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Hesine M-505, Anet A8 - Center Nozzle Fan

by Arjjck Jun 13, 2016
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Doh mine come unstuck on the heat bed at about 27% cancelled job.

Anet A8
Bed: 50oc
Head: 200%
Factory bed/plate tape

Très jolie pièce, mais comment pouvons nous enlever les supports intérieurs qui gênent l'écoulement de l'air ? Merci.

What an excellent and well designed attachment - works very well indeed - thank you.

Excellent thing - my respect! It will be among the parts I'll give my friends if they're allowed to have 3D printers, too ;-)

Good fan duct. Mine had thin walls using .4mm, had to use a soldering iron to close the holes. This was probably due to my bad setting and not the design. Getting better prints now.

Great design, however my printer made small dots of PLA in each hole. Looking at the pictures, it does not seem normal.
I took model V2, any idea why it happened ?

Hey Arjjck!
This is a superb design and I would love to use it, BUT... my hot end has the cables going to the back, not the right as on your picture. I printed your fan duct, but it started to bend as the hot end is too close when the cable is going to the back.
Could you make a version that is a bit more off-centered to accommodate this orientation?
I'd love to use it, but after a few prints, it starts hitting the printed object as it curls down :( I even tried to stick kapton tape over it, but it doesn't help much...

This was my first functional print and it was perfect! Great design, fitment and functionality so thank you for sharing...

Fit on my M505 with no modifications. Sends a blast of air for sure. Thank you for sharing.

Hi Guys
Im new to this 3d printing, could you tell me if this will fit my p802ma peprap prusa i3,
as I have no idea at all,

Great design! For anyone reading this that also encountered a high pitched sound, clipping of the top mm or two from the part that goes into the fan gets rid of the noise. I suspect the fins where hitting the inserted part.

The printing worked out fine and it fitted perfect to the nozzle fan on my Anet A8 printer, but while it is pretty big it hit one of my projects and it got of. Nothing was damaged, but after this accident I decided to use a different nozzle fan. Thanks anyway for the great design.

Hello !

Due to the principle of layer printing, I am curious to know what was the particularity of your model which made that the fan of the nozzle hits the model ... Is it due to a bad placement of the fan of the nozzle who was not parallel to the bed? Or perhaps a bad impression of the fan of the nozzle that was not perpendicular? Or really a design flaw?

I think we should question the cause, because it could pose other problems later with other models if you do not find the real cause of the problem ...

Please share your experience for a better future design! :)

Have a good day !

For use with the e3d + Volcano print at a z scale of 117.2% :-).


The design is great and work perfect. It improved a lot my prints

I only have one problem with the coupling between the fan duct and the blower. It tent to loose. is there any chance to change the coupling with one like the one on this design https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1954001

thanks a lot!!!!


Semi-Circular Anet A8 Fan Duct
by lokster

Hello Marco,

Do you mean "change the insertion system" when you say about "change the coupling" ? (Sorry, english is not my mother language)

If you have problems to insert the nozzle fan, you perhaps should try two things :

  • some sand papper to gently erase imperfections.
  • reprint the model using the first one you printed... (not a good idea if you are unable to fit the fan...)

It is not a big deal to mix the two models... but without initial models, it will take time to retro-concepting models...

I really liked your model. Can I make changes with reference to you?
Want to make different holes and add adjustment vertically.
PS I'm sorry. I did it. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2643050

Upgrade for "Hesine M-505, Anet A8 - Center Nozzle Fan" w v/ajustments

Just printed. Perfect fit. Thank you!

does it improve the printing?

Hi, i planned to print your amazing piece but what type of fan is it ?

Looks like it could be a 50mm radial fan. (Quite common for many fan duct designs)

Just printed this and will say that it is great. Used the semi circular before this as i was told that it performed better but on my printer it surely does not. Amazed how well the air pushes out of this

Printed With ABS @ 0.2mm

No, it is too short.

I printed mine and I guess it printed backwards because one side is much closer (almost touching) the print head. Any thoughts?


probably should not have holes directly where the air leaves the fan this will get you an overall higher air pressure on the backside

Best design I've seen.still a rookie with an Anet A8 but this design helped me out a lot. Thank You.

It just went down during a print and was merged into the printed object :D
Maybe the "Plug and Play" design needs a little improvement to fix it somewhere so it can not fall off suddenly.

i just use a little bit of tape to hold it in place, has worked all the time for me

I found the same it is a little lose.

Can't blame the design because the stock one jiggles too as I found.

However, if maybe it is just a tiny bit thicker it would be a tighter fit.

Friggin awesome design. However, like the original shroud, it makes the fan squeal like an air raid siren. I ended up clipping the left wall off of the part that goes into the fan and it significantly reduced the noise, as well as improved airflow.

Any chance you could incorporate an LED ring into this?

Can someone explain to me how this is supposed to work? I "inherited" an Anet A8 with this part already installed. My common sense tells me, that this part shouldn't really work. Simple scenario: have two people try to blow out a candle from opposing (180deg) directions. The wind from blowing cancels each other out (if both blow about equally, at equal distance away), and the candle doesn't go out. Remove a person, and it works perfectly. Thus, blowing cold air should really happen from one side only. Since I've never been able to try that out with my printer, does that cause issues with the hot filament being blown all over? (BTW, the ring works well when air is sucked out of it, as that creates a vacuum in the middle which is always unstable and ends up sucking the particles out of the way, which is why it works on a CNC machine)

It works because you're applying something that is true (to blow out a candle, you need to push the flame away from the wick, which you can't do it something else is pushing back) to a situation in which it does not apply.

In the case of cooling, what you want is air to pass on/over/around your part, you don't need the part to move... in the case of this duct, what you have is a bunch of ducts pointing down-ish towards a spot. the air won't cross-flow since air of coming from around the direction it's being pushed towards (i.e. towards another duct outlet, although since they kind of point downwards, they aren't truly facing each other) but the air has a ton of places to go, around the part and down for one, and up around the extruder nozzle too.

the air might not be able to move in one specific direction, but it'll move everywhere (except towards those outlets) and that is good enough to cool a part. Especially if you want to cool the front AND the back AND the sides, depending on which way the extruder is leaving the hot plastic.

one a little side note: since there's so much resistance for the air to reach the far side of the ring, it becomes very directional again. So you may as well just blow all the air from one side again. Any one with practical experience?

I put my hand under the ring and I felt fairly even airflow from the whole thing coming downward. I'd say it worked as intended.

Can you use this with an auto bed level

I made one and it required a bit of filing in order to get it to fit but probably less than 0.2mm. Now it fits great.

I would like to know please :
1- what shell thickness should i use ?
2- what is the difference between fan v1 and fan v2 ?

fan v2 has a lower angle on the back, basically the overhang is smaller making printing it easier.

Does it fit to the Anet A6?

No it doesn't fit

Made one and it works well with my a8

The v2 works good! Maybe a bit TOO good. Drops my nozzle temps about -20 Celsius (want to keep the nozzle around 223, it is 203 when the fan kicks on). All wires are solidly plugged in, anyone else have this issue?!

Go into your slicer settings and decrease fan percent for the print or you can do it manually on the printer during the print.

I printed this as my first successful print. Tried using it but I noticed my extruder temp would drop down to about 150 degrees. Is there something I have wrong with this?

I recommend taking a look at the "Tuning your heater using PID Auto Tune" instructions on this page: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1620630/#comments.

I'm a newbie and I'm only just now printing a new fan so I'm not sure the "tuning" works, but I thought I'd mention it.

Hesine M-505, Anet A8 - Center Nozzle Fan
by Arjjck

Fits perfectly with my Anet A8. Thanks!

This was my second ever 3D print. No problems at all. It's a little bit of a tight fit to get it in the fan cover, but it does go. Better a slightly tight fit than a loose one that falls out. :)

What kind of plate adhesion should I use for this?

hello Jacob, I used kapton tape for the bed, and bed temp 60 C, and print temp 205 C for PLA material it's working fine

I have Anet A8 (bought Mar-2017) and printed part does not fit on the fan hole. My fan hole is 17x12,5mm but printed nozzle is 16,5x13mm so it does not fit. I checked dimensions on the models vs printed and seems OK. Maybe our fans are a little different....
I lost time and material but we are learning so don't worry ;)

I had an issue like this, but i just had to reverse the print job, and it printed perfect and fit... as the tube was a little off set the wrong side.

Mine won't fit through the fan hole..

Interesting part, I'll be printing ones on a Formlabs resin printer when I get time on the machine, using transparent resin.

On my anet a8 this piece is scraping the print and making wierd noise when bumping.

Just a guess, but you maybe able to solve this by lowering the nozzle in relation to the fan by threading it out of the extruder a bit, and then raising the z axis height of the extruder.

Mine acutally printed in reverse. with the connector on the right instead of the left, any idea why?

actually, i see now that it is centred for the nozzle rather than the metal block. sorry. This is an amazing fan btw

brilliant made! Works and fits perfectly! thank you very much

Thanks,Printed perfect and seems to work perfect,,Thanks!

had to cut of one half of because of the heat it deformed and crushed my print.

take care and maybe use this instead http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1954001

Semi-Circular Anet A8 Fan Duct
by lokster

Will this nozzle fit on a Anet a6 printer

Why does this say "Centered" when it's left-shifted like all the old Anet nozzles? Label this noise correctly! Some of us have blowers in the correct position. The last one I looked at that said "centered" was right-shifted. WTF people?

it's centered for the nozzle, and not the fan outlet/ exit, this fits perfectly round the nozzle with the nozzle centered, that's why it's left shifted

You're a bit of an ungrateful little pup. Maybe you should make your own design.

im making a remix of this to my 3d printer (custom).
what is the recomended distance between the tip of the nozle and the bottom of the fan duct?

btw i use version 2.

for the few of us with the warping, perhaps if there was a sort of spine/ridge along the top of the ring that ran back to the rectangular duct? and also perhaps either have no gap or have the gap opposite the duct.

If I print this with ABS, will it melt when I print more with ABS?

doubt it, primary heat source would be from radiation/convection from the hotend. ABS has a higher tol than PLA..

PRINT THIS IN ABS! I printed my first one in PLA and on the next print, it melted and I could not finish the print. I had to restart everything. PRINT THIS IN ABS!

mine is doing fine in PLA

Comments deleted.

Scusate ma che ventola avete accoppiato? e che supporto ventola avete stampato?potete indicare il link di dove prendere la ventola ?grazie

Parla in inglese! (a meno che tu sia un terrone, e quindi è già tanto che tu sappia l'italiano).

Good job ^^ Thanks !

Forgive my ignorance -- what fan is this attached to (not an A8 owner, considering adapting). Thanks!

it fits on the fan that looks like a car turbo

there is a second fan on the print head, a snailshell shaped squirrel cage type for cooling the filament as it exits the extruder.

Comments deleted.

I printed mine but it has small holes in the thinner walls how can I fix that?

Hey, i experienced the same with the new Cura version. i have set a wall with 1.2mm thickness with a 0.4mm nozzle on my A8 - when i change the wall size to 0.39 it works fine for me.. maybe a little workaround but i will try to fix this in a while!

I found the problem, CURAs default PLA settings use a 2.75mm Filament but mine is 1.75mm so I changed it in the CURA settings and now it should work.

I had the same problem CURA set it on 2.80mm, I set it to 1.75mm it's working great now

Good find. I never even thought of editing the settings in Cura.

Comments deleted.

Just made the v2 one, works great and is a tight fit on the fan. Looks a little more chunky though, be warned ;)

Tip: print it in ABS because if you use PLA, when print ABS and your hotbed is at 90-100 °C, it will bend and touch the bed (ask me how I know...)

not entirely true statement :) What i mean is, when you print ABS - you dont need to cool the object so you just take the nozzle off while doing ABS.

You're right :) But for peace of mind, once you have printed it in ABS you can leave it always mounted :D

Just printing this on my A8 now :D Will share when done :) Thanks :)

I got myself an Anet A6 and i wanted to ask if the duct fits on this printer as well.

I would like to know this myself! I have an A6 as well and I'm very interested in this. Hopefully someone has tried it!

If my Printer arrives it will be the first thing i'm trying out. I will tell you if it fits or not.

That would be grand! Thank you!

improves print quality by a lot and fits perfectly
the only downside is that you cant see the nozzle printing...

so definitly a thumbs up!

Super design and function! There is only one drawback: The center nozzle obstructs most of the view to the printing object.

Yeah...downside of a cooling ring...I am printing in ABS now...so I don't even use cooling on my extruder...ABS is supposed to stay warm all the way up