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Can Handle

by 3DBROOKLYN Jul 4, 2016
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I modified handle to be able to hold EU Beer can - 0,5l. Great model.

I printed with Black PLA / 205°C / 50°C bed/ 0,24 layer. Nice model, hold can great.

Chinese specifications can not be used.

I'm just curious, how od you design say the bottom? I wanted to make something like this for a few weeks but don't know how to approach the CADing. In any case, printed and works :)

For this design, I measured the profile of a can, and revolved it 360°. Then cut away the sides and front, and added a handle. You can view my Onshape document here (https://cad.onshape.com/documents/bb0327889ffb82917be24e5d/w/6c52332b79974e5797ab0b4c/e/7275c0211c59b4949b86ea25) and make a copy of it to make your own edits. Good luck!

does this mean you didn't use an existing STEP file to do this?

Not sure what you mean, I created this from scratch in Onshape

Will the tall version fit on a Monster can?

i think i "can handle" this
get it i am able to handle it

Thank you - I've seen this and because I do not sell my prints I let small sellers like this go ahead. I hope it is helping someone pay off their 3D printer so they can do bigger and better things. Just wish they would be more transparent as far as what they're doing and who designed it.

May I put my company logo on it and use it as a free giveaway to help promote my small one-man business?

is there anyway you can add or attach a step file? I went to oneshape did all the account creation and for the life of me cant figure out how to do anything on there. I'm just now figuring out how to work fusion. thank you.

Sure - attached to this comment. But if you're able to get to the onshape document, just right click on a part / part name / tab at the bottom and choose export, and then step from the dropdown.

Perfect thank you. I don't think I would have ever thought to right click on the part name to export, I think ill stick with fusion haha.

I printed this with PETG and it turned out a little flimsy. It stays on and works, but the can has a couple millimeters of jiggle room. I guess I need to use PLA to make it rigid.

I don't have a large enough print bed for this model, has anyone tried splitting it into 2 parts? would really like to print this.

don't try it

Just thought I'd give you a heads up, I noticed someone selling your can handle on etsy.

Thanks for the heads up. I do not make money from prints so am ok with small shops using my designs to get started. Always wish they were more transparent about the designer behind the model, but what can you do!

I think it is not ok to use all your 3D files and photos and make money with it. But it is your desicion.

great design, but won't work in Finland! :D

Would you have a design to share or modify the height of this? This won't fit to EU model cans.... Everything is bigger in USA!

i wish i seen this before i printed it.. It would be great if the maker would put this in description cause i just wasted some pla for nothing

Sorry for the waste of filament - if you send me a beer from your country I will make a handle to fit it!

Haha cool of you to offer but it would cost like 25 euro to send it to you ;) I'll just print the EU model

Great design! Hope you don't mind me putting my name on it!

Awesome Design! It works fine for Japanese normal 350ml as well!

Ne vas pas pour le coca

would be great if the hight was variable so you could adjust it depending on type of tin!

Any suggestions on infill or layer height. I printed standard version and it snapped in half.

Will regular 330ml cans fit or is this for the 355ml Amercian size cans?

I printed these and lost about 7 hrs because they don't fit...

To me, it seems like it is made for the American 335ml can ;-)

I printed it out and it works marvelously! This is a very nice print, and I would recommend it to anyone in the U.S. who thinks that cans are too cold. Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is the original file available for remixing? I'd like to edit the heights a tad.

do you have the original files?

i want to adapt them for EU cans but editing STL´s is a pain in the ass.

My friend said he wanted one of these and would give me some money for it. If I sold it to him would I be breaking some license connected with the file??

i dont think asking for the money for electricity and the plastic count as a commercial activity

does this mean I could print out the handle and sell it without legal complications??


If they give you the STL and you charge for the plastic and machine time, it does not violate the non-commercial portion of this creative common license, because they are going to keep it for personal use. If you offer to sell these or advertise them for sale, you are violating the non-commercial clause of this creative commons license.

I just realised that this Handle only works with US Cans and now I need to make an Adapter Piece of some sorts :S

Its a really nice Design but doesnt work for EU Cans which are a bit smaller :(

Scale high in 8mm

Love your choice of beers for the pic!
Founders All Day IPA is one of our favorites!

I only picked up Founders ADIPA because I have a Grand Wagoneer, turned out to be pretty good beer too.

I dunno if i can handle this.

How well does this sit on a table? Any danger of the can tipping over?

It can tip if knocked with force, but a full or empty can still balances if set down on an angle. Keep an eye out for our addition that will help stability though

YMMV but at least my holder doesn't stay up with empty cans. Full are somewhat resistant for being knocked over.

Wont fit swedish cans.. its 8mm to long..

Thanks for the measurement, look out for a European version in the future!

found out that it also doesn't fit the cans we have in holland, so if you could make a EU version that would be highly appreciated

That would be great :D just printed mine and noticed the same thing..

I am printing a bunch of handicap accessible items for a friend and think these are great. I like the open bottom design because his hands are stuck closed so it should make it easier to slide into his hand. We always keep a couple cups with handles around for when he comes over, I wonder when the last time he was able to use a can. Thanks! I'm sure he will appreciate this.

That is awesome! Thank you for sharing, hope he likes it!

Hello, I printed this and love the design. I was wondering if there is a way to make it customizable? Where it says Brooklyn, be able to make it other names or words? Thank you!

Looks like you are left handed?

Haha yes! Good eye

Excellent taste in beverages

will this work with soda cans too

Yes, any standard can!

Hi there, what is a standard can, here in the uk all soda cans are 330ml so when i printed this it is too tall, il adapt it for uk size, just wondered what ml your cans are ?