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MPCNC - DWP611 Quick release adapter 525 Update

by WorkerDrone Jun 13, 2016
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MPCNC 525 - DWP611 WD Semi-Quick release adapter

After seeing this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1IArLSLxpk , I'm asking for feedback - should I remove these designs from view? I have not personally had any problems; but, would not want to put any design out that would cause a fire!!!

That's a terribly unfortunate situation for the person in the video. It certainly could have been catastrophic. However, these machines shouldn't be used without supervision. CERTAINLY not for long periods of un-monitored time! This is a potential issue with any mount. If it gets warm and loses grip, the router may certainly move. The fiber board material being cut is certainly prone to catching fire.

I would think that maybe updating the design a bit with better heat dissipation would be good. I say that without having any actual design experience or ideas on how to achieve that. :( Maybe adding a bottom piece that cups the router and also redirects the airflow from the bottom of the router would be good. That would also help with chips flying around. And possibly integrating an LED light ring?

I haven't started cutting with mine yet, I do have the router mounted though and it has a very tight grip.

I have printed this and have
It setup and working on my 23.5 (525). Thanks!

MPCNC 525 - DWP611 WD Semi-Quick release adapter

Awesome. I have been working on an updated version, albeit slowly :). Sneak peak if you would like - https://a360.co/2H07jkI
Thanks for the response. Always good to hear about so many people having fun with their MPCNC.
sHOUT out to Allted at https://www.v1engineering.com/

The sneak peek looks good. I am curious if you can curve the locking handle to hug the mount as the current dual latch setup hits my rail at the extents of travel, so hugging the mount when locked would be great!


I'll see what I can do. I printed out the parts for testing and will take a look. I'm also considering instead of using the cam-lock, maybe go with bolts and wing nuts. I have an idea where the bolts would replace the latches and then you could tighten the wing nuts up snug. This would give the clearance you are looking for and maybe be more secure. If you could draw out a sketch of how you would like the part curved I can make a version for your testing.

I would like to see the simple wing-nuts myself as I don't have a large amount of confidence in the latches that hang out. Anything could catch them and cause the mount to drop the router. That would also eliminate my desire to have a curved latch hugging the mount body anyway. :)

Anything that would make it more secure while still providing for easy removal of the router would be ideal. It would also be nice to see inserts that could hold a laser module, alternative routers, a tangential knife or a pen. I know I am getting carried away, but I certainly appreciate the design thus far and look forward to any improvements in safety. I appreciate your willingness to quickly address any particular issues. This is very helpful for someone like me who lacks design experience.


Today I found my router laying on the table after the cam pieces broke while I was out of town. Doh! It seems my router was clamped about as tight as ti could be but that was too much stress on the little dogbone pieces. :(

Maybe the first thing to mill would be some AL dogbone pieces... Also, PLA just might not be up to the task of holding the router. I have made some progress on reworking the quick connect. Your statement gives me an idea. I might rework the dogbone pieces into like m4 bolts with wingnuts to put pressure on the arm. Fix two problems. Could add some lock washers as well.

I'm all for whatever makes it strong and easy! I plan to print the tangential cutter mount that was made to fit in this quick release as well, so I definitely want to use the quick release capabilities. I can't wait to see the redesign!

Maybe something like this, roughly.

Absolutely. I did it with a tie wrap for now. :)

Comments deleted.

I just disassembled, got all the bearings/bolts removed and then reassembled the new middle today (I'd rigged something together in Tinkercad). I damaged one of my wires, so I'll need to recrimp it, but I should have it back together along with printing this version within a day or two to test it hopefully.

Simplify3D did something odd that I did not notice until I just went to put the mount on. It has the arms and the back of the mount as seperate objects. It doesn't spread the infill across them and instead does a perimeter around the arms and a perimeter around the part that connects to the machine mount. That results in a part that at first appears visually fine but pulls apart pretty easily since it was just two objects printed near each other rather than one solid contiguous object.

There was an error in the model I didn't catch, sorry. Hopefully I have fixed the issue and republished.
Version 2.

Printed the revised one with 85% infill, noticed some flexing with 55% (printed in ABS). I will be doing some cutting tomorrow, but I have everything on the machine and I moved it up and down several times without any part of the mount hitting. I had to find screws 20mm long to mount it with - any longer and they hit a bolt head, any shorter and they don't make it through both mounts and the nut.

that's good news, post a video when you get things working