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Iron Man MK6 MK 6 Glove Hand with repulsor

by DaDave Jun 13, 2016
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What are the settings I should use?

Hello! Why need holes on finger? When I put finger model in slicer holes not see, but when I slice model for printing they appear.

Hi DaDave,

As a followup on previous comments, there does indeed seem to be an issue with one of the files. It seems the "Iron_Man_Hand" file has errors, which makes it impossible to modify and slice.
I assume any successful make has been using the "teil1" and "teil2" files rather than printing the full hand in one piece.

I would personally like to try and print it in one piece and possibly limit the support, so any update to the "Hand" file would be great.

I uploaded a new hand as stl. It is made of the two single parts. If I tried to repair the other one there were always failures like the complete hand was filled up.
So I hope this new one will help you out and there wont be any more failures in it.

Thank you for the effort. However, it seems this new file has some stitching issues between the two parts, where it results in these random triangle holes. Any chance of a new file without this defect?

I will try to check it soon.
Because when i just watch it, and that is all I can do at work, I cant see any issues. I will check it at home again.

how do i convert .obj to .stl file?

In Cura you can print obj and stp files. but however i uploadeda new hand as stl file.
hope this might help you.

im using print 3d on windows 10 and im wondering how to mirror the files

I could not find a Mirror function on the windows 10 Software for printing. There are serveral freewaretools you can use to mirror parts. I use Meshmixer to cut and mirror parts before slicing. You could also use another slicer. There are a lot of freewares.

the files are not working

Hello coolspencer1,

well if you could tell me what your problem is, it might be possible that I can help you. As you can see there are people who already made a glove so it seem to work.


When I went to print this It only printed the supports nothing else how can I fix this?

You are the first one having this problem. Maybe try to print the glove from my suit. It is similar.
If this doesnt work, just contact me and i will have a look at the glove.

what size is the hand hole

how did you join the fingers?

I glued them on a glove.

What type of glue did you use? Also, how has it held up after wearing the glove?

Thanks bro keep up this awesome work;)

Hello , should I mirroring the fingers to have both left and right , or I can just print them as you uploaded for both hands?

Mirroring. Or you will have problems with zu thumb

do I need to just mirror the thumb ? are the fingers ok for both hands or must I mirror them too ?

All others can be used for both hands.

Thank you for this! I am encountering some problems though where there is holes in the models because some walls are thinner than it is possible to print. Is there any way to solve this easily?

Hey Railon,

maybe you can show me where, because the "inspector" plugin of meshmixer does not recognize any faiulures and as you can see I printed it. Thanks for you help.

Hi there, how would you recommend combining the two parts of the glove together? I was thinking of a small hinge mechanism but any suggestions besides that?

A pretty small hinge would ne possible. You could also use small magnets.
I used a flexible strap to slip in. I glued both parts on the strap, but this is not the most accurate version.

how do i need to print this dose it need supports thanks

Glove and fingers need support.
I printed with 0.2mm layer, 1.2 walls, 20%infill

I don't know where the 'hand_teil1' and the' hand_teil2' fits on the hand? I can just print the 'Iron_Man_Hand' and the fingers?

I cuttet it into 2 parts so that you can easier put your hand into it. The second part is not needed. Just for the Optic.

I printed off the Iron_Man_Hand.ob version and I'm noticing that its being filled in a honeycomb style, is that suppose to be filled in or hollow?

Filling it makes it more stable. But if you print at least 0.8 walls, I think it is stable enought however you print it. With honeycomb infill or without.

I am used to inventor anyone know how to make these .Iam files I don't have studio max

what is

Dimension: 12.6 ✕ 8.0 ✕ 13.0 cm

hand_teil2.obj hand_teil1.obj
Dimension: 13.2 ✕ 12.6 ✕ 7.0 cm and Dimension: 10.3 ✕ 7.7 ✕ 4.5 cm
$12.76 $3.16

any idae why it is so much more expensive


Thanks for providing this file. How do I mirror the left hand?

Hi solochaser,

it does not matter which plane you use to mirror the Hand. you can mirror it at the xy-, the xz-, or the yz-plane.
I use cura as slicer. there it is really simple to mirror.
If you got any questions, just massage me.

Hi! Does it need the black piece of cloth to move the fingers without falling?? Thank you for the model :)

I just used the black glove while I worked at the hand. But in case you need a glove under the Hand to glue the fingers on. On the last picture you can see a red glove below the finished hand.

Comments deleted.

hi, sorry to bother you, but do both of the palm/hand prints go together or is it one if you want light and one if you don't?

also does anyone have a link to the type of LEDs used? or a name for the type?

I hope I got you right.
I took "transparent" material for the palm / the repulsor to let it glow. If you have "natural" PLA you can also print it out of this (it is nearly the same). If you print it in not transparent it is more difficult to let it glow. That is the reason why I made the hand out of colored and the repulsor out of transparent PLA.

The LEDs I used:
Just simple 5mm LED White at 3,2V and I think 20mA (4x) for the outer circle (you will find billions of it on serveral shops)
G4 12V 2W Power COB SMD LED for the Center (I bought them on an auction house on the Internet ;-), but you will find them in many electronuc shops)

Thank you so much! Keep up the awesome work!

Do you have the plans for the fingers?

I will remix the fingers as fast as I find the time to do.
But it may take some weeks till I have enough time.

Thank you very much, this will make my WarMachine cosplay way easier to build