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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Foldable Brushed Microquad

by ulflindestrom Jun 2, 2016
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Sorry. The flight duration? Thank you.

Comments deleted.

Wondering what parts to use for a minimal and cost effective build, being without a camera just the bare minimum. Any suggestions? Thinking of using this kit: https://fpvheadquarters.com/products/3dfly-micro-quad-kit-frsky?variant=32731456331
but want to know exactly what else is needed for this build?!?!

Thanks for any help!

do you have any project of propellers of those dimensions suitable for engines like those in photos?

Many of these designs don't seem to have any kind of locking mechanism for the arms. Are they just held straight by the screw tightness?

Is soldering required for this project?

Definitely, if you use the parts list he recommends.

What sized screws did you use?

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How much did this cost you? Im trying to find a 3d printable drone under $40 CAD.

Ahahaha, I found it cheaper as I bought damaged Syma X5 for a 5pounds, stripped it and used all the parts (Flight Controller, LED's, motors :P) ..... lot cheaper :P plus I purchased propellers from MansWorld for 1.50 :P two sets (4CW + 4 CCW) :P
The only more expensive was micro FPV camera around 15pounds. But now I connected it to my FS gogles and it flies just awesome. I love this.
However if would the author share sketches or CAD files to make it easier to "upgrade", I was thinking to add self locking mechanism and change motor mounting holes to 7mm as the 7mm motors are very popular and little bit cheaper to buy.

I built mine so long ago that my price is irrelevant. If you start from scratch (don't have a radio) $40 won't be enough. I think it will be hard to get under $100 even if you buy the cheapest gear from China.

Including the camera transmitter and also can you make this display video on a smartphone?

There are some video receivers that you can use with android phones, haven't seen any for iphone

WOW great Design!
Im going to build my as soon as my parts arrived.

I was lucky and got up to 11% discount because it is bangood sale:


Thank you sooo much!

How much are the electronics combined?

The parts list on the details page is very old. Today parts for a complete brushed micro fpv quad can be sourced for around $50 (if you already have radio and goggles)

What are the dimensions for the camera mount area, I have a camera but idk if it will fit. Also, what receiver are you using, it didn't look like there was on in the picture where it showed the internals.

Anyone willing to print me one for a fee?

i will, send email to Ryanpivot@gmail.com

if you did do it that is illegal it clearly say non comercial uses

was wondering if you could make a follow-me camera drone? if so how if anyone can tell me.

very interested in this as well, or if the camera could understand simple hand gestures like hold here and watch me, or focus on something or move here while looking at me

How many grams have the frame?

The one in the picture is 55 grams without battery. So a fat little guy ;)

What is the total cost of a project like this?

Depends on what gear you already have and if you want to fly it FPV (with camera and goggles) or LOS (Line of sight)

For just the components seen? W/O The camera

Assuming you buy from china:
A brushed FC with a built in receiver is roughly $25
4 motors ~$15
4 props ~$2.5
5 1S 600mah batteries and a simple charger ~$25

Transmitters are ~$40 and up
FPV Goggles are ~$50 and up
FPV camera/Vtx AiO combo ~$25

I want to watch the demonstrate video!

Do you mean "how to build it" or "how it flies"? There's a video at the end of the details page

Cak someone give me a shopping list I want to meack this bronze but I don't know what to bay.

Sorry for the late reply. The easiest and probably cheapest right now would be to order a qx90 from banggood, fly it till the frame brakes and then move the electronics to this frame


Cak someone give me a shopping list I want to meack this bronze but I don't know what to bay.

I built this and it is awesome. I just tipped the publisher 5$ Since I can't buy him a pint in person. Thanks for helping me build something awesome! Will post a build after this post. Thanks, cheers!

Thank you so much! I'll make sure to use it for beer only :)

What parts did you use to meack the bronze

Comments deleted.

soo cool i would totally buy one if someone is willing to sell one

Wow, this is so cool! I'm definitely going to try this out. My only question is what did you use to allow the arms to fold in. I can see a little black screw-like thing. Is that just a regular screw? Thanks and again great work!

Thanks! Yeah, they're regular m3 screws

Thanks! Yeah, they're regular m3 screws

Sorry about all those posts! My browser glitched out...

Comments deleted.

Great work man,this is going to be a nice little build. I'm having trouble getting the area were the little holes on the camera mount are located to print clean. There is a lot of little gaps where the abs didn't fill in. Any suggestions as to how I can setup in Cura? Thanks again... Aaron M.

I'm no pro at 3D-printing and especially not the setting in Cura I'm afraid. If you have the possibility to visualize the generated gcode then check the layers and see if there's supposed to be filament extruded where you are missing it. If so then maybe you're using a too big retraction value?
Good luck!

What do you recommend to use when charging the battery?

Lipo batteries should always be charged with a lipo charger. If you have a proper one for larger batteries you might be able to use that (if you have the right battery leads and can change voltage/cellcount). I'm using a 1S charger I got with i toy quad I bought, It runs on USB. Can be very slow for larger batteries though. Something like the charger in this kit will do http://www.banggood.com/5x-Eachine-3_7v-500mah-Lipo-Battery-with-4-In-1-X4-Battery-Charger-p-1000435.html

Thanks so much for all your help and very detailed answers to my noobish questions. I'll let you know how the build goes!

No problem, glad to help :)
Looking forward to hear about your progress, good luck!


Thinking of buying this. Need your blessing on this one please! I have access to a spectrum radio. I also Printed out 2 of your awesome frames.

Great thanks! Are most flight controllers similar in how they work or compatible? physical Sizing I will figure out

yeah, just make sure it's brushed and it can run cleanflight/betaflight (easiest to find help). F3 boards are faster than F1 boards but I'm not sure it really matters on a brushed quad. If you don't want to solder than also make sure it has connectors for the motors. A built in USB port is nice as well.

I don't mind soldering. Thanks! Does the gyroscope on the board need to be dead center to the quad?

No, that's not necessary

Quick question. Does it matter what the orientation of the motors are? I know you have to alternate CW and CCW but I wan't sure if there was a specific way.

Sorry for the late reply.
Yes, which orientation motor goes were is very important. The motor layout can vary depending on firmware on your flight controller but it's usually CW at the rear right

I have mine assembled. I chose F3 Evo board, running Clean Flight. I have an issue, when trying to take off the quad wants to flip over. Motors and props are installed correctly. I don't have any flight mode enabled and I have stock PIDs. I have a TBS discovery with Naza V2 so this tuning of the micro quad is new to me. Anyone know WTF?

Just to make sure, you're not using the same motor layout as you do with naza right? If you do then there's your problem, should be M1 = RR (CW), M2 = FR (CCW), M3 = RL (CCW), M4 = FL (CW). And brushed motors for these little quads usually come in a CW and CCW version, make sure you have the right motor in the right place or else you'll wear it out more quickly

No i'm not using the same layout. I matched the motor positions and props correctly as shown in Clean Flight X configuration. I was just saying that setup with Naza seemed more user friendly compared to Clean Flight / F3 Evo. I'm wondering if I should enable one of the flight modes in Clean Flight i.e. "Horizon" / "Angle" or something to help with stability as of right now I don't have anything enabled.

Ok, that's weird. Using the stabilized mode wont help if it can't fly in acro but here are some things to check.
Did you calibrate the accelerator? (it's on first tab I think)
Do all motors seem to spinn freely?
Have you checked that you've put the right direction motors on the right position (som brushed motors only like spinning one direction unlike brushless motors)
Holding it in you hand while it's armed does the right motors spin, and in the right correction, when you tilt it ?(trying to get back to set attitude)
Did you flash the board with new firmware or is it stock? (There are some values in the CLI which has to be set correctly when using brushed motors, like motor_pwm_rate)

I see a lot of people using the arms upside down. Does it work better that way? Also has anyone had issues with the 750 nanotech batteries having reversed polarity?

I've noticed that as well, I don't know why and I cant think of something that would make it better. I think it looks better the way I assembled it in my pictures. My 750 nanotechs had the correct polarity. I think there are two different kinds, one with Losi connector only and one with both Losi and JST connector (which is the one I'm using)

Comments deleted.

you deserve a golden cookie for this buddy.

Haha, thanks man!

I apologize ahead of time for the "beginner" question...

Would this be capable of flying with a smartphone as the remote controller/FPV camera display? I have no experience with quadcopters what so ever and would like to explore the technology with something like this model!! Looks like a fun project...just starting to print out the parts!

I haven't used this one personally, but it should enable you to control a drone with you phone:
With that said, You'll probably get quite a bit of lag which will make the drone harder to control.
Another problem is that it's hard to find a brushed flight controller that will accept pwm input (which is the output from the receiver above).
If you're starting from scratch I'd buy this flight controller which has a built in receiver instead
And then try to find a cheap dsm2 compatible radio, like this one:

Regarding fpv on your phone, I have'nt seen any good small solutions for it, and same thing here, you'd get a lot of lag making it hard to control

I just found this little guy
which would enable you to use the wifi-receiver with most flight controllers (e.g the one I linked above) and control the drone with your phone.
Once again, it will problably lag a lot, and that big receiver + the extra converter weighs quite a lot, but it would be cool to try, let me know if you decide to go down that route :)

Good luck!

Wow, thanks for all the links! I am quickly learning that there is a lot to these little things! haha

The fpv on my phone isn't a huge deal, just a thought I had. That being said, how would someone see the fpv footage during flight or would it just be sent to a storage device and you can view the footage after the flight? I see a lot of these quads having a remote (similar to what you linked) with a mount that holds the phone to view the camera while up in the air. I guess what I am asking is how is the remote/fpv side of the build taken care of? I will soon start digging into reddit subreddits to try and solve my answer, but why not ask the guru of the design himself, right?! Thanks for the help!

The setup you refer to (remote with phone stand) is mostly used for aerial photography rigs which are slow, self stabilizing and quite boring to fly (can give you stunning footage though).
Smaller more agile quads are rarely flown with a screen on your remote but with some kind of goggles which gives you a more immersive feeling. The fpv stream is most often analogue (basically the same as old security cameras) with minimal lag
Googles are unfortunately pretty expensive but there are cheaper (but bulkier solutions) like these:
combine them with a tiny camera/vtx combo which are perfect for these small brushed quads

Using your phone as both controller and fpv screen wont work. Using it as controller while wearing googles won't work either. I would really recommend buying a regular radio if you're interested in getting into fpv. If you just want to build a small quad and fly line of sight the phone controller might work

Ok, interesting! I would mainly like it to be ran off of my smart phone just for convince (not having to lug around the remote control). Say I set that WiFi chip up, and want a more close range set up where goggles are not needed... is it possible to have it controlled from a smart phone and have the video record during flight and save to a memory to watch later (my phone's memory)? Sorry if my questions are becoming an annoyance!

Sorry, totally missed your reply.
To save your footage you'll either need a really small/light camera which records to a sd card or similar, haven't found any when looking around, this is the closest but the voltage range differs a bit from a regular 1S lipo:

The other option is to use a transmitting micro camera like the one a linked above, a receiver and a dvr to record the transmitted video
this option is also the best if you later want to get a pair of cheep goggles like these

What are your thoughts about this...


Being that the H8C is only $35, I am thinking about ordering that and transplanting it onto your frame design. It comes with everything (including the remote control) for less than the Scisky board by itself! Only concern I have is if the H8C has the 8x20 brushed motors to fit into your frame arms. Otherwise that H8C has all the basics I am looking for (besides smart phone control). Do you think that is "do-able"? haha. Being that this is my first experience with the technology, I am hesitant to drop $100-$150...

Thanks again for all the help! I have learned a lot about these little micros in the past week!!

It's using geared motors which wont work with my design. You'll need another donor

Or maybe just buy one of these which seems to have everything you want at a very low cost...

Does the CX10W have the same 8x20 motors and props as you listed in your "parts list"? If so, could I add a 750mah battery to increase flight time?

No, it's tiny, I didn't mean it as a donor quad, simply that it had all functions you asked for in a RTF package.

The good old Hubsan X4 would make a good donor quad (might need the 7mm arms found in the remix section, not sure)

There's also a version with a camera for not much more, but I'm not sure how easy the camera would be to transfer. It uses the right size motors though

I have just one suggestion for improvement directly:
Some type of 2mm thick stop at the bottom of the motor mount. This will keep the wires safe and make sure all the motors are at the same height when installed. So far the thing that has taken the most beating out of my qauad has been the wires on the motors. I've had to repair them a couple of times.
Obviously it would help if I didn't crash so much, but I think this would increase the longevity of a build a lot.
Thanks for an awesome little frame to learn with though!

Thanks! Glad you like it.

I can see your point and I might upload such an arm, however, I've never been able to push my motors through a mount bottom first and then still have a tight fit around the can. Instead I'd put some heat shrink at the bottom of the motor which will form a bit of protection and work as a foot when shrunk

Hey, just got all the parts. I'm assuming that they just all sort of plug into each other right?

Depends on what hardware you've got. With the BBB I had to solder the battery lead, the connectors for the motors and the receiver. And remember, DO NOT put on any props until all setup is done, these are not big props but it's a good habit

Make sure you connect the motors in the right order/position, Motor #1 = RR, #2 = FR, #3 = RL, #4 = FL
You have to bind your receiver, how to do that depends on the receiver (look in the manual/youtube)
*You should setup the radio to have correct endpoints and channel order, connect the board and take a look in the configurator

Check videos on youtube if unsure, here are some good ones:

If you've got the exact same setup as I than this page has some good info

Good luck!

Made a few tweaks to it, ulflindestrom. I added all your original parts and stuff too.

Foldable Brushed Microquad (ulflindestrom) for Custom FPV

Sorry if will I come of as angry, I'm not, a bit upset though ;)

Please edit your thing and check the "This is a remix" checkbox and add a reference to my thing.
Your thing should also only have the remixed files. And please use photos of your own.
The way you did your "remix" feels like a a rip-off to be honest (even though you in text reference my thing)

Again, sorry if I sound angry, but this didn't feel ok

Also I don't own a printer so I don't HAVE my own photos...

Here you go. That's how I'm going to leave it. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1694022

Foldable Brushed Microquad (ulflindestrom) for Custom FPV

Thank you!
The remix link is important to me. The moment people stop showing (just text don't count) where they got their stuff from I will stop sharing stuff (which I've put lots of hours in) for free. To me it's just plain courtesy...

Oh sure sure! I don't want to take away any credit. I just think it's annoying needing to send my guy 3 links to print stuff rather than one. Sorry if I got a bit hostile...

Hi again,

I noticed that your remix doesn't have the same, slightly more restrictive, license as mine. So I once again, kindly, ask you to remove my original parts from your thing. Otherwise thats' a way for people to get around the license or at least use as an excuse. Another reason I want you to remove them is so that people have to download them from the source and get the latest version files. So no, simply changing your license will not be enough. You can keep the photos if you like, but using the renders of your files is probably more descriptive of what your thing is.


Oh my gosh! Yeah I'll do that right away!

I did reference you. I didn't "remix" it I went into my 3D design program and edited it. I added my own tweaks to it. And why does it matter if I check that box? I said it's just your thing with a few tweaks to it! I used your photo so people know it's the same thing and not a rip off. I uploaded all the files because then people don't have to download it from as many as 3 different places, just one. It's still your design, dude. I just changed a few minor things. It's got your name alllll over it!

Any chance you could post pictures with the top plate off on this? I'd like to see how you have the internals set up.

I've uploaded a picture with the top off, hope it helps

Looks great thanks!

I started printing last night and I'm having bad warping off my bed to where it falls off the platform mid print. Think it might be that the room is too cool. Will try again with a space heater in the room or something.

I'll see what I can do about it

Thanks! I have mostly the same equipment laying around and I want to set this up. The only difference is I don't have the same camera, but I'm thinking about buying it because it looks easier to set up than what I have.


I think this might be kind of a pain to get mounted right with this frame.

Dude this is awesome! I just found a Beef's that I thought was dead to be ALIVE AND WELL! I now have a super cheapo frame for it!
Mind if I remix it for the Banggood can and FX758-2 VTX, maybe a few other tweaks for that FPV setup?

Thanks! Sure, do whatever you like as long as you respect the non-commercial license. Good luck! :)

Ahoy! Here it is! Minor stuff, I know... http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1694022

Foldable Brushed Microquad (ulflindestrom) for Custom FPV

That is an awesome design, making me want to break out my brushed components again!

Sorry for the noobish question but do I need to solder anything?

I guess it depends on what gear you're using, but most likely some soldering is required.

Also, you would need a receiver and a transmitter for it right? Would this work? http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=8992&aff=224284

Yeah, but the one you linked is not a very good option for micros (no small receivers).
If you're starting from scratch this flight controller is probably the best for you since it's got a built in receiver
You'll still need a transmitter (dsm2 compatible) for the fc linked above, this one would work
But if you're planning to continue with this hobby I'd consider going with a Frsky Taranis transmitter with an OrangeRX module instead

Ok, thanks so much for all your help. Can't wait to get cracking at this!

excellent design, very pretty :)

on your pics it seems that you made a slit on the arm, on the motor side in order to make easier the insertion of the motor.... but your STL files do not have this slit (did you upload the last version of the files?).
However, I made it by hand with a hot blade, then clean the inside of the hole with a 8.5mm bit.

I made the arm out of PLA (more brittle than ABS = break point), 7.8g for the 4 arms.
the body is ABS, it shouldn't break.
nylon screws.
I plan to put a Micro Scisky 32bits (Rx/flight controller/ESC in one board) in it.

thanks for the design!

New arms with slits uploaded :)


You're right, the slits are missing. I'll upload the correct versions tonight. Thank you for pointing it out and good luck with your build :)

Do you have a list where all these parts can be bought? Also do I need to download any software or anything for any of the parts listed?

I've now added links to the description, but remember that there are many hardware setups that will work, the Beef's Brushed Board is a bit pricey... Regarding software, no, there's no firmware you NEED to download for BBB, but it's compatible with BaseFlight/CleanFlight/BetaFlight if you want to upgrade. You will have to download the configurator for the board to make changes to settings. See link in description for more help

One more thing, or maybe I will have more questions later on, but, will any drone building video work in showing me how to assemble this or should I google some specific video?

Search for "DIY Brushed Microquad" and you should be able to find build videos

This seems to be a good video (also has an alternativ parts list)

Ok, cool thanks for the speedy reply! This is gonna be my first time building a drone.

No problem, Good Luck!

Nice work! I like the design and the colors!

it may be able to enter races! it would make a good little racer imo. great job.

Thanks! I think it's a bit heavy for racing though...

maybe you could go through it and knock out a bit more plastic to save weight. i did a few now and found they are no heavier than the carbon fiber ones of the same size. and when i use pla they are way stronger as the pla bends flexes a bit so when it does hit it never breaks, and they fly rock solid so i see no reason carbon is better though i still have some and fly them i like my pla type much more than carbon.

Yeah, I could probably shave off a couple of grams in total. Just need to find the time...

A really nice looking quadcopter and excellent for my small printer

Congratulations, very nice project

I agree it is a little unnecessary, but it is slick looking and I like the idea of replacing one arm instead of having to reprint a whole uni-body if an arm is broken. I don't suppose the motor can be removed from the arm without desoldering? That would be the great. Then you could swap and arm out quickly. Have you flown much? Any damage or durability issues?

Thanks! I use connectors on the Beef's Brushed Board so no soldering required. Haven't flown it much, I'm more of a builder ;) I swap frame for my brushed micro gear once a week...

what's your flight time?

About five minutes of cruising with a 750mah battery