 185
Build Plate temperature 60
Retraction distance 4
Retraction speed 60
Print Speed 30
Travel Speed 120
Initial layer print speed 10
Regular fan speed 90
Maximum Fan speed 100
Regular Fan speed at Height .32
Build Plate adhesion type Brim

Key points : lower the nozzle temperature, use brim support, lower the printing speed and boost the fan close to max.
Good luck!

Anet A8 prusa-i3 circular fan duct
by Sjouke

Thanks, i've spent many attempts. Finally printing...

Printed on my Anet A8. They are a perfect tight fit so if yours don't fit, you're doing it wrong. I chose these over others as they are unobtrusive and they perform their function perfectly while leaving plenty of room for other mods/additions. I added these for strength and stability before mounting my 1kg PLA reel on top of the printer and have 100% successful prints using this setup. Thank you Electrico.

Бесполезная затея. Я сделал иначе. Рёбра жёсткости по всей высоте вертикальной части корпуса. Именно корпус изгибается, а не только соединения. Я вклеил перпендикулярно этим двум элементам корпуса пластины из оргстекла (использовал эпоксидную смолу) и получилось что-то наподобие корпуса Anet A6. Теперь жёсткость достойная.

(Google Translate)
Useless idea. I have done differently. Reinforcement ribs on the entire height of the vertical part of the body. It bent housing, not only the connection. I pasted perpendicular to these two elements of the body plate of Plexiglas (used epoxy resin) and got something like Anet A6 body. Now rigidity worthy.

Склеил эпоксидкой оргстекло ? Удачи.

Склеил эпоксидкой оргстекло и акрил. Работает уже больше полугода отлично, шов очень прочный, горизонтальные вибрации, свойственный конструкции А8, сошли на нет. Я лично не вижу причин для ехидства. Если на принтер не вставать ногами, то ещё 100 лет корпус проживёт, а с задачей по гашению горизонтального раскачивания эти вставки справляются полностью. Если раньше было видно как шатаются катушки с пластиком на держателе сверху корпуса, то сейчас они неподвижны. Ну, можете печатать эту шляпу, но она не будет работать так же хорошо, как монолитный корпус у меня.

Да это вообще шляпа походу. Не может она работать, съедет вниз под действием сил, раскачивающих вдоль направляющих каретки

Comments deleted.

why would you use these corners can somebody explain?

It helps stiffens up the frame so it doesn't shake as much as it's printing. You can really notice a difference once you install these.

Comments deleted.

Not a bad idea, but this is made to the wrong dimensions. The one I made in PLA cracked when I tried to force it on, & my ABS version didn't fit fully either. I loaded the design in AutoCAD to discover the channels were 7.9mm wide, trying to fit on the 8mm Anet frame. Combine with the fact I never removed the protective paper from my acrylic... I remixed the clips to 8.1mm. They work fine for me now. Thanks Electrico.

Comments deleted.

Excellent design, nice tight press fit and it's got my printer rock solid combined with the other upgrades on here.

Excellent design, nice tight press fit and it's got my printer rock solid combined with the other upgrades on here.

Excellent design, nice tight press fit and it's got my printer rock solid combined with the other upgrades on here.

Como se imprimen? tal como salen o se giran 180º?

Buen trabajo

Tal y como salen se puede imprimir. Dependerá de la calidad de la impresora, pero en esa posición sale muy bien y sin necesidad de soportes.

How do you install it?

Fit them onto the vertical support plates and then slide them up into the top support plate...

Acabo de imprimir los soportes laterales.. me parecen excellentes. - Tengo que hacer algun diseño que muestra la diferencia, antes y despues. - Great job!