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Speedy "Red Swept Wing 2" RC

by wersy Jul 29, 2016
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Just thought I would post this. After printing and flying several wings and planes I have always been worried about their strength in the air. Having put several flights on this particular wing and after sitting in my trailer all summer the wing had deformed slightly and the rubber bands had damaged the wing and fuse. So it was time to rid it and I figured it would be fun to test the strength of it. So after flying for a couple of laps I climbed some and dove at the runway under full throttle, probably around 60-70mph. When it seemed it had hit max speed I pulled full elevator expecting it to basically explode or do something cool. Instead it took all the Gs without breaking. Unfortunately being so close to the ground I did not recover from the 10 foot loop and drove it into the ground, that was spectacular though. They are stronger than you think.

This is really a spectacular stress test :-) Thanks for posting.
I am happy if you had a lot of fun with the plane. Have you done many night flights with it?

Now you could try out my newest plane. It has now been printed three times. From one there are pictures where it is followed by a seed crow for minutes while flying.

I did get a few night flights but with the lights all being white on top and bottom is was easy to get disoriented, almost crashed a few times so it mainly few during the day.

Thanks for the new fin file. Will print tonight and report how it flies this weekend.

This is a slim version of the fuselage.

Flew it this weekend. CG of ~120 felt good to me. First flight a friend launched it with out issue. Flew nice and stable, I did feel that the yaw axis was not real stable maybe a bigger rudder would help otherwise it flew great. On mine I glued the entire wing together and was able to do loops, rolls and high speed passes without any structural issues. Stall with full elevator was stable with a slight roll to the left. Slowed nicely for landing. Around a 5 minute flight.

Unfortunately we did not video the first flight. Since it was only a buddy and myself I attempted to launch the wing. Probably not the best throw and it yawed to the left and crashed. Very little damage and have already reprinted the nose so it is ready for the next flight. Will have someone else throw for the next several flights. Will also add a launch mode with up elevator so it will fly away smoothly. Also I installed strip leds inside wing as this will be mostly used for night flying.

Congrats to your successful maiden flight!
I am glad you like it.
In case you want to try it with a larger fin I just uploaded fin 140.
Can you please upload a Make?
Describe your experience once more and add weights, the equipment and glue you used please?
You must be a good pilot if you dare flying it even at night.
I hope next time you can take a video.
And yes, do you need a hook for bungee launching?
I designed a support for a slimmer version of this fuselage.

Does anyone have a CG recommendation? Mine is ready to maiden this weekend.

Great, good luck and good weather!
Please, take some photographs BEFORE flying it! :-)
Can somebody take a video?
Do have somebody to launch it for you?
CoG is 116 mm from leading edge.


is it possible to print this with 0.4mm nozzle? How bad would it be?

Thank you

It is no problem to print 0.5mm width with a 0.4mm nozzle.
"hermelinn" who made the first Make printed it with a 0.4mm nozzle.

Hallo :-)

Würde das gerne nachbauen. Aber wie funktioniert das mit dem Support ? Mit normalen stützen gebaut und die dann entfernt ?

LG Rocky

Hallo Rocky,

die Teile passen perfekt zusammen und sind außerdem gesteckt, da braucht man keine Stützen :-)
Wenn Du mir sagst, wie groß du drucken kannst, könnte ich dir sagen, ob du für die mittlere Tragfläche statt 4 auch nur 2 Teile drucken brauchst.

Gruß Michael

The front part of the fuselage must be printed upside down. It does not go with a sharp nose unless you split this part in two pieces.
Furthermore it is a huge effort to modify this part.
What I can do, is to add a nose like a spinner which you can fill with lead bullets and mount to the motor plate.
This way you have both - a pure glider and motor driven.
I uploaded "glider fuselage test.stl" to see how it would look like.

Love the design. Would it be possible to get an optional nose that is rounded off? I would like to prints this for slope glider flying(without motor).

also ich versuche schon eine weile die benötigten teile für den flügel raus zu suchen
aber irgendwie komm ich über das mittelstück nicht raus :-(

Nimm einfach alle, die wing heißen. Wing Centering sind lediglich Zentrierklötze.
Auf dem 5. Bild von links, kann man recht gut erkennen, wie alles zusammen gehört.
Viele weitere Informationen findest du hier: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:257229
Mehr Bilder hier: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:284446

Speedy "Red Swept Wing 2" RC
by puhlbo
Speedy "Red Swept Wing 2" RC

wie es zusammengehört ist schon klar, nur sind die bauteile von der größe gar nicht passend.
z.b. das teil mit der servoaufnahme, das musste auf 150% vergrößert werden damit es passt,
ist es möglich das da verschiedene modellgrößen vorhanden sind?

Ich habe eben das STL des Servosegmentes heruntergeladen und gemessen.
Es misst von Vorderkante bis innen Hohlkehle 174,4 mm (lnnenseite).
Hast du versehentlich skaliert?

das misst ohne skalierung 115mm
Slicer ist simplyfy3d .

Hab den fehler gefunden,
habe die dateien nochmal runtergeladen, und jetzt sind es andere :-)

Thanks for files, where can i find the mirrored wing parts ?
my software cannot mirror part

Which slicer software do you use?

Z-suite for Zortrax

I see,there is no way.
How about if you install Repetier-Host? There you can mirror parts and save them as stl.
You will need such a program anyway - sooner orlater.
You can even change the language to franch;-)

Thanks. Are the front and rear portions of the inner center wing supposed to be the same length? The trailing edge piece seems to be slightly shorter

All 4 parts of the center wing have the same lenght of 160 mm.

Do you happen to have a diagram on how all the parts are supposed to go together? Also, for the wings, are you supposed to mirror the parts?

I uploaded a diagram. And yes, the wing parts are to mirrow.

What kind of glue did you use to glue together the inner panels? Also, are you planning on redesigning this to account for the issues that caused your crash?

I use 2 component epoxy glue.
Now I am building a new one but I will glue all parts together, instead of just fixing them with cords.
Currently "Hermellin" is also printing this plane. So will have two for testing the stability.
You can see his wing parts on this site: http://www.rc-network.de/forum/showthread.php/590094-3D-gedruckten-Fl%FCgel-mit-Carbon-verst%E4rken?p=4132275&posted=1#post4132275

Sounds good. I am also in the midst of printing this design in PETG using a .6mm nozzle. Will post pictures soon.

Don't you have problems with PETG.
In past we got a bumpy surface printing thin walls.

I get walls with slight ridges, but no bumps. I know ESUN petg operates at a lower than spec temperature (230 is high for that stuff, anything above is bubbly.) Very strong material, i have trouble breaking

That's surprising me. At least it will is more temperature-resistant, so you can leave the plane lying in the sun, even if it is black.
I am curious to see the print.

great job , when i saw the wing i first expected a pusher but then i saw the fuse and front motor. very kool man. this wing has alot going for it you could change this into a few different formations like a pusher plane for fpv! i have a design like this sort of but it uses half mylar covering for the wings i wanted to save a bit more weight

Thank you.
It is a complex designed to get it stable enough, and furthermore to be able to print it with my small printer.

It is not possible to take a pusher. It will push the CG further backwards. Even with the front motor and the battery positioned close to the motor, we added 10 grams ballast for the second flight.

only 10 grams ! well it is centered nicely then , did you already move all the electronics as forward as possible? in most cases i could rearrange my reciever ,esc , lipo to get the cg right. but we have also added over a ounce to get the cg correct so if you got away using only 10 grams kudos! i have a few pushers and love fpv too much so i will attempt a fpv style plane. if it doesnt work well im coming back here to print this one and i will just see the prop when flying , i kind of like it anyway as it can make you feel you're up there even more seeing the prop reaffirms in your mind that your flying for real. lol got another new pair of goggles and full fpv setup on the way to fly together with my son. when i see a plane like this fly so smooth and light all i can think about is going up there in it. great job! thanks for the inspiration! tommy

Yes, only 10 grams. But I forgot to mention that I put this mini cam http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:461044 right in front of the wing. You can see it at 3:36 on the video. Without a cam I would need 20 grams.
The lipo was close to the motor, about 4mm distance. But the ESC was behind the motor because the cable is not long enough for putting it upon the lipo.
Unfortunately, the camera got lost during the second flight. Most likely when it started to flutter, just before the crash. It was only fixed with velcro tape. I miss much more the videos than the camera itself.
I for myself, prefer a front motor. That prevent you to get a haircut for free when launching ;-)
Have much fun on building your plane.

Case for Mini Cam: Mini DVR 808 #16 V3
by wersy

Excellent travail ! Et très beau vol. Bravo.

Merci bien!
I am glad you like it.

Naja, ein Absturz gehört zum Modellfliegerleben.
Aber die Leistung, die Du erbracht hast ist unschlagbar.
Weiter so.


herzlichen Grückwunsch. Das nennt man Leistung!!!


Danke Helmut,
das hat man leider davon wenn man glaubt, man könnte alles lose lassen, um später leichter reparieren zu können ;-)


Hi wersy,

I have just started the "Speedy Red" build! What infill percentage are you recommending for the main wing build!

Thank you for your help, and thank you very much for posting this build on Thingiverse for all of us to use!

Rob T.

I think I just answered my own question! I read & studied your great instructions and now have the information for each piece!
Thank you,
Rob T.

Hi Rob,
I am glad you are going to print it.
Attention! Before gluing the middle wing segments, the openings for the cables must be cut out. If the edges are welded with a soldering iron, the interrupted print structure is connected.
For the opening on the fuselage you can use the cover frame (cable cover frame)

I just added some more information regarding the wing.


Thank you Michael,
I appreciate you getting back to me with the info! I have been building and flying fixed wing, and multicopter aircraft for over 40 years now! This will be my first attempt at a 3D printer airplane! I just finished up building a Sunhokey Pursa i3 3D printer kit and I will be using Cura 2.1.3 for my model rendering using Stl.

I think your airplane will be a good plane to build because of all the great ground work you have put into it! Thank you so much for that! I hope you do not mind me using your comment section for questions that I know I will have as this project moves along!

Thank you,
Rob T.

Hi Rob,
I have to say that I find it very reassuring to know that you are experienced in building airplanes. So you can assess if the wing will be strong enough to withstand even fast flights. Maybe you can give some tips.
I think it is good when we discuss questions in the comment section, so others can benefit from this.