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Sayha - X FPV Quadcopter 4" 5" 6"

by diogorsergio Jun 23, 2016
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Sad to see that this is not a true X-Frame, but just another H-Frame :/

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Could we get some of the CAD files? I make frequent crashes, so I would like to buff up the arms.

Thanks for the great design. I printed mine in PETG, except for the standoffs which I did them in PLA. haven't put any parts in it yet but hoping soon I will have it all going.

Any news on the build? :)

Hehe haven't done anything with it yet sorry. Been flat out at work.

Thats awesome! Let me know how it goes! :) Can you send a picture with fully assembled afterwards?

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what a good infill to use?

I would say anything above 50%. Maybe 60%.

Print one of the arms and test.. they are fast to print.

Being stubborn i made one out of PLA at first, which didn't even survive the maiden flight. (hit a branch and one of the arms snapped right off)
As i don't have any ABS at the moment, i choose PETG as an alternative, which seems to have somewhat of the same strenght.
New arms will be done in 6hrs, i'll post some pictures when i have repaired my drone..

You did pretty well on this!
It felt incredibly steady as i flew it without any specific tuning for it..
i flew a robocat 270 before and yeah, i'm glad i came across this design, so much better..
If the PETG arms hold out, i think i might fly this for quite a while :)

Hey xSinx!

Yeah PLA is a bit brittle! PETG should be strong enough!
Let me know how it goes!

And thanks for the kind words! Glad you like the design!


Hey there, diogorserio.

as i thought, PETG should've been my first choice, haha!
i did some on purpose crashes and i only got as far as slightly bending one arm..
i also posted a Made with pictures, take a look and see how it turned out!

Thanks for sharing this awesome frame :)

It looks amazing!

Let me know how you get on with the arms.. I can always revisit the design and make them stronger.. if you have any pictures where it was damaged it would help a lot on how to improve them. :D

Thanks again!

hey so I printed the frame i love it but i wanted to know are those 3d printed standoffs and what size and how do you make a screw stick inside of the 3d printed kind

Those are not 3d printed standoffs. They are off the shelf nylon, you can find them in any RC shop. :) And you can even find some here in thingiverse that you can print! Have a look!

can arm survive crash ? how many times do you have changed them ?

I was kid of looking for the frame to be alike as far as the arm placement

Hi James,

The arm placement is the same.
Center X with detachable arms, if you break one you just need to replace that one and you dont need to take the full frame apart. Just unscrew the arm in question.

Please check this photo that better illustrates.

Let me know if you have more questions :)

Can you make an adaptation of the DroneWolf Pup 220mm

so what program do you use in order to make your frames

This frame was done in 123Design and Fusion 360.

If i were to make it will test it for me and give me some feedback

From what I've seen its basically the same.

This frame is based on an X frame with removable arms. Similar to Impulse RC Alien and Lumenier QAV-R.
The DroneWolf Pup seems to be on the same class.

Have a go a it! You wont regret it.

can I put together 6" arms with 4" body ?

Hey Mikolajw,

No, i'm afraid.
Because of the increased length of the arms I had to move some screw holes to maintain the frame strength.
The only part that is common to all frames is the top plate.


thanks! I was wondering if 4 inch body is smaller :)
But you said that top plates are the same so it won't change anything

Thanks for awesome project!

Sayha 6" // NEEDS TO BE FIXED. (Wrong dimensions props don't fit). This is listed at the bottom of the page. Has this been fixed?

Yep. That is fixed, all frames have proper clearance now! :) Go for it, you wont regret.

Can you list the RC parts in this quad copter?

It will all depend on your liking. You can follow this guide from the open source MHQ2, any of the options works fine with this quad frame.


Do you know what the weight of just the quad frame is? Thanks

Sayha 4" - 132g
Sayha 5" - 143g
Sayha 6" - 162g

(With nuts and bolts)
Check the photo gallery for images with the frame on a digital scale.


Do you know what the weight of just the quad frame is? Thanks

Do you know what the weight of just the quad frame is? Thanks

In progress
Makebot Rep 2:
100% fill
Using Size 4
PLA 1.75mm (not abs)
0,3 low resolution standard settings
225 extruder heater

My notes:
-M3 screw and spacer are extremly hard to find in all Hw stores in Quebec, Montreal, had to improvise.
-Im using 6/32 screws
-Landing pads are initially upside down, they screw up my first print as they were unable to stick. Redone at 180degrees now ok.
-Did some drop test, the front larger lobe snapped off, oh well I dont really need it anyways.
-Initial weight is already at 140g with screws only. Had only 4 at bottom and 4 at top. Need extra 8 nuts ....probably 160g total weight. (outch)

Hi Clearchrome,

Thanks for the feedback. I'll create some versions with US sizes for screws and nuts.
Please note that PLA is very brittle, and wont be strong as ABS (recomended).

If possible show me some pictures of the build, would love to see it.

Cheers! :)

Can you send me the parts not in stl format? Thanks.

If you download the files, inside you will find a .123dx file of all the parts. (I designed it in 123 Design from Autodesk).

Do you have a video of it flying?

Unfortunately no. I printed and built the frame and sent to a UK racer to test, he assembled and told me it flew nicely! But I'haven't heard from him afterwards for the video. I waited, but just had to released the files. Maybe someone from here will build one :P and give it ago!

I worry about propeller placement. They are really close. They might touch.
But the turbulent air could send it into Power Settling a lot more easily.
But Idk, let me know how it flies! I like your clip for the XT-60 connector!

In 3D renderings It looks like they are touching.. but its just because its was a rough mockup to show how the quad can look.

They have the proper clearance, diagonally from motor shaft to motor shaft:
4" = 180mm
5" = 220mm
6" = 260mm

Excellent Quad! one note though, The prop(er) clearances should be
4" - 185mm - Motor2Motor Diagonal
5" - 225mm - Motor2Motor Diagonal
6" - 265mm - Motor2Motor Diagonal

I know it just 5mm more but it accounts for contingency error. Seriously though, you did awesome with this.

I will try to update the designs and include those 5mm :) Thanks a lot for the feedback it was a nice learning curve!