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Monster Mouth Headphone Holder - Clampable

by philbarrenger Jul 4, 2016
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I printed the "regular" clamp scaled down to 70%. It took about 4 1/2 hours to print the clamp & screw. It fits my desk & headphones quite well. Nice design!

Hi Phil, great design! Seems to be going strong even after 3 years! I printed the short version included in the files on my Monoprice Select Mini as it was the only one I could fit on my tiny print bed. However, I found that it's ever slightly too short to fit my headphone band. I extended the end by just 10 mm. Thanks again!!

I turned the jaw 90 degrees to used it on my office cubicles. 40% cubic infill with PLA. It took me 9 hours to print on an Ender 3. Thank you for the original design!

I love this! Would you be willing to create one of them in a short version with 90 degree shift (Philbarrenger created a version that is 20mm shorter)? It would be so awesome!

I made a short version and a shorter screw. Hope it works for you.

Wow! Thank you for your generosity. I will print tonight. Thank you for sharing your talent!

I turned the jaw 90 degrees to used it on my office cubicles. 40% cubic infill with PLA. It took me 9 hours to print on an Ender 3. Thank you for the original design!

I made a low filament cost version currently printing it it is however missing the jaw it had in the original post. I had to make it low cost since I don't currently have a lot of filament. use this one if you don't have a lot of filament or time to print (my time decreased by almost 4 hours at 0.2) ( also i am currently printing it out now)

Hi, this looks absolutely perfect for my needs, with one exception. My shelf front is beveled, so I'd love to use the extended length print. However, the front of the shelf is 38mm wide with a stringer that is ~18mm deep. The remainder of the shelf is 18mm wide.

I'm very new to this, I tried scaling everything up by ~20% to make the mouth wide enough, but then the print gets to large for my print bed. I'd just use the standard, "non-deep" file but I worry the screw will be overriding the bevel.

Would it be possible to get a wider mouth version with the deeper clamp section? If anyone else has a suggestion for me to fix this myself I'd be stoked to give it a try.


I had issues with Screw, i cant do the spiral, had a very weird melted edge. i´m using Da Vindi 1.0 pro with Esun PLA+ 1.75material

Bonjour et merci pour votre plan c'est impeccable

Comments deleted.

I was able to get it printed nicely! even got the material to glow in the dark and be black reactive.. I just need it fit bigger tables. Does anyone have a bigger version? looking to have a universal style clamp. that works for anything

Hello Phil,
is there also a version of 30mm clamp size and the short rail to hang your headset?


Trying to edit this in Fusion, was this designed using metric or imperial dimensions?

Where can I find a longer screw?

I also need a longer screw, Got a new desk that has thinner thickness, so now my mounting screw maxes out and just barely holds.

Very nice design. I printed on SnapMaker, 100% fill on PLA+
Scaled a bit in Sketchup to fit the Snapmaker bed
it take 55h!

The most perfect holder possible. I not only have the same headphones as the pic, but mine have a modmic attached; so I have two jacks, one 3.5 and one 1/4", that fit perfectly in the 'eye' holders!

Nice design! I printed 3 times on my monoprice maker select plus. On my last one I printed 30% fill and .8 shell thickness. I like these settings otherwise it feels a little flimsy when you tighten it to your table.

I printed out this design and while I had an issue with the slicer that made it only print out about the majority of it The short screw I printed out did not need any scaling to get it to fit properly. I'll be reprinting the main body of the headphone holder after I send it through my slicer again. This time hopefully it will print out right. The quality of what printed was exceptional and I really have no complaints about this. Even the partial print that I got works perfectly for the headphones I have.

Lovely design ! I printed it on my Anet A8 and it truned really great, despite a little warping at the beginning. I printed the short version with the big screw. My desk is a 2.5cm, I think the little screw could have make it, but didn't want to print it for nothing.

It took me 5h05 for the holder and 1h46 for the screw, at 0.2mm and 10% infill. I had to sand the screw and clean it, then spray some WD40 for a good fit.

Thanks !

This was the first thing I decided to print after doing a few test prints with the files my printer came with. Not disappointed one bit, didnt have any flaws and It is awesome! thanks for the awesome build!

Hi im new to 3D printing and was just wondering how you remove the supports for the screw hole, without breaking anything.

This might be late but you don't need supports for it

I have printed the long and the short version of your nice headphone holder. One issue I have with my short version is that the cables are always falling out of the mouth in the bottom. Maybe, if you like, you could make the end of the open mouth higher this would prevent the cables fom slipping out.

this design is actually really nice by the looks, but i managed to break mine in the thinnest part, coming from the screw hole part to the main part. Static bend from the screw caused this in 1 months time, with normal PLA. I would remove the monster "mouth" and fill it with solid structure to make the mount more rigid.

What infill did you use for that section? What are you using for your slicer?

At that time I used cura 2.5,infill was 85%.

I don't know why I had this issue, but I ended up printing the clamp-short file 4 times because I had to scale it down to fit the threads on the holder, probably wasted around 100 grams of filament just on those until I finally got it to thread at 85% of the original file size. Great headphone holder, I really like it, but the screw needs to be scaled down or there needs to be a warning that the screw won't fit in the original design.

Thanks for your headphone holder!! Great design :D

it says that it will be printed in 8 hours 58 minutes

Comments deleted.

Any chance of getting the smaller clamp blended with the smaller headphone holder? I still haven't figured out how to edit 3D files; maybe you can suggest a good video/program to do so?

Thanks! I love the design!

This printed beautifully in PLA and I used 0.2mm layers and 1.6mm thickness, 30% infill, however the top portion just cracked along the inside corner. Should I be going to 2-3 mm thickness, or maybe round the inside square corner to reduce stress along that inside edge.

What settings are working for people? I am planning to reprint two more of these, but want something that works....

Comments deleted.

Hi, are you able to tell me the dimesnions for the screw.

HI there.

I tried to print the clamp_short.stl file and my print was a success. However, the screw size itself I think is way too large.

Could you tell me how long the screw is supposed to be or what it's Z-dimension is supposed to be?

How do you know figure out how large the print is supposed to be without dimensions?


I came across the same thing. I printed the screw in 2.85 PLA and the Clamp in 2.85 ABS (unsure if it's a thermal property)

Comments deleted.

I know it's made this way to fit closer against the desk, but I think it'd benefit a lot from a fillet on the top inside corner like on the bottom inside corner. Mine has bent at the top corner. (It doesn't help the edge of my desk is a little irregularly shaped though) Otherwise it's been great, it's lasted a few months before it's started to bend like it is at the top.

yeah I agree, I have one that has also slowly bent over time. Rather than filleting on the inside I might try filleting the outside and adding a little more depth over that corner. It will add a bit of material to an already meterial heavy design though :(

Comments deleted.

I'm not entirely sure which size holder to print. I have a Beats Studio Wireless

I am a bit new to 3d drafting but I am looking to try and change the letters on the side of the mount so I can personalize it with my name. The problem seems to be that these letters are very much ingrained in the way the body of the holder is made. I have been trying to do this inside google sketchup. How did you add the letters? Should i be trying this in a different program? do you have any suggestions?

sketchup might not be the best solution for it (I'm no sketchup expert though).
Tinkercad :

is probably a better bet - not that I have used that either :) but I've seen it use for things like this. You would just import the headphone holder and then make a cube that you put over the letters and subtract that from the holder. Then I'm pretty sure tinkercad has font support i believe so you should be able to use it to add your own writing.

If all else fails let me know and I can upload a version with the writing remove.


I would appreciate one with the letters removed!!!

Would it be possible to edit the clamp part so you can use it on the side of a monitor? If so how can i do this? I tried with several programs but i seem to break the holder each time.

Printed the 56mm version of this model to clamp onto my 50mm thick desk. I was worried that it might not be as accurate of a space as the model suggests, but when the print was finished it measured out to be 56mm indeed and it fit on the desk with enough space for the short screw to tighten it. Thanks a lot for this model, because I could not find any other headphone clamp that would work for my desk.

glad that it worked out!

I am looking at the design in Cura and the threads in the clamp indicate red, wondering if most people print supports? I have only been printing for about 2 weeks so still learning but would like input if anyone had issues with treads (I am using a Monoprice 13860). Looks great and the screw just finished printing beautifully.

Hey Dan, no doubt you'll get some minor bridging artifacts but there's enough tolerance in the fit that it should be fine without supports. I haven't used Cura a lot but one tip (if Cura allows it) is to make sure your outlines are printed inside to out - and that you have probably 3 outlines (that's what I tend to use).
Good Luck!

I got it to print without supports and had no trouble with the overhangs. I was using a version of Cura from my Qidi Tech X-one printer and the program didn't indicate a problem, since it was set to notify me if the model contains overhangs at an angle of over 60 degrees. It ended up printing fine. However, you might want to mess around with some other models and figure out how your printer handles printing a hole shape, because you don't want to learn that your printer can't do it on this model which uses a lot of filament (and time).

Great design! Why no similar design for a spool holder??

cause I don't need one

Mine turned out pretty good, thank you for the design!

No problem. Nice printer!

WOW Excelente Print Resolution, you can share the printer config please.

cool design :-)

Do you have by any chance a file with a shorter screw which fist the 30mm version better?

Hey Gramelsl, I've just uploaded a screw that is 20mm shorter than the original.

hey gramelsl sorry I don't but I'll make one. It will have to wait until I'm back at my computer next week.

cool design :-)

Do you have by any chance a file with a shorter screw which fist the 30mm version better?

I made one of these, it works great. Also, I saw this yesterday, it looks pretty familiar.


headphone holder multi tiered

thanks Reaper, sure does look familiar. One might say it's exactly the same, but no one would just download the stls and re-upload them as their own.... right...?

Nah, I'm sure the whole "Headphone" text with precisely measured eye holes was totally a coincidence. Anyway, thanks again for the awesome holder, it's exactly what I needed.

Hey @philbarrenger, thanks for your great work!

Would it be possible for you to tweak the file a bit? My wood desk edges are beveled so your monster actually can't "bite" the full 28mm thickness of it.
It would be great if the bit that holds the hole and obviously the oposing one would be a bit longer in order to reach further on my desk.
The bevel is roughly 30mm long, so an extra 30mm should be perfect!


Hey Thomas,
I've just uploaded a version with the 30mm extension to the clamping depth. I haven't printed this one so I can't vouch for it. Obviously adding that extension will make the design a bit weaker, but I think it will still grip ok, just don't do it up too tight :) It will also require quite a bit more plastic :(

I'd recommend adding a thin rubber pad to the underside of the section that clamps to the desk. Just to add some additional friction to help with the fact that there will be more torque from the weight of the headphones now that the pivot point has been moved back. I often use the kind of pads that you put on the bottom of chairs to stop them scratching/sliding for these kinds of things as they have double sided tape on them already.

Hey Phil,

That's awesome. I have downloaded the file. When the current job on the printer is over, I'll give it a go!

Thanks again! Have a great day.

Hey Thomas,
sure thing, I'll make one up for you. Will have to wait until next week though (around Jan 11th).


Awesome! Thank you very much Phil. Cheers

Hey @philbarrenger, thanks for your great work!

Would it be possible for you to tweak the file a bit? My wood desk edges are beveled so your monster actually can't "bite" the full 28mm thickness of it.
It would be great if the bit that holds the hole and obviously the oposing one would be a bit longer in order to reach further on my desk.
The bevel is roughly 30mm long, so an extra 30mm should be perfect!


For the shorter version does the same screw fit the hole the same as the original version?

Love the model btw!

Yep, all versions use the same thread size so they are all compatible.

Hi Phil! Awesome design. Wondering if you have any issue with remixes? I created a "shorter" version to fit my needs and wanted to post it. I can just send you the STL if you want to add it.

Good work anywyas! :)

Hi xenomorphdelombre, yeah I'm happy for remixes, thanks for asking. I just realised I had the licensing set to "no derivatives", that wasn't intentional. I've changed it to allow derivatives.

Awesome thanks! I'll post this here rightaway!

Hi Phil. Really nice design :)
What is the minimum it will clamp to? I have a floating glass desk and was wondering if this can get down to 10mm.

Hey Rubix, it wont quite clamp down to 10mm. So I've just uploaded a stl called "headphone holder 30mm.stl" that will handle a max gap of 30mm and with the same screw end that should clamp all the way to zero.

Thanks Phil that's awesome.
You are one of the fastest and most responsive makers on here :)
+1000 thumbs up.

My stupid IKEA desk is at 50mm.

Damn. I can whip up a version with a 55mm gap if you like.

Maybe I can expand it be a few percent?

I've just added a stl for a version that should support a 56mm shelf.

wow, thanks alot!

yeah should work fine provided you scale up both parts :) Scale up to 112% should get you just over 50mm shelf gap. But it's a pretty big print at 100%.... and 112% will increase the volume significantly and make the holder part much larger than it really needs to be. I'll check the design tonight and if it's simple to increase the gap without expanding the whole design (which it should be) then I'll do that and upload it here anyway.

Question: how do the threads at the top of the print actually print? Would it not cause a problem with nothing to hold on to?

I made this over a two day printing session (started late yesterday) and just finished it today. It came out excellent! Looks great and is very strong with plenty of adjustability for both the size of the desk and headphones. Excellent job! I'll try to post a picture of it later!

how you print this?

Thanks a lot mate really appreciated ! I will update the cup version once im done.

Comments deleted.

sure thing mate, I've uploaded a step file for the whole thing - should be in the downloads on this page now.

Hi mate, please check the Bolt screw it's damaged, if you look closely the layer of the bolt is not connected and the bolt is not a solid it's hollow and in blue color when I loaded the Step file to my software.

Love the model! Thanks a lot! What software did you use to make it?

Thanks. Fusion 360

this is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. You bloody all-star you.

Hey love the design. Can I ask what brand is that red filament and is it just red or is it a different color name?

Hey, thanks. The filament is: Wanhao branded Dark Pink PLA