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RS-LM 2014 Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro “The Ali"

by wildcardfox Jun 17, 2016
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Rad dude! Where can I get the lettering for the tires? Thanks!

Roughly, how much does it cost to buy the non-printed parts for this?

Quick question. I’m about to print this awesome car. Maybe 2 of them.
Should I use pla or petg for the chassis parts and suspension arms etc ?

Once completed, I’ll post the make(s) too.


Comments deleted.


Thank You for the quick response :)
Well, they are the same size, all 4 tyres?
Thanks :)

Yes, all wheel drive. I used the same size tires on all four corners.

Hi. Cogratulations for this awesome project. I'm trying to do the same.
I have a question - when can I buy the tyres ?
Thank you, best regards

Tires are Tamiya F104 front tires. So you can buy them anywhere. In the Manual and Parts List is a part number. Just type it in to a search engine, and you will find many places that sell them. There are also alternative brands and makes that will fit. The main is Tamiya F104 front tires, and you will be find.

Will this fit straight on a 1/10 scale rc car once I have made the holes? I have a Tamiya tt-02 to be exact.

It's 1:10, but you'll probably have to do a modification or two because it was designed to be on the RM-01 Chassis.

I really like your design, how did you make the shape of the car? by hand or did you have a file allready?
I want to make a 3D printable version of the Bugatti type 57sc atlantic and I have several files (.3ds, etc) but i don't know how to edit and convert them to be printable...
Maybe you can help me?

Hey Wild card, I want to print this as a static model for the desk. I'm having trouble figuring out which parts would be needed for this. Do I need a portion of the frame to attach the body? if so what portion? Is it possible to print tires for it as well? I would appreciate any feed back. Thank you.

I think what you should do is just print the body and the rims. You can easily make a chassis out of wood or some other material and just attach the wheels via wooden dowels. I think you should buy the tires. That would be my advise, it similar to the guy who built the car and then made a gravity car by making his own chassis.


Thanks for the feedback! I can't wait to show you the final product. This design is amazing and I appreciate the time you have put into it.

Looking forward to seeing it. Thanks for the kind words.


Noob question...can i print this as a static model...is anything needed to be able to be a desk model

yes you can. Just print out the body and attach the wheels to the chassis with some sticks and you good.

Wich scale is it?
Is it an open rc?

1:10; OpenRC mainly refers to builds by one man, Daniel Noree—OpenRC is his brand. These RC car's my design an my builds, they go by BTI, BTI3dprint, Brett Turnage and they are all open source and all parts and manuals are included.

its so osume
what you did its like magic to make le mans race car to 3D stl files
its realy nice

Hello, I'm an ametur RC enthusiast and new to 3D Printing, before i 3d print this model, I just want a few statistics:
Top Speed
Type of Motor
Recommended Motor
Recommended Electronics
Fastest Motor Possible

That would be great, thanks!

Top Speed haven't clocked it, but you can go as fast as you want if you get your gearing right.
Type of motor: 540 size; I built this car to build any motor. I used a 13.5T, but like I said go for it... rock 7.5t or 5.5t if you want.
Don't have a recommend motor, again I built this chassis to go fast and be as wide open on battery options engine options and esc options.
same, in the manual it says the limits of the battery size, but there's room for you to run whatever electronics you want within the bounding box of the battery size.

Hopes this helps.

Thank you for the reply, I presume that the reason why the battery size is limited is because of the body? because I would like to run a 3S or maybe even a 4S setup, I havent checked the manual yet because I want to download the file after I fix my printer, but just for now: what is the ultimate limit? I know you designed it to accomodate anything, but what is the most you know of?

make sure to check out the chassis http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1631624. Its included with this file, but you can check out the room for yourself. 158mm long is the largest.

RS-LM Lemans RC Car Chassis

This chassis has a lot of room for a variety of batteries types. I use two 2000mah batteries that are run in parallel with an adaptor. It can run batteries up to 158mm long.

This looks like lot of fun to build. I'm having trouble sourcing some of the parts needed. Were you able to get those links to TQRCRacing.com you mentioned before. I can't find a M3X1 tap and the ball sockets along with a couple other things.

Well TQ is only for the RC parts. M3x1.0 tap is a metric tap that you can get from a hardware store or Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Uxcell-0-5mm-Metric-3x0-5mm-3-Piece/dp/B009PMJ74E/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1475029937&sr=8-6&keywords=m3+metric+tap) . Ball sockets are from TQ as well.

TQ put together a list which has links of some of the parts. The other should all be listed in the manual and parts list. If you are having trouble finding it just let me know and I'll see if I can point you in the right direction.


Thanks. I had found a M3 tap but that is M3 X .5 not the M3 X 1 that you have listed. So I was confused. I appreciate the help. I'm new building RC stuff so I really don't know what I need to get.

I got the pitch wrong. It was an m3x.05 tap.

Curious, how long does this take to print? I know time from person to person will vary, but some idea would be great.

What an incredible job you have done!!!

Thank you.

I would figure a week if you have one printer. I printed this on a rostock delta printer, and it's the body parts that take the most time because some of the files are 8 hour prints, especially the rear fenders. The chassis parts are pretty quick, it is just the body that cost the most in print time.

make a how to build video. This project is overwhelming

I would first update the manual and intractables page, if there is a section that is not as clear before making a video. What part are you having trouble with?

Did you print these in the orientation they are posted in?

Yes. I have two different bed materials PEI, and Zebra Plate. For any item that was under 2.5" tall I would use the pei sheet. For any item above that I used the zebra plate.

which part are you having trouble with the orientation?

Haven't printed it yet. Looks like a lot of support material.

How do you like that zebra plate? Better than PEI?

I had to respond again because I forgot that I had talked to you before about larger prints becoming dislodged, so sorry if you already read my previous response that I deleted.

Both items have their pro's and con's.

PEI you get a beautiful surface finish, and it is really easy to remove prints—no spatula, just move it with your fingers and your print comes off, but that ease of removal makes larger prints dislodge easier. I had a 4.5 hour print that was on its last 30 minutes and it came loose. So, PEI is good, but if you print large items now and again it's good to have another bed that you can switch to that has much better adhesion so that when you go tall, the bed holds the part firmly attached.

I like the Printinz bed because unlike my former favorite bed material, Buildtak, it holds extremely well, but releases parts super easy with just a quick bend of the plate—it doesn't tear, and it's a really quick turnaround to get the printer back in action printing another part. I use this bed only when I am doing large items or items that I think may dislodge on the PEI. On this car, almost all of the body parts were printed on the Printinz bed.

I recommend both beds, I think they are very easy to work with and very easy to use. 95% of the time I'm using only PEI. I only switch over if I'm worried it will dislodge.

If you buy PEI check out Zoro tools, you can buy a large sheet for $50 and if you cut it down to your bed size you'll have like 20 sheets, so it's much cheaper than buying from a company for $20 a pre-cut bed.

Do you have a spare piece of PEI that you would sell? :)

I could, but I think it's easier to just go through a seller on Amazon on eBay. It's cheaper overall. Here's a link to a place that sells them for $15 shipped for an 8x8" and $20 for 12x12". http://www.ebay.com/itm/PEI-Sheet-3D-Printer-Build-Surface-1mm-thick-Polyetherimide-Ultem-/361579971996?var=&hash=item542fd8859c:m:mz7IzoSBPMJnxE_fjxdrxxg

Comments deleted.

Sick... Are these all the files or do I have to also get the parts from the chassis you uploaded? Also is there a list of hardware(screws, pulleys, gears, etc.)


The R18 comes with the all RS-LM files as standard because the Audi would not work without the chassis. The RS-LM chassis release is to showcase the chassis and for people who want to use it for their own RC projects with different bodies or whatever they might think up. Inside the download files there are three manuals. 2 of manuals include the entire parts list used. Later this week I will also be posting a link to an RC warehouse (TQRCRacing.com) which will have the kits listed on their website with an itemized list of the parts that are used in the RS-LM chassis as well as the RS-01 chassis. It's not the only place you can buy the parts, but it is one place where the list of required as well as alternative parts are available.

you have done tooo much work! it seems yoy spend a lot of hours,that is great!!!

I love doing this, it's all about detail. 1-month of work. Thanks!

Thanks man! and thanks for the previous comment, it came exactly at the right time.