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Cute Dragon - more easy printing

by Sebastian_v650 Jun 13, 2016
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someone is selling your design file on 3d export here: https://3dexport.com/3dmodel-cute-dragon-217786.htm

It's no longer available on there, so nice job reporting this!

You did a nice job.

I printed in many colors.

I want to print in Glow in the dark next. Then see if I can make it fire breathing.

keep up the nice work.

Thank You.

Sounds like your turning it in to a lighter!

Salut, je suis entrain de l'imprimer je pense qu'il sera bon :) merci du partage
Voici la bête ;) imprimer avec une Prusa MK3S remplissage 15% - Couche 0,10 - température buse 215° (pla) - Plateau 60° - Buse 0,4mm
2h30 d'impression

Hi. Why is mine not smooth? It looks like it was stitched. Is there a setting for that?

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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very nice, but only me slicer show a lot of error ? most of them in the support part....

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this will be my test print for everything. i have printed 4 things so far ant it was 4 times this cute dragon. i like this model

Thanks for sharing this little guy. I am not yet up to my own designs, so have downloaded this one and it looks to be a favourite with my wife's bridge club. To date I have printed him as is,50% increase, 75% increase and finally double sized. They all turned out great on my ANET A8 using CURA. Great supports! Of course quite a likeable design

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This is such a nice easy to print dragon! Thank you for the ready to go supports. They really work great to allow for a successful final object. I wish all object files came this way! Thank you for providing such a great file. It really was a LOT of fun to print, and finish with some paint. My daughter made the final touches of color to the white PLA.

Hi made a time laps of this dragon check out the time lapse
Link below


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I printed a layer of 0.25, the speed of 60. A little rough, but the printed for 1 hour and 10 minutes! The supports are perfectly separated without tools. Material: SBS Watson.

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I tried to print this on a monoprice mini similar printer (spidermaker) but kind of stopped when about to print the head. Any ideas. Was sliced with Cura.

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Printed this little guy on my Prusa MK3 using Matter Hakers PLA Build Series filament at 200um layer, 50mm/sec, 1:1 scale. 1hr 45min. The print came out great. I had to flame clean the support points to get rid of the white breakoff scabs.

Thanks! Great STL file!!!

We love this model so much! Our printer is basically printing little dragons all day long. Everyone that sees him wants one.
Love the supports.
Love the textures.
Love his toenails!
Hate that I am going broke just buying filament for all of these little dragons.

My wife is addicted to this little dragon!

Is it still difficult to print even after the changes?

I made one with this cute little dragon model! Stunning! Thanks to @Sebastian_v650 for this model!

You can visit my YouTube Channel for this print!


Good remix,it print perfectly at original scale. But i've tried at 200% scale and have an issue on the bottom . I have discover a slice that almost print in the air at the very beginning . So be carefull and check before printing.

I totally agree with your comment. The belly prints completely in the air. No support for this whatsoever.

Can you print it on sls and fdm if you wanted to?

It's intended to be used on standard FDM 3D printers. For SLS, I would suggest grabbing the orginal file without support as I don't know anything about SLS specific support structures expect they need specific ones.

Printed well on a da vinci jr. Supports were a little tight, but some patience and an exacto knife took care of that. Front, left foot came out a little messy on the bottom. Thought that the foot might have been raised up a little and in need of additional support, but I see from your description that you went out of your way to flatten it (probably just my printer).

Great job with the remix.

Printed on a Monoprice Mini V2. About 4.5 hours at 1:1 scale.

Great model! Manual supports worked perfectly.

Comments deleted.

Don't click, only advertisment for his video which has nothing todo at all with this print..

there is another version without supports

Remove the supports. Let the printer (user) make the decisions on where to include supports.

Try to read the description or some comments. This is a remix, if you don't need the built in supports then there is an easy solution ;)

No idea how you printed this model to make these supports easily tear off. The supports were built too close to the model such that they become part of the model and are incredibly difficult to remove. If possible, upload the version of the print without the supports so people can add their own.

Might be due to not perfect extruder calibration or some very sticky filament kind? Anyway, you can always download the original version. This is only a remix.

I printed one (PLA, Cura) without any issue. After removing carefully the supports, it looks really nice. Thanks!

Printed this baby dragon and it came out great!

Timelapse video of print: https://youtu.be/VSDOV1UvuQY

Thanks for a great model!

Cute dragon printed on India's first low cost 3d printer. Price starting at $190.


Our website : www.garuda3d.com


Printed perfect for me. I used to spend about as much time cleaning up the original as i did printing it. This is so much better! Thank you for posting this solution.

to those that don't like, the original and all the sanding, filing, picking awaits.

The first layers of the underbelly heading to link with the tail is unsupported when I slice this in Cura.

At .2 it appears at layer 6 just behind the belly supports, between the back legs.

Just enable supports for "Touching Buildplate".

The model sliced on simplify3d has gaps on the supports, i dont know if they will hold.

Is there a chance you could fix it?


A small gap between support and the model is intended. Also normal, non soluble support has a gap to the supported layer.

Sorry, but this is just bad modeling. A non support version should be here, and a note on the Thing Details about this. Smart slicer software like S3D picks up on this poor modeling and slices accordingly. It would be nice to have a version that allows the user to make support decisions rather than work around the currently poor rendering.

1) the original file has no built in supports. If you don't like it, just go there. Don't blame a remix that included supports for people not owning expensive slicers for having supports, that makes no sense.
2) the supports work well for most people as you can see in the makes section. Why do you thing this is a bad design or poor rendering? I don't want to say that this is better than s3d supports, but it's a nice minimal solution that works usually. Sorry if it doesn't work for you.

Funny how many people are so quick to criticize another when they clearly can not read themselves. If you don't like a remix then go the source and remix it for yourself. Or better yet recreate it yourself from scratch.

Acquired knowledge is a wonderful thing, how some use it not so much.

Hi Sebastian,

Just wanted to add my support [no pun intended] to your comments and model. You clearly sate that the remix is to address an number of issues one of which deals with supports, you are upfront with it being a remix and point those that don't like your to the original.

Thanks a lot for the time you put into this. And 'Dangerzone' maybe don't so confrontational, it seems you didn't read the thing details or you did and just ignored what they said anyway. Either way I think it would be fair to describe your comments as 'bad commenting'

I do 3D printing all over CT and this has become my test print of choice. I love it for testing and at the end of the day, I get to give away the cutest little dragon.

very cool and cute. We lost a wing on one print, but still love that one! :-). They look great in a bright red

currently printing. Looking good so far (70% complete) other than one of the supports has collapsed, but the stuff above the colapsed support has printed fine with no support, so I guess I got lucky on that one

I am new to 3D printing and I'm curious why there are no supports for the head/chin? From what little I know, it seems to me that they would be necessary. Can anyone explain, please?

The chin is quite steep, I guess around 45°. This is no problem at usual layer heights, especialy if the overhang is located on a medium convex radius like here.
As a rule of thumb, you have to support perimeters when there width is only supported by less than 1/3 to 1/2 by the previous layer. For example, a permiter line width of 0.5mm where only 0.17mm are printed on the previous layer is definitly critical. For average layer heights, this results in an angle of about 50-45°.

Yep! this came out Beautifully! Chin had no issue and supports came out without any problem! I'll try to figure out how to post a pic. Thanx!!!

I print this 2 times

Thanks, I dropped the infill to 5% and shell increased to 3. Came out great but some scary moments with the supports (my fault bed wasnt fixed tight) used a raft as first try wasnt sticking to the plate. Supports came away nicely and easy to trim and tidy afterwards.

I made one to but I don't know how to to make it smooth

Usualy 95% of the support should come off using pliers, fine tuning is done by an exacto knife.

I am in mobile right now, but i made this...and also painted...if you scroll to the right you will see the finished product i love it.. https://www.instagram.com/p/BSh-hJQDeDP/

everyone has troubles with the cura. (a lot of problems.) I use a Tevo Tarantula with 3 mods and its perfect. search up a review and you'll probably find the one I'm telling you about

No go.
I sliced it with Cura 2.4
The supports are so tiny that they get messed up in the print. The model prints on it's own (kinda). It would be best to have a model without the supports provided. I see that someone supplied a link for it. I will try that.

I've printed this multiple times from Cura with no issues. I've done the original size as well as 1.5x and 2x

My favorite model so far!

The original model I used for this remix is support free.

This is a really cool little figure. The included build supports work great!

Comments deleted.

Spam. Not even this model was shown.

I printed it in glow-in-the-dark PLA on my Makerbot Replicator with no trouble at all! It turned out brilliantly and now adorns my daughter's night stand where she can see it after lights-out. :) Thank you!

Comments deleted.

I've had nothing but issues trying to print this one, just little imperfections - seems I wasn't as lucky as some of the others! If anyone else has the same issues pull the original up in slic3r and let it auto add supports, printed like a charm.

Same here, I'll also try the original with slic3r supports next.

With manual supports you have to adjust the gaps to the layer height etc you are using. Maybe you are using Material or other settings that are too far away from mine.There is a reason why each printer uses other slicer settings, so this model should fit a lot of printers (as you can see in the Made section), but not everyone.

I totally get that, but that's why I offered my suggestions :) I couldn't get it to come out good on 2 separate printers. That's just me though!

Just wonderful work!
The supports works just great!

Can you make one without supports?

Please see my answer 2 posts lower. You can use the original file, just cut of the first 0.5mm or so with your slicer so it has a good contact surface to the print bed.

I really wanted to make this little guy really really big (325%), but when I scale him up the supports no longer work. Is there any way you can post a file of the little guy without supports?

You might have a look at the original thing I used for this remix:

It's without supports, just be aware that the lower side of this one is not flat so it will not stick well on the print bed. Just cut of a tiny little bit so it has a nice contact surface.

cute dragon
by bs3

I used Purple PLA - came out brilliantly!! Thanks

Thank you, the supports were great and the model came out flawless! No issues with Simplify3D.

Very good improvement over the original. I found the supports to be a bit too difficult to remove; especially the bottom-center one and the part below the right wing.

It depends on the filmanet type you are using and your print settings how easy the support can be removed. I basicaly used the default settings from Meshmixer which are working well for me.
I'm using PLA - especialy make sure your flow rate is perfectly calibrated.

@RubyPrint: If somebody doesn't like the supports, just take the original file. Not everyone wants or can use the somewhat expensive S3D. The model prints just fine with Slic3r.

I didn't bother printing it until I ran netfab on this part like 5 times. Wasn't fixed until I did an extensive repair. I could see missing layers in the supports. Please remove them from the package, it was a worthless attempt at helping for advanced users. S3D does just fine for supports. Unfortunately its too late for me to remove them, I have two of these printing already.


Thank you for your remixing.
I will use your model and know-how as a reference.