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LF1 - Foam Dart Blaster (NERF Compatible)

by Landru May 8, 2012
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Tried to open your solidworks files. First file I tried (Blaster Assembly) references
C:\Users\Livingston\Desktop\3d Nerf\Nerf_Rev_B\Chamber - PVC.SLDPRT
C:\Users\Livingston\Desktop\Fablicator Hydra\4-20 Plastic Screw.SLDPRT
Can you reupload your solidworks files without absolute references to your local paths?

Someone know how to translate and find easily the non printed parts (springs and all) in Europe? Having a lot of problems to locate them.

hi great goob
does it works?
what seal did you use? can u give aslo part no and were to buy

I'm confused. The component that screws into the front of the gun is as long as the foam bullet. Therefore it is completely contained and the piston has no way of thrusting it out of the gun. Additionally, the catch notch in the piston rod is in the middle of the rod and with the spring recommended, is impossible to pull back far enough to engage the catch mechanism. What am I missing?

Dont understand how the piston rod catches and holds the dart in a retracted position ready for trigger release. What is the function of the notch in the top of the piston rod?

download the files. u wil understend

I did and printed the files as well. The barrel is as long as the dart and therefore dosent have any length out for the plunger to shoot out of the barrell. Also, the notch in the top of the plunger is in the wrong location, even pulling it back all the way wont engage the arm to hold it for release.

It looks like it uses an air plunger system, meaning the piston ("Plunger Rod") never actually touches the dart.

Has anyone else Issues with importing the Piston Rods and the Shells? I tried to import them into Tinkercad, but after a few Minutes of loading an Error appears.

I placed this into Cura and it says that it will take 16 hours just to print one shell... What are people using for layer height, wall thickness, etc that it is only taking a total of 12 hours?
Thanks for the help!

I placed both shells in PrusaSlicer,
used a 0.6mm nozzle, 0.4mm layer-height.
The shells will be done in about 6 and a half hours.

Still don't get why it needs to be 100% infill for the shells.. Seems a bit wasteful.

Would you be able to provide the instructions in a more common format? For example, put the text (and images, I presume) into a pdf document? If you can, that would be great.

This thing is awesome! With new darts its more powerful than any of my nerf blasters and has gathered alot of interest at work. I did have to sand the plunger down a bit to fit the pvc pipe (it seems that the ID of PVC pipes isnt consistent across stores / brands).

I like this idea a lot and it's given me an idea on how to improve it some.

Do you need to resize the objets when you want to combine ABS and PLA because of ABS shrinking? And also the darts fit very very tightly into the barrel. Is it supposed to be like that?

I'm having the same issues, soo much sanding but I made it fit. And I need to remodel the barrel, because my nerf darts are too short here in Europe.

Would printing it at 0.966 scale still work?

(Crosses fingers)

Waiting for some extra money to upgrade to a Lulzbot Taz 5 instead of my Printrbot Simple. This thing almost fits on my 150x150x150 print bed. Sighs.

Comments deleted.

i noticed that the file for the barrel is not included do you have to buy a barrel

The barrel is 3/4" diameter PVC, 4 inches long.

Do I have to buy my own springs?

Hi! I'm new to 3D printing, and CAD, but I want to make things like your Nerf gun. What program did you use to create the blaster?

Will this be the Thing that forces me to upgrade from my TOM and get a Replicator? Or build a Reprap with a bigger platform? Want!

Great design, I'm building one right now and can't wait to finish it.

BTW does anyone have any videos of this blaster shooting?

I'm printing four of these blasters and just finished one yesterday. This thing delivers on the advertised range, it also delivers a very satisfying pop when fired. I shot this five second movie of the blaster firing a whistle tip dart at my office.


How did it go together for you? Any improvements you can think of?

Do you think having an extra o-ring/gasket would help between the barrel and the screw-in-barrel? i would imagine air is escaping there, but I am not certain.

It went together pretty well, I had a little trouble with getting the trigger to operate smoothly but a little sanding took care of that.

It was also a little difficult to get the two halves of the housing together once the catch spring was installed, I would think about moving the features from one half of the housing over to the other so you don't have to try and press the spring down while closing the two halves together.

I woul
d also like to add one more screw in the middle of the top of the blaster to close that up more.

Other than that they are great!

Awesome model. Here's an online 3D view for anyone without SolidWorks that wants to view the assembly...


(click for 3D View)

Hi Landru -Awesome design, Thank you! I printed on my Replicator and all worked perfect! Except regarding the 4" PVC pipe - I had to use 3/4" PVC Sched 40. The Inside Diameter measures approximately .814" or 20.69mm - this fits the Piston and and O-Ring assembly. Did I miss something or is the Mcmaster part possibly listed incorrectly? The mcmaster part comes up as 1 1/4" Pipe Size - 5 ft. Length with an Inside Diameter of 1.360" 370psi 48925K94 ?

I just want to make sure that others get the right PVC piece.

Sounds like I messed it up. Will be fixed asap.

All fixed. I copy/pasted the wrong info originally :P

Having the trigger directly manipulate the sear like that is very clever.

isnt that a common nerf trigger system?

Well done! Thank you for sharing

How does KISSlicer compare to other slicers (Skeinforge, Slic3r)? Are you using the pro version?

It is better in almost every single way. I am using the PRO version (which lets you put different parts on a tray and use multiple extruders) though the free version is plenty capable for most users.

It's also being improved on a daily basis, and the GUI will be overhauled soon to make it even simpler to get started.

I downloaded it and I must say, I appreciate the 3d view of the print bed, but I think it's not essential for a skeining engine. That said, the options are very poorly laid out,and I think Slic3r is simpler and has always gave me excellent results with minimal hassle with settings. The one thing KISSlicer appears to have implemented well is support material, while Slic3r has pathetic support material.

The difference is Slic3r is open source, and I've personally dug into the code and by changing the infill density from 20% to ~5% it's a big improvement. That's something that you'll never be able to do with KISSlicer due to the closed source nature of it.

Very impressive software - fast, clean UI, very impressive.

But can KISSlicer Pro work with the Replicator to print dual color prints? It looks like it can use two extruders to print one extruder for the print, the other for support, raft, etc., but not for printing two color objects. Am I reading that right?

Multi-material parts are not currently supported, but I hear rumors it will be a feature in the coming months.

Well, I've downloaded and tried KISSlicer, and I have to say... once you figure out the slightly odd settings, it prints very well! For the first time I made a thing that had almost perfectly smooth layers (I always thought it was my belt tension or my z axis wobble that was the problem).

That being said, it's still missing some key features such as bridging! And it isn't open source, unfortunately :(

I am a fan though.