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D20 Countdown die (dice holder)

by kittka Jun 6, 2016
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Can anybody tell me which are the measures for the diameter and depth of magnets in millimeters please?

best way to print this? (i putted it on the 20 but it seems its going good but here is malformation on 2 sides, 16 and 19)

So, what size is the magnets in human measurement? (metric)

Can anyone give me tips on how to cleanly paint the numbers?

Paint the numbers, let them dry thoroughly, then clean the outside with wet fine or extra fine Emery cloth.

Can you rotate the models so that they can actually be printed? It's pretty easy to rotate in 90 or 45 degree increments, but I cannot get the top or bottom piece to sit flush with the build plate because the models are rotated randomly.

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Hey, very cool design. Could you possibly rotate the models so that the openings are flush with the build plate. I can rotate it in cura, but even using 1 degree increments I can't get it perfectly flat on the ground so the first layer goes to crap.

I'm having this same issue, using XYZ printing software. I cannot for the life of me get it to rotate to a flat side on the print bed. Any suggestions?

In Cura 3.1, you can click the rotate icon in the black area on the left-hand side of the screen. Two other options will pop out beside it, and the one of right will lay the model flat on the build plate.

Can you link to magnets please. having hard time finding them...

Can you please correct the files so that the large holes are the correct size? The bottom one with the large holes is about 10% or so, undersized from the top.


I also notices they do not work together

Comments deleted.
Comments deleted.

Yea, should have checked back here: As the comment before me points out, the scaling doesn't not match for the Large Hole (top & bot) stl's. Magnets fit fine, but the top is larger and that also messes up the placement of the magnets. This time instead of thinking I enlarged the bot during rotation, I'll do a couple quick drafts of just a few layers.

The top and bottom are not the same size. Seems the top, needs to be sized down by 10 or 11% to fit, just be aware it doesn't come out of the download, ready to print. The numbers come out GREAT at .2 mm but if you want it to look even better, I'm sure they're sharper at .1 or .08125 -- Honestly messing around with in the slicer, I can't figure out why I'm the only person who has had to change anything before it goes to the printer.

Great Design!

I printed the bottom off and then the top. Looks like both lids are the same size file. Can you up load the smaller version?
Great job!!

Hey, great design, just looking for a little help. I printed "large holes" versions of top and bottom. They came out great, except 1/4 inch magnets don't fit in recessed holes in the bottom. The top is a perfect fit for 1/4 inch magnets. I've printed at both .3mm and .2mm resolution, with the same settings for both top and bottom each time. Any ideas? Thanks!

Looks like the large bot stl file was a mistake -- had the original hole size. I've updated with the larger (~7mm) diameter holes. Apologies!

I appreciate it! I worked in Tinkercad last night to hack together an enlargement to that size, and seems to have printed well, but always better to have your originals. Great project, I have several friends clamoring for one now. :)

hey! rad build. Printed one myself that i'll upload to the 'made' category shortly. Just wondering: where did you get the magnets from?
Thanks and all the best.

K&J Magnetics is my source. Ridiculously cheap per unit prices, and no order minimum. The shipping cost, while fair, can still feel pricey if a small order is made), though that may motivate you to buy more.

most gaming stores carry a large variety of great neodymium magnets for miniature wargaming. these will be the strongest ones for the size found in stores

Hobby Lobby, or Micheals, or should carry a ton of magnets. :D

This is awesome! I absolutely love the design, and the practicality of being able to use it as a countdown die while holding dice! I printed one in ABS, and had quite a bit of difficulty getting the top part of the design to come off the bed of my printer, but the bottom portion came off just fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I use a putty knife to pry my prints off. be gentle though as you can scratch your bed or fling your print around your chamber

Wait for it to cool down completely, or if you have a removable bed place it in the freezer for a little bit. Other wise use a very thin object to slide around the edge slowly working way in until it pops off.

Wait for it to cool down completely, or if you have a removable bed place it in the freezer for a little bit. Other wise use a very thin object to slide around the edge slowly working way in until it pops off.