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Wilson II Cable Management 2020 Frame

by ant0ny Jul 13, 2016
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This was just the thing i was looking for, but i'm going to use it on my prusa i3, and with injection molded chain.. and i was wondering if you are giving up the CAD files for easier editing on the brackets?

I have added all the main bracket files in STEP as a zip file to download.

If you have any issues or need a specific file type let me know I do all my CAD in Inventor.

Ah.. i did not see them, in sorry. Me too use inventor but i'm a bit new to it.. so i did not know you could edit step files.. i have just tried stl and that was no good.. so thank you again and i now have what i need to get correct dimensions for my chains.

Now i was a bit quick on my reply there.. i need to alter the chain ends on the Z and X axis.. that is the files i need in Inventor friendly format. is this up for grabs?

Sorry which files do you mean? The STEP files can be imported into Inventor and which is why I generally offer STEP as most CAD programs can import and edit STEP.

If you give me the specific file names from the STL files I will get the IPT Inventor files for you.

In the supplied zip file, there is Y-axis chain end female and male.. no more, i would love to see the part going over the x motor, the and the other end of that chain, in ipt file if possible, i love the design, just need to tweak it to fit my chain :)

There where 2 zip files... the other had all the files you wanted. I have moved all the STEP files into one ZIP file now. When I get a chance I'll find the Inventor files.

Hi Antony.

I have just downloaded the cable management files ready for printing. My Wilson II has a 300mm X, 300mm Y by 250mm Z. How many components do you think I will need for this?



Just measuring the chain it's about 8 links to 100mm.

So you would need a minimum of and extra length for X. Y is the same so that should be ok and in Z there is a 4 link length so one more of that should get you close to enough.

I have a question:
What size is your Wilson II? Would be good if you added that in description.
And a suggestion:
Adding a chamfer on the front side of the shafts on each link for easier assembly of links!?

My Wilson II is 50mm wider and 50mm Higher than the STD Wilson design.

The chain is just the generic dragchain done in a customizer http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:915487

Drag Chain with mounts
by TuxSoft
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Hi, I Have printed the parts. I am Trying to figure out how the Z-X_Frame_Dragchain_8x20_male is used / mounted? Is it mounted above the stepper on the 2020 extrusion?

I have added 2 more pics the bracket goes on the frame under the board. It's very close to the motor o the Wilson 2 frame. My Z axis is about 200mm so I am using 19 links so you may need more or less depending on your frame size.

I see now, thank you. And thank you for this nice drag chain system!

The hole pitch of the X carriage plate is 23mm x 23mm so you can just measure yours. If you hole pitch is different give me the dimensions and I will make a version for your setup.

does the x carriage mount have the standard screw hole placement for prusa i3 reworks? I was wondering if this would work on my Wilson I

does the x carriage mount have the standard screw hole placement for prusa i3 reworks? I was wondering if this would work on my Wilson I

Don't you lose Z height with the chain sitting on top of your X axis?

Yes unfortunately you do. On the Wilson II frame there is little room to between the X motor mount to run the wires between the frame. The only other alternative is to rout them under the X motor mount. Which is a possible option and I'll look at that.

I fixed the problem a little on my new frame by using TR8 x 350mm lead screws and making the 2020 frame 50mm higher and of course the Z axis smooth rods longer.