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Folger Technologies i3 2020 Full Lead Screw Upgrade on all axis

by jmbneaf Jul 2, 2016
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This is the way to go for precision!! why this idea is not been the trend now? (sept2018)


One more question: I see you have your printer elevated with 4 semi circle like rubber pieces. What are those?

Good eyes! They are vibration / shock isolators. I got them from very old discards from a work project.
These are very expensive and not necessary. They do help quiet the printer.

Here is an example (but not the sames ones I'm using).

If you look/search here on thingiverse, there are may examples of rubber feet/stands that are available.

What type of grease are you using on your chrome linear rods? Also, are you using any grease on the lead screw assemblies ?



Syncolon® (PTFE) Grease from Harbor Freight

Don't need a lot - a little goes a long way.

What type of grease are you using on your chrome linear rods? Also, are you using any grease on the lead screw assemblies ?



I am using part of your design for an upgrade to my Folger Tech i3. I cannot find the file for the arm that is attached to the lower screw on the blower fan. Did you include that in the files?

I have a remixed version of the fan bracket that includes an adjustable mount for a BL Touch bed leveler if anyone is interested.

Not sure, but the arm is in these things for sure:
If not, let me know.

Please share the remix and glad to help!

FolgerTech 2020 i3 BL Touch Bracket w/cooling fan for MK9 Extruder
by jmbneaf
FolgerTech 2020 i3 Autolevel bracket w/blower mount
by jmbneaf

Cool that is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for the help.

Awesome - note I've added fan_bracket_arm_rev1.stl to the list here too.

Awesome - note I've added fan_bracket_arm_rev1.stl to the list here too.

I love this great design and may incorporate the z axis portion of it into my printer mods. Has anyone had success keeping the original Folgertech z axis NEMA 17s?

Augermeister - my initial try with the stock Z NEMA 17's & lead screws found them unable to move reliably w/o skipping. I would say give it a try; especially, if your stepper drivers can supply extra voltage & current to operate. Just keep in mind they still could over heat so watch that if they work. The larger NEMA 17's noted run very cool with the stepper driver set at 1.4V by the way.

Thanks for your response. I'll give my stock motors a try after adjusting the stepper drivers. I followed the link you provided for the motors, but they're no longer available at that particular store. I'm sure I can locate them elsewhere.

I found theses on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0196FGNAA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
They are working fine. I used my original motors for my build of a custom ft-5 using lead screws

No problem. Please post/share your results. Thanks!

This looks fantastic! I'm starting to print parts now. Why did you choose to upgrade/change the stepper motors? Is that necessary or can you use the original steppers that came with my Folger 2020 kit?
Thanks, and awesome job!

Thank you! I'm sure you'll love it.

I found the original stepper motors unable to handle the Z axis because of the drag from the Igus bearings & torque for the lead screws. So I went to the larger size all around to ensure no problems.


Thank you for the drawings. I am going with 8x2mm 2lead start lead screws, giving me 4mm per rev, trying for the best of both speed and resolution.
I have one question, how did you print the X_axis motor end with no supports? will post when completed.

Print on!

I assume you are asking about the "xz_motor_with_endstop". This on is printed w/o support assuming that you have bridging setup (or with cooling and PLA material) on your printer. If you don't have either, then I suggest printing with supports. Your slicer software should detect the bridges and include for you if needed.

On the 8x2mm 2lead start lead screws, remember to double the steps in my notes your firmware setup vs. what I posted below because you move 1/2 the distance per rev vs my firmware setup. Assume you have high speed steppers?

Further research revealed to me that most nema 17 stepper motors are limited to 2500 pps. That would leave me with a max print speed of 15mm/sec. I have reverted to the 8mm pitch lead screws on the x and y axis. In as much as speed is not an issue with the z axis I have stayed with the 2mm pitch screws on the z axis for the resolution. This combination is working splendid. Thank you for the Marlin and Repetier, settings they are working great. I have had to fine tune the z axis, but I am running at 60 mm/sec with no issues. since I have a folger tech 2020 i3 my x axis motor is on the right side of the chassis. the easy solution was to mirror you stl files. I also have the auto leveling working. Thank you again for your research. Still learning the tips and tricks and fellow 3der's like yourself are a help. <><

Awesome - glad to have helped!

Thank you
Will work on the bridging speeds.

FARGKENOB - did you end up buying updated NEMA 17s for the z axis, or using the ones that came with the Folgertech kit? I'd like to minimize costs if possible.

Comments deleted.
Comments deleted.

which frame brace are you using?

The Corner braces from here:

2020 Extrusion Gusset

Hi, I just upgraded my z lead screws for accuracy. Also have the Folger Technologies i3 2020. Just found your full lead screw upgrade. Will be printing parts and buying parts slowly. Started printing 45 Deg supports with 3DXMAX® Carbon Fiber PLA . Solid as a rock. Ordered a roll of
3DXMAX® Glass Fiber Reinforced Amphora™ AM1800 Co-polyester Filament will try this on other parts. Thanks for all your hard work.

You're welcome!
Be sure to post a picture too!