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by HarlanDMii Jan 18, 2012
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Hello! I am having trouble installing write.scad. I tried to download it and add it to the openSCAD libraries file, and have included the use command, but it keeps showing "Can't open library "write.scad". Thanks for any help!

The libraries folder in MyDocuments folder on my computer does not work.
If I put it in the libraries folder in the openscad installation folder, it works fine..
That folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenSCAD\libraries
You can also put it in the same folder as your .scad file if you prefer

Thank you! By any chance, do you know any good TTF to DXF converters? I am trying to make dice with the Elder Futhark runes on them but I haven't found a DXF font, only TTF. Thanks again!

Hi, thanks for this tool!! Do you know if there is a way to add forms intead of letters? I mean like flowers or different patterns? Thanks!!

When I use your TestWriteCylinder.scad and try to move the x axis by 10, all of the texts don't seem to move properly. For example, on the "rotate = 30,east = 90", the text doesn't seem to move correctly. Some of the text does move properly, but not all. I commented out all of the text except the "rotate = 30,east = 90" to isolate the issue. Am I doing something wrong?? I tried it with the version of write.scad that has the BOLD capability and the one without. Here is my changes to the code without the comments

use write.scad // This does have the <> around the write.scad, but it wasn't showing up in the preview text for the comment. I added a screen shot from OpenScad if that helps.

writecylinder("rotate = 30,east = 90",[10,0,0],20,40,space=1.2,rotate=30,east=90);

Love the code. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Thank you. just started building with OpenSCAD and this just saved me countless hours. Well done.

:) Thanks! I actually learned to use openscad by making this. I had some time waiting for my makerbot replicator 1 dual to come in. I ordered it right when they first put them on their website. I had to wait 3 months, but I ended up with one of the first ones :) !!

I'm not an expert with Openscad. Is it possible to make the letters separate "elements"? I have a dual extruder printer and would love to print the body in one color and the trim/letters in a contrasting color without stopping the print.

Place the letters where you want them on the object, then comment out the letters. Make the first STL with just the object. Then comment out the object, and let just the letters show and make your second STL. Then when you load it in makerware (or whatever you are using) load one stl for the right and the other for the left extruders

Excellent lib! I'm using it to write on the inside of a sphere with negative radius for my iPad-mini-stand: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1965356

iPad Mini Stand

Thanks for producing and distributing this. Top Job

Just a note on using bold, make sure you are using the latest Write.scad, there are two files of the same name and one get's altered if you download all thing files at once.

***How can I change "the" font size?

For example:
writesphere(LetteringText, [0, 0, 0], 10, t = 2.5, h = 5, rounded = true, font = "orbitron.dxf");
h = character height
t = character thickness

how can I change font the size(without making new one)?

Any plans for supporting unicode characters? Ie. Other languages other than just English?

never mind. I figured out how to use the new native text support that OpenSCAD now has that does support unicode. Thanks though.

Can you help me with that? Is there an update somewhere? I'd like to use a font from my system fonts.


Check out the scad file on my project thing Esperanto Skrablo Tegoletojn. I havn't looked at it much since then, but you can see how i did it. I think you can tell it to use a specific font if I'm not mistaken. I just needed it to display non-english characters for mine.

Esperanto Skrablo Tegoletojn
by BioLumo
Comments deleted.

Hey, great tool. Just wanted to ask if there is any "Stencil" font I can use on thingiverse? I want to have letters all the way through a cover plate - with the fonts I see here this will not work properly, since for example the "O" will only be a hole.

This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing it.

Can't get the numbers to print - have read through the comments and believe I've followed the steps to get everything in the same folder as instructed. Did you see numbers on the blocks in OpenScad? Trying to figure out where I'm missing something.

You'd have to be a little more specific on what you problem is and what you are doing exactly. Did you use the Test programs that show you how to use the write module? For example, open up TestWrite.scad or TestWriteCube.scad and hit F5 to preview one of those. If you have everything present (i.e. write.scad and Letters.dxf) in the same directory, those test programs will show you lettering on the screen.

Can you write at a particular latitude on a sphere, so for example supplying 0 will be the usual text around the middle (equator), 90 degrees will be the same as writecircle() - albeit on a potentially infinitesimal circle.

Thanks for sharing your know how!
it is a very powerful tool for a beginner like myself!
a wonderful tool and works great!


Hello. I am glad to find this.. it works as a charm.
A little question... trying to add new font's.
using a small bat program that converts ttf to dxf.
i can add it and soo on.. even works.... but just one problem.. its huge as a monster... even if i use Text_Size =1

It must be atleast 500 times bigger then using the other already added font's.

Hopefully you can give me a hint on the problem.

Thx alot for this.

Hmmm.. I really haven't ever worked with true type font files, so I'm not sure how they are scaled. If they are based on inches, then divide each point by 24.5 to convert to mm. In windows, sizes are often given in twips. If this is the case, divide the values by 57 for a close approximation. I'll look around to see what I can find.

Thx alot for the help.. Ill be glad if you can add more font's coz you know how to do it.
I like this alot and many thx to you.

Comments deleted.

How I type PRODUÇÃO using Write.scad?

I am starting out with SCAD and have already gotten to the point where I have been able to implement text into my thing (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:778552). However, the text appears very small on my object.

Is there any way to make the text any bigger so that it can be more visible on my object?

Chopstick Carrying Case

Hi there :)
The easiest way is add h=10 for 10 mm or h=20 for 20mm. (height of the font in mm)
t=10 will make the text stick out of the model 5mm (5 inside and 5 outside)
write("hello world",h=10);

The new text() option in the new release of OpenScad on windows 201503 gives the opportunity to enable a lot of ttf fonts with all the characters available. Need to rewrite this thing? ;-) Greetz, Xiao Shi Zi

Yep!!! It's pretty sweet. I've been playing with it a little. Maybe a wrapper that incorporates the new features.

When using text() also use linear_extrude example (wobbly)
Download the wobblybody.stl (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:645367) and import to openscad
In openscad do

translate ([135,-124,0])
color("green")rotate([0,90,0])translate([-25, -17,-0.5])rotate([0,0,90]) linear_extrude(height=1, convexity=4) text("YourTextHere",10,font="Aparajita:style=Bold Italic");

Export STL
and ready to print. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:735843

Wobbly 2
Wobbly Nametagged now also available with other language characters

Thx romankornfeld. as of openscad version 2015.03, at least on windows, you can immediately start using the text() function.
I still have to check for the write on sphere and other surfaces.
Greetz, XiaoShiZi.

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but try this:

translate([0,0,0]) sphere(r=55);

Looks ok, right? Note the text hugs the skin of the sphere.

Now try this:

translate([0,0,10]) sphere(r=55);

Still good. Now try this:
translate([10,0,0]) sphere(r=55);

Look "behind" the text. There is a gap on any X and/or Y translation. Am I doing something wrong?

I'll take a look at it... for now, try

translate([10,0,0]) {

Yup I had figured that out. Thanks! Works great and I mentioned this lib in OpenSCAD for 3D Printing.

I can't seem to get the bold function to work in the writecircle module. Any ideas what I am doing wrong here?

translate([0,0,1.5])writecircle("-TEMP-",[0,0,0],(radius+9),h=7.5, font="orbitron.dxf",bold=3, t=2,space=1.45);

When I tried your example, with (radius+9), it skipped the radius.. when I tried
writecircle("-TEMP-",[0,0,0],10,h=7.5, font="orbitron.dxf",bold=3, t=2,space=1.45);
I worked just fine.
Are you using the word radius as a variable?

The bold function also doesnt seem to work for me this is what im trying:
use <write/Write.scad>

writecircle(text="test", font="letters.dxf",bold=5, where=[0,0,3], t=1, h=5, radius=15, space=1.2);

Any ideas?

I'm newer on the community. I use the OpenScad version 2014.03.
I downloaded your module. Thanks for that it's fun.
Now I have some troubles when I had wanted test the module in using your example described on the "Instructions" section. Often the text does not follow the forms (for a same shifting); it is not correctly moved.
I fixed the issues in my side. By personal message, I can send you my version, you are certainly interested to have a look.

I think this is the same problem I mentioned above (today). Everything works at the origin or with Z translation, but any X and Y translation does not work. I'd be interested in your fixes since I was going to dig into it myself. Actually, cube doesn't work even at the origin unless the cube is centered. If the cube is centered it works fine.

Make a Bold option please!

Added bold option. I will try to improve the speed first chance I get, but seems to work pretty well as is

Bold options need to be added! Many printers are not capable of printing with fonts so thinly featured. Perhaps add another parameter to the module called "style." Examples: style=bold or style=italic

I was looking through some new commands on OpenScad to see if there were any promising new features that would make it smooth and easy. It looks like offset() is exactly what I need to make it happen... Unfortunately, That command is only available on the beta release of openscad. It looks like that version might also be released with its own text functions built in too!! We'll have to see what Marius Kintel does with it :)

Do you have any idea when that be released?

While you're waiting:
use <write\write.scad>
minkowski() {

minkowski did a surprisingly well !!. I used cube instead of cylinder to keep the number of faces to a reasonable level, but still be careful with very long strings.. Things can get real slow real quick.
just add bold=1 (or some number between .1 and 10) to make text bolder
write("Hello world",bold=1)
writesphere("Hello World",[15,15,15],12,bold=.5);

Oh yea, bold=0 is the default value
Not required if your not making text bold

I sent a github pull request for a (mostly harmless) off-by-one error in the write() module. I'd also be interested in any feedback about making my work-in-progress font at https://github.com/beanz/celtic-knot-scad/blob/font/celtic-knot-font-example.scadhttps://github.com/beanz/celti... easier for users to work with.

Oh, the GitHub version is not the canonical one, I just mirror the Thingiverse releases there so I can easily integrate them into my things.
Nevertheless, HarlanDMii, you most probably understand the code best, could you have a look if https://github.com/rohieb/Write.scad/pull/1/fileshttps://github.com/rohieb/Writ... makes sense to you?

The correction on the github sight is correct. Can't believe I hadn't noticed it. Thanks hindessm :)
The count loop starts at 0, so it should only count from 0 to Numberofletters -1

Hi! Thank you for putting this up here!
I have a quick question, is there any way to get the text to wrap around a cone-shaped object? Would I have to give the text a slant so that it stays parallel to the surface of the cone?
Also, how do you indent the text?
Thank you so much!

JUST USE DIFFERENCE;. it works as 3d, change the thickness using t variable here is demo:



writecylinder("middle = 8",[0,0,0],20,40,t=5,h=3,face="top",middle=8);


keyword emboss

Nice! One question: can you upload those .svg files to be able to add some missing characters to those fonts?
Like ç é à etc. Greatly done! Thx!

Not sure how I failed to include them in the later zip file, but the svg files for the fonts are included in the WriteScad_01_29_2012.zip file

Downloaded the knewave.ttf font and installed it. Opened inkscape created new layer, named it ç and put text ç with knewave font on it.
Created path of ç and saved it as dxf and svg.
So far ok. but now when I try to use it in openscad by write.scad I'm not succesfull.
Is this due to the UTF-8 format of the ç?
Greetz Xiao Shi Zi.

I have been trying to figure out why ç won't work. It looks like there is a problem in the way that python handles ascii codes. It will only work with ascii characters from 1 to 128.. I'll keep looking for a way around it.

Concerning python I've added the following in another programm to be able to use chinese text like my name ???.
My first two lines loke like:

!/usr/bin/env python

-- coding: iso-8859-15 --

Maybe I'm wrong but is Openscad writen in Python? IMHO this is an openscad problem.
Could be interesting to check
they have like a text module in Openscad including ttf or otf fonts. I wasn't succesfull to make it run on Ubuntu yet.
Hopefully you'll be succesfull soon ;-)

Xiao Shi Zi.

finally I posted a "working" version.

Thx HarlanDMii!

timelabEL timelab label 3 names nametag keychain.

Really nice script! I used it to design customizable rings for my Flash Drive Cryptex: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:184911http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...
I wouldn't have been able to realize it without your work. Thanks!

Flash Drive Cryptex - Combination Lock for your data

Eureka!! Your basics tutorial did it. It didn't work immediately as I managed to load two files twice somehow and my computer renamed letters, "letters2"! anyway I did figure that basic mistake out and renamed the file back to just "letters", it started working. I'm off and running. Thank you soooo much...

The other problem I have is following directions. I downloaded the wrong pdf. Just reread your comment to download the "getting started pdf. That looks like what I want. I'll get started after dinner. Thanks!!

Spent an hour on this and not getting anywhere. The problem is apparently I'm not understanding directories? I have the 2013 openscad, the write scad and letters.dxf file downloaded but they must be in different places and maybe that's why they are not working. If I click on the write program it opens in the openscad editor OK but nothing happens when I hit F5. If I open the dxf file openscad opens up and this appears in the editor: "import("C:/Users/Dave/Downloads/Letters(1).dxf"); " but if I hit f5 openscad closes claiming there is a problem?? Are these files supposed to open in the openscad editor?

Thank you for the reply. I have used openscad a lot for the last 2 months since I got my printer. Mostly I mimic and then change things to get what I want or to see what happens. After a couple of weeks I was writing my own openscad programs including my own tedious "rounding routine". It's the way some of us rednecks learn. Unfortunately it's not as efficient as actually "knowing" what your doing as a learning tool. My extent of using openscad is: downloaded it, learned to make boxes,sphere's,cylinders and modules, translate (that took a while), difference etc. - familiar with F5,F6 and saving .stl files. - wander around in the dark making things that turn out good in print but the code is long and tedious and is best kept hidden away from real programmers eyes! BUT I have no idea how to (for lack of a better word) "meld" other programs or files to openscad like write scad or some of the thread programs etc. If it was a piece of code I could place in my program I could figure out where to put it and place it in 3d.? I have been busy so I will try to re look at the directions later tonight and get back if it makes sense. I did search through the beginning online tutorials about openscad and must have missed the steps. A thing called "library's" was mentioned and I'm guessing that is what this is all about but I don't know how to get them connected to my program designs. If they were connected I probably have the juice to figure out how to use the commands.

Is there any tutorial for making this work? For instance "write scad for dummy's"? I use open scad in it's most basic form (cube, difference,translate, cylinder, F5, F6, "save as stl" etc) .but don't have a clue how to integrate this to my projects. I should say my file handling skills are right at the edge of marginal. The wrong edge. Do I some how open all these files and then what, paste them into the original openscad program? Or? what??
I downloaded the files listed here and tried just running them to see what happened but get error messages etc. Sorry to be so dumb but I need it in: download write .scad- when openscad opens- download XXX.dxf- copy xxx.dxf and paste it into write.scad. blah, blah, etc. I don't know what "in the same file" means.

Obviously my example above doesn't work but what does without having been through computer school? I do design things in openscad but do not understand "add on routines" or whatever they are called.

Download the Getting Started pdf from above (just added) for some very basic help

I'll create a step by step demo to help get you started.. Are you using PC or Mac?
Have you used OpenSCad?

To new Linux users: This script won't work 'out of the box' as Linux file naming (which OpenSCAD follows) is case sensitive. Therefore to use/include it, you will have to either rename the file Write.scad to write.scad, or change all the use/include statements to Write.scad. Until you do this you will get an error: "WARNING: Can't open 'use' file 'write.scad'."
Otherwise an awesome script!

Just added a new font for write.scad to thingiverse http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:101811http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

And another big thank you to HarlanDMii for write.scad!

Stencil font for write.scad

For those who rather like to work with Git than with Thingiverse, I am mirroring this thing on GitHub, so you can easily add it as a submodule to your Git-revisioned things: https://github.com/rohieb/Write.scadhttps://github.com/rohieb/Writ...

Thanks for this great module, HarlanDMii!

I love this but I'm having trouble with my font, Edwardian Script, in capitals. For some reason some letters (FGHIJV) aren't showing up. Any suggestions. I've uploaded the SVG and DXF to my collection if someone can take a look. Thanks.

Posted a response on you page

Is there any way to write the # sign in Braille?

I added the number sign to the original braille.dxf
download it here:

To all writing in OpenScad: I am looking for a font that has no closed perimeters in its characters.
Reason is that I want to write on one part and exclude from another part so when I merge parts, the text will fit into the hole. When closed perimeters (as in "o" or "B" are used, some parts will not be connected to the printed object.

Is there a font like that for use with "Write" plugin?

rgrds Thomas

Just uploaded a stencil based font, it should be able to hold the inside of the "letters" when printed large enough.

I added a help file for adding fonts. I havent had time to complete the trouble shooting section yet, but I will have it completed soon.

Thanks for that help section, it helped me a lot.

This is a great library. Has anyone created a stencil font for it yet?

Just saw the T=option to make it different thicknesses... my bad..

Great tool! Is there a way to change the depth of the letters? It seems locked to 1mm, and I would love to switch it to 2mm.

really cool. very good work.
i have used it already serveral times.

>Be glad to add more fonts if requested, or give details to make your own.
that would be nice if you tell how to create more fonts.
i would like to create symbole fonts.


Huge Whistle Collection (Full Audio Fun Set)
by nischi

Sorry about the slow reply, I have a major project that has taken a year to complete. I will get detailed instructions on creating fonts posted just as soon as possible.

In case you missed it, write.scad is included in http://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizerhttp://www.thingiverse.com/app... Thanks for making a great module. More instructions on making new fonts would be very nice.

How do I use it in the Customizer with my own design?


Write.scad use <write write.scad="">

Includes the following fonts:

See http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:46335http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... for an example of how to use write().</write>

Customizable USB stick and SD card holder

Note that for customiser it is case sensitive, must be

include <write write.scad=""></write>

How do you use writecircle to write text, right side up, on the bottom of the circle?

Awesome "thing" you've built! Will save me tons of time building neckerchief slides.

You mentioned that you could either add fonts upon request, or provide instructions on how to add a font. So ... I'm asking.

I'd like some generic monospaced font like Courier and I'd like Arial. I'd be happy to do it myself if you want to provide instructions, or you can do the font thing and
publish them.

One other feature that would help me, but probably isn't very "generic", would be an option to 'touch' the text. In other words, if you set the space to 0 for example, that might signal that each character should just touch the adjacent characters (so they form a continuous chain).
And maybe a negative value for space could indicate how much overlap you wanted.

  • Tex

Wow! We should merge our code! I got variable-width fonts working! (Mean OpenSCAD hack)


MakerBot Font (parametric and variable-width!)
by hotkey

Any way to get numbers to work?

this is great fun. however,

if I use this to write negative (difference the textblock with other shape) thaen some characters will leave unconnected parts.

Would it be possible to design a font that has no closed loops , to be used in {Difference} ??



I'm going to get great use out of your hard work :) thanks

TL:DR use module defaults it just works.

One thing I noticed is most of your examples have translates at the start and one inside your module declaration i.e. cube in your instructions....

From a user stand point I'd suggest looking at
the cube() etc defaults and adding your defaults to match so "this" could work....
writecube("text",size = 30); // or change size to cube

instead of...
(my working example of current module)
writecube("text",[0,0,0],size = 30);
(your example in pdf)

By change line 231(the writecube module declaration line) to...

module writecube(text = "Hello world" ,where = [0,0,0],size = 50){

You make "this" work...
writecube("text",size = 30);

With more consideration you could eliminate
the need to use "true" in the cube command to get the text lined up.

:) Thanks for the suggestions. I made this during the first week I was learning openscad, and havent had much time to update since. Hopefully can back to it soon and make the writecube a little more consistent.

This is positively bizarre, but the capitol A was the only letter not working for me. I looked at Write.scad and found a couple of extra spaces around "a", and when I deleted them, it now works perfectly. No idea why. I changed:

if ((word[r] == "a" )


if ((word[r]== "a")

:) Not sure what happened there?? Ill play around with it to see if I can repeat the problem. Thanks for the heads up.

Been messing with this for awhile on both Mac and PC.. The closest I can come to repeating it is from not having the font in the same folder the first time I run it. After that, anything I had already tried to write won't show up until I either re-start OpenSCad or flush the cashes. Wonder if this might be what happened???

The spaces in the script shouldn't make a difference.

This is probably the last update to write.scad for a little while. (unless anyone has some new ideas). Be sure to download the latest write.scad to get all the new commands. Everything that uses any of the old versions is still compatible with the newest one.

Very nice and useful script.

Is there a way to determine the length of the written text?

Something like getTextLength('MyText,h=10,t=4)

And it returns something like 62mm

Thank you

CharacterWidth =(.6875CharacterHeightspace);


Character height is givin in mm.. if not suplied, default value is 4mm
I estimated the character width based on its height. (.6875 of the height)
(space is a scale value to fudge the spacing.. default value is 1)

This help? I will write up a little better description if needed.

This value is calculated in the writesphere module. I could have it echo it in the console if it would help.



The test scripts are crashing for me when I try to render in the GUI. At the command line it gives me lots of warnings about unknown function "len" and eventually fails out on "Current top level object is not a 3D object.

AndyP said that he had to update to the latest version of Openscad before it would work on his. The version I am using was released December 2011 so it is a very new release.


Nice, I struggled to do something similiar and ended up using smallsidefont by br3bttr and integrating it into my scad code as a library. I"ll try yours as a comparison.

See thingiverse http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:15753http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... as an example of how I do it.

How does your text actually look when it is printed out?

Note: I had to update my version of OpenSCAD before some of the commands in write.scad would work.

Catapult with Text
by AndyP

If you have a chance to test the font on something you print before I get my printer, let me know how it does.

I updated the write.scad this afternoon.. Just replace the the old version with the new version. The usage is still exactly the same.

I havent received my printer yet so I havent had a chance to print. Im hoping to have it soon. I have only been using openscad now for 3 days. Im learning as I go. Some of the commands and lack of real variables is frustrating.I havent seen any documentation on the len command. It was a shot in the dark when I discovered it.

Awesome work! Thank you!!

Thanks. Hoping to have more options soon