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Flip your Uncia 3D printer

by firecardenal Jul 10, 2016
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I already built the Uncia, and now I´m on software matters, For the firmware, could you help with the reprap ramps 1.4 configuration ? I´m using Marlin, but it´s too complicated, while I´ll use just one end-stop and one motor.

The carriage has wrong nut size on top, nut doesn't fit. have you corrected that ?

The upper nut is a coupling, so it is thinner than a regular nut.
The size is correct.

Couldn´t find that size, so I redesigned to fit two bigger nuts. Same as the bottom one. I´m printing it right now. I can send it to you, if you believe it´s worth to share. Other question, I was thinking about using led hd1080p projector cause led least more than regular ones. Is it possible ? Does it worth the costs ?

Regarding eletronics, haw did you configured the ramps ?

Hello! what software is used? for the stepper motor? and the projector?

I use CreationWorkshop

Hi ! CreationWorkshop let me please;)which controller is used?

My own research on the web I came across Arduino 2560 + Ramps 1.4 modified Marlin / Sprinter, as example, Titan 1 DLP 3D Printer.

My first attempt will be the B9Creator Shield with Uno, the software runs under LinuxMint with me without problems.

Good Seller ,14 Days sending.



I have ramps 1.4 and Arduino mega with my own marlin mod. firmware.
And CreationWorkshop as main software.


The pressure range is approx 100mmx60mm

If a pressure range of approximately 140mmx100mm possible?

Since the DLP takes a further downward, but will influence the quality negatively.

What do you think the Ipad 3/4 Retina LCD display as a remix?

thank you

No, with this configuration isn't posible reach that impression area, but if you install the projector on the front door and put a 45 ° mirror the you can reach a bigger area.

Im working on that desing.

As for the retina screen, It requires another type of resin called daylight. Its a good option but the printing time is much longer.

Idea, the Projector 90 crad right ie perpendicular so that the lens is on the ground below. With Mirror 45 crad upwards.

Thus, the projector can be placed in the housing and not externally.

Is that possible??

Ps .: The printing parts are ready, next week I finished the frame from 20x20 aluminum profile, must add to this the Base.dxf adjust if everything ok follow photos and earth.

Let me try to understand your situation.
You dont have a Uncia printer ?

So you're building everything from scratch ?

In a new PDF, I added photos from my moded Uncia. Maybe this help you a little more.

No I build in not new just a little different, I have 4x2500mm 20x20 aluminum profiles which have cost me nothing standing.

Why not get a larger print area ?? !!

Well that depends on your needs.
I need this printer for little things but with a lot of details.

If you need a bigger area, then you have to increes the distance between the lens and the film vat.
maybe your choice is a projector with the lens right in the center so you can use mirror and project a larger image on center of printer. otherwise there is not enough space to enlarge the image.

The goal for me is a pressure range of approximately 100mmx100mm

You have to use the native resolution of your projector, so the pixel ratio isnt squere. Could be 4:3 or 16:9.
So the projected image is about 100x70mm or 130x100mm in a standar projector (4:3) you will need a aprox. distance of 250mm to reach that side.

On a full HD projector 1080p you will need half the distance aprox.


Ok, I find the project very well and would like to rebuild.

I still have some questions:

I have an e Machines DLP Projector HD ready HDMI, can be used?

What hardware for Z-axis you have installed?
Which Printer Software?

On Ebay, there is the B9 Shield with Vat Motor caking a resin pre vent at the bottom.

What is used as a ground to the VAT, acrylic?

Sorry for the many questions :)

Ps.: this is a Google Translation.


Thanks for comment.

Yes you can use HDMI.
I use CreationWorkshop as main sofrware.

No, the vat is a flex vat, just use FEP film and work very nice.


Do you also have a hardware list for disposal?

thank you

Please download the PDF file.