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Palpatine's Lightsaber

by CaseStudyno8 Jul 10, 2016
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Is this lightsaber hollow so that I can add a blade and electronics?

Heya :) latecomer to the party here.
What infill percentage did you use?

I typically use 15 or 20%

Awesome work on all these lightsaber models! Once I've got some free time (and some shiny paint), these will be a lot of fun to build.

Any word on what the next model will be? You're obviously free to do what you want, but I hope you continue doing ones which haven't yet been showcased on Thingiverse in a modular form.

I have a list of ones I'd like to make, I've tried to not do any from the old EU and keep them all canon, though I'd like to do Kyle Katarn's. What would you like to see?

Could you please do some old republic sabers. Like Malgus or Revan.

I've mostly been planning on doing lightsabers from the current canon. I kinda like the idea of doing Revan's but I'm not totally sure where the images I see of his hilts come from, I'm guessing they're from TOR.

I'd like to see any you do! My younger sister would love to see you do Ahsoka's Clone Wars Shoto. SLCJedi made a great model of it, but modular designs are certainly easier to print and paint.

In case you, or anyone else, is interested in other lightsabers already on Thingiverse, here's a list of the ones I've found.

Shaak Ti
Ezra Bridger

Ahsoka's Clone Wars Shoto
Ahsoka's Rebel's Sabers (both main- and off-hand)
Darth Maul Episode I
Asajj Ventress
Plo Koon
Pre Vizsla's Darksaber

As for ones not already made, you've already taken care of the main ones! There is no shortage of minor characters in the Clone Wars (Luminara, Bariss, the younglings) that would be cool to see, plus the Inquisitors in Rebels. Possibly the one I'd like to see the most, though (since I just finished rewatching the final arc of Season 5 of the Clone Wars) would be the Jedi Temple Guard's lightsaber pike.

Nice, thanks, I think Maul and Ahsoka's Rebels sabers are next on my list

Nice model, I've got a casting of this hilt from the original mould and this model is almost perfect. Great work.

That is awesome, thanks so much!

As Always, nice.

I see you changed all your licenses to non-commercial. What prompted that?

Thanks again!

I've had some requests to sell my models and I've never made these saber hilts with any intention making money off them, so I just wanted to reflect that with the license.

Nice! I got 3rd like!
Only Palpatine Lightsaber i've seen on Thingiverse thus far!

I didn't see one either, it felt like s problem that needed a solution