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Oculus Rift CV1 Prescription Lens Adapter

by jegstad Jun 1, 2016
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Is there a way to keep the lenses farther away from the oculus lens? They are way too close for comfort. I'm concerned that it will scratch the lenses. Otherwise great thing!

Thank you. what a fantastic design. I enjoyed my oculus Rift so much with the prescription insert and the lenses from Zenni. I made an adapter for the same Zenni Lenses, for the Rift S.I will post it later.

Do you know if this will work for the oculus quest?

No, it will not, but tomorrow I will post my design. I tested is today and it works. I used the same Zenni optical with frame #550021 that I was using with the adapter posted here and it works.

Nope. See this thing instead - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3659124

Oculus Quest Magnetic Prescription Lens Adapter
by jegstad

Would this work for thicker lenses? My power is pretty high and I’d like to avoid paying extra for the thinner lenses.

Hi jegstad!
I'm currently using your design from about 2 years in my CV1. Do you have any plans to make a design for the Rift S?
Kind regards and thank you very much! You changed my whole experience with the CV1!!

So I finally got my lenses to start the whole process, but I'm having trouble with the top part facial interface being loose and falling off. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Anyone know if this will fit the Oculus Go headset properly?

Which one am I suppose to print? Two different ones come out for me

Whichever one you want. From the thing details - "Added an in-progress version that is designed for the lenses to snap into place. (I like this version because the lenses are solid even when the adapter is removed. Makes it easier to pull the adapter out to demo the rift. I still like the old version too because it has more clearance around the nose area.)."

I made a version that fits with VR Cover (I’m guessing you don’t have one to test with). I was sure to credit you, thanks for the great design!

VR Cover modification: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3400643

Oculus Rift Lens adapter FOR VR COVER

What's the width of the lenses used here? Would non-prescription Gunnar Ellipse lenses fit?

Unfortunately still have not found any company that makes the lens in Brazil. Keep trying = /

Should the prescription lense rest on the oculus lense at all? one of mine is making contact no matter what i do and one has a tiny bit of space between the two

Nope. The adapter is designed for my lenses, and my prescription is around -6 in both eyes. Is your prescription much stronger than that?

Mine are less than that, should I have got an option to make the lense thinner?

also is it possibly because you are using a different frame for your oculus? it doesnt look like the original one that comes with it

i also printed the snap frame and the original one, the lenses wont fit into the original enclosed frame because they are too big, could it be a manufacturing error as well? they fit in the glasses frames fine though.

My Zenni lenses are the free material choice which according to my receipt was 1.57 mid-index single vision and not the high-index (thinner) material. I am using the original facial interface for my Rift. How new is your Rift? I have not heard if Oculus has changed anything the design of the rift in any way in later production runs. The original enclosed adapter is less tolerant of printer calibration issues. If you printed these yourself, you might want to verify that your prints are pretty close to being dimensionally accurate by taking measurements off of the sketches in the F360 design and comparing the to measurements on your printed part. The design is linked in the description of this thing.

Hi, I don't have access to the correct size of lenses you use where i am based (UK), at least not at a reasonable price anyway which is just crazy! I have found some lenses that are 49mm and perfectly round but my experience with fusion 360 is lacking and although i have been trying to teach myself am unsure i am going to be capable of modding your design (which is ACE by the way!).

Is it actually relatively simple to make the amendments and if so is it something you would be able to do? I would be forever grateful!!??

Thank you


Does my pupillary distance (pd) matter for the lens adapter? I know I have a left pd of 33.5 and a right pd of 32. My PD total would be 65.5 though I've heard it's better to use both distances for a better fit. I am planning to order the glasses with the left and right pd measurements. If the pd does make a difference, is there a way to get any suggestions or help to fit these to my PD (I don't have a 3d printer or that much experience with editing these files).


Just get the correct prescription (including IPD) with the glasses you get from Zenni and it will work fine.

Thanks for the help. I am going to order the adapter with ABS filament, 100% infill, and 0.1 mm thickness hope it all goes well. Happy holidays btw!

I've had a PSVR since it launched. I got an Oculus Rift last week and quickly realized that people weren't kidding about the Rift being cramped when playing with glasses - and I have relatively small glasses. SO, I looked at my options. I considering WidMoVR and some other sources.

I decided that this lens adapter seemed like it would be the cheapest and fastest (since I have a 3D printer). I ordered the lenses on Saturday. I decided since, overall, these were really reasonably priced, I would spring for the Express delivery at 7-10 days. This morning I am told they are due to be delivered from China tomorrow. Insane. I hope to be able to print the frame today (I'm in the middle of a ton of holiday prints) and test the lenses tomorrow night. How exciting!

The lenses came today. The fit is somewhat loose for the lenses, but it holds them.

It took me a couple of beats to figure out what to do with the angled feet at the bottom of the frame - how it actually assembles into the frame.

I played 20 minutes and wow - so far, much more comfortable, perhaps less foggy. I'm quite pleased.


Notes: My PD is 58. I'm happy with these. I kind of wish they had SOME shape so I could be more sure about the orientation of the lens. I imagine this is probably a best coverage compromise.

Has anyone here compare this with WidMoVR?

Hi everyone, I am new to this printing process I would like to know which of the files do I need to order? to get it to work with the zenni lens thank you for the help.

the 43mm should work fine i think. Im printing it too. Also ordered from zenni. I want to see the result of these because it is cheaper than ordering it from WidMoVR.

However, im still curios how WidMoVr compare to this.

Anyone has ideas?

It is people like you, and things like this that make me so grateful for the maker movement. Thank you so much for filling such a glaring gap in the oculus rift.

I couldnt find a video about this, so I made a crappy one.

Thanks! this helped a lot for me as soon as i get the parts to put them together

excellent travaille !
je voulais savoir si il existe une version pour des verres plus eppaix ?
j'ai une vue très nu et ils sollicite un écart plus élever dans la raignure .
j'ai perler avec mon opticien et il ma dit que il pouvez me fabriquer des verres a condition de crée un écart plus important pour maintenir les verres .
merci pour votre aide :)

Perhaps the most useful thing printed to date on my printer. Ordered the lens from Zenni....within a week I was finally able to play Ocuclus games without glasses. Fantastic job.

Hi Jegstad! I really want to follow your guide here and get this adapter printed, but I have a couple questions if you don't mind.

When I choose "order this printed" it adds two files to the cart:

4538092_43mmLensAdapter.stl AND 4538091_RiftLensAdapter_snapfit_v20.stl

Does the adapter need both?

Also, the default infil in the cart is 17% and the layer is >0.2mm. Leave these alone? Or change to 20% infil and 0.1mm or .2mm. Thanks a lot! This will be my first time getting something 3d printed, I really have no clue what I'm doing :) I appreciate the help!

Thank you for uploading this! This was the first real practical thing I was able to print with my crappy prusa i3 xD. But I think that using round lenses wasn't a great choice for these. Despite the claim that the lenses are slightly oval, they still rotate somewhat freely in the frame. This is a problem because the exact rotation (by even a single degree) can make a significant difference, and having them out of spec can cause double vision.

As a side note, Zenni's quality is highly suspect. I had my friend (optometrist) inspect them at work, and he found that they reversed (!) the cyl value for the left and right lenses, and the axis was off by a degree in one (no, I did not fill out the prescription form wrong, I quadruple checked that...) Thankfully he was able to correct them a bit and make them usable, but I was not impressed...

The original design used lenses that were fully round, and you needed to mark the orientation with a sharpie while they were still in the frame to keep them aligned at all. I did this because it was literally the first 3d design I'd ever made and it was the easiest to design around. When I moved to the slightly larger lenses and found they were slightly oval I adjusted the design and found orientation was a lot easier to maintain. Mine snap into the frame (the snap fit version) and are hard to rotate, so your mileage can vary. I think how much they move has to do with the tolerances you can get from your printer, over/under extrusion, etc. As far as Zenni goes I'm sure you get what you pay for (cheap), but I haven't had an issue so far. Sorry you got some bad lenses.

Hi Jegstad,

Is there any chance of getting the fusion360 archive for this? I like to try a remix of this to fit my scuba mask to avoid the hassle of putting in contacts when I go diving.

If you are looking for the snap fit version, you can get it here https://a360.co/2IKZXXe

Prefect, thanks. Only noticed when I came to reply that you had a link in the description to the online version. Thanks again.

Love it, i think there is a spacing issue with mine and my stupid wide head (image is a bit blurry) , but still leagues better than playing with my glasses on. Thank you for this!

Thanks for making this! You're a life saver!!

I think the top part of the snap frame design needs to be a bit thinner. I did a lot of sanding and still can't get the facial interface to snap in properly.

Also a suggestion would be to make versions of the adapter that leave space for a small piece of velcro on the top, to make it easier to install.

Measure the top band at the center. Does it measure 7.4mm? I'll attach a screenshot showing what dimension I mean. You can download the F360 file from here (https://a360.co/2H4Uszq) and make changes if you want to tweak the design to work for you.

I've printed a couple of these on an older printer I have without issue. Yesterday I tried printing on a newer machine I'm setting up and ended up with the lenses being separate from the bridge.

There's a problem with the model - the lenses are not "fused" properly to the bridge (manifold?). Slicing/Printing with a 0.4mm nozzle works because the edge is "smushed" together (technical term). But I just tried with a new printer that has a 0.2mm nozzle and the slicer made independent perimeters around the lenses and bridge resulting in 3 separate pieces being printed.

Good catch. It looks like exporting multiple bodies to STL from Fusion360 does not result in a merged body. I needed to do an explicit combine of all the bodies in F360 before exporting. I've uploaded a version of the original file that should be manifold (it is according to Meshmixer). I've also uploaded an in-progress snap fit modified design if you want to try it out.

This file will work with the current RIFT that is selling? I would like to try and make this for my brother.


Works with mine, bought on Black Friday.

As far as I know, yes.

I received the lenses today, but i can't figure how to take them out on the frame. I tried to apply pressure on them, but i felt that the frame was bending, and i don't want to brake anything. Do you have any advice ?

Design looks great! Two questions: Do you remove the facial interface, and then put the lenses in, and then replace in the Rift? And... I kinda forgot to mark the lens orientation. Whoops!

Remove the interface from the rift, put the lenses in the adapter, fit the adapter on the interface and hold it in place as you put the interface back onto the rift. If you don't have the lens orientation marked it shouldn't be too bad to figure out the right orientation. The lenses aren't true round, they are slightly oblong, so there's only two orientations per lens that fits the adapter as it should. You should be able to put the lens into the adapter and rotate it to see where it fits the best. Once you have that figured out look through the lenses with the adapter in the interface but not in the rift to figure out which orientation looks correct.

Having some issues with the fit on these, I printed them at .1mm layer height, and they are virtually perfect, lenses snap in great. The problem is, after being fitted into the facial interface it doesn't really snap into place. The middle bridge section seems to be extruded out too far and keeps the top from being fully flush, which leads to gaps around the visor all around. I sanded and filed it down a bit as I'm also using a Widmo VR cover, but those elastic straps are quite thin and even without the cover it still pushes out the interface when lenses are in place.

Edit: A little bit of filing off the front middle bridge did the trick, the elastic bands on the WidmoVR cover must have been just enough to push off the whole fit.

Edit 2: Nevermind, fits perfectly without lenses, with lenses it must be causing too much tension or something because the interface is trying its hardest to pop out constantly.

I just made one. What an awesome design...makes me sad to think that I'll never be able to create something as cool as this.

It works perfectly with the stock HMD frame. I also had the VR covers frame...it does NOT work with that because of the tabs at the bottom (slight difference between stock and vrcover frame). But, the only part of the vrcover kit that I liked was the padded face cover...so I just basically put the face cover back on the stock frame, attached the lens adapter to that, and I'm all good.

Hi Kungfujoe, no way the print could be changed to fit?

Has anyone found a UK/EU supplier of lenses of a similar shape/size?

I feel like I'm missing something here. If I get the headset at such a height where I can actually see clearly through the "sweet spot" of the lenses, then the entire weight of the headset rests on the innermost corners of plastic that hold the lenses in, which then digs into my forehead. In order to get it comfortable enough to actually use, I need to move it so far down my face that it's completely covering my nose and the vision is highly blurred. I can kind of get by if I have the headset up high and then tilt it as far back as possible, but then the vision again starts to blur and I get a big old gap of light coming in the bottom of the headset.

The lenses are oriented correctly and the plastic frame is nice and snug in the headset, so I don't understand what I'm doing so wrong such that no one else has commented with a similar issue.

Have you used the rift without the adapter, like with contacts? If so were you able to adjust the rift so it was both comfortable on your face and with your eyes in the sweet spot of the rifts fresnel lenses?

Thank you.
Had it printed through one of the apps on here (included a thank you tip), received it two days later, yesterday got the lenses from zenni and everything works flawlessly.

You've improved oculus experience for people who need glasses.

Thanks again

If anyone else was as confused as I was:

To remove the lenses, you need to unscrew the screws on the top side of the frame. No pop-in/out action on this frame.

For what IPD those were made? Cuz im about to give this model to someone to print it for me, I kinda need this model for 65mm ipd distance between the center of each lens. Can you please help me?

IPD is part of the prescription when you order the pair of glasses. Nothing with the adapter changes based on different IPD's.

Thank, just sent ur model to some guy to 3d print it, can't wait to get it xD, and after ill be going to my doctor see if she can make the needed lens. Thank you for this amazing adapter.

Will these fit any round 43mm lenses and will my PD effect this?

The lenses in the zenni frame turned out to be slightly oblong, and the design matches that. So will it fit fully circular 43mm lenses? Maybe. The lenses would probably fit, but not seat perfectly. If you wanted, you could take the fusion 360 file and make it fit a fully circular lens. The model is parametric enough for that change to be fairly easy to do. As to PD, the adapter matches the Zenni frame dimensions, so if you don't use lenses from that frame you'd have to figure out lens PD as appropriate for whatever lenses you're getting.

Thanks, I live in the UK so was trying to avoid buying from Zenni, but looks like it's my best option.

Thanks jegstad for your hard work. I unfortunately ordered the 40mm lenses. Do you still have those files. Only the 43mm is available. Thanks once again

Does anyone have the skills to make an adapter for lenses that fit this frame?
It's only $6.95 and the lenses are much wider!
Another advantage is that the lenses aren't round so transferring them from the frame to the adapter can't go wrong (and no need to mark them).

forgot to ask, does using this work on the vr cover facial interface or only the default oculus rift facial interface?

I don't know since I don't have the vr cover interface. That said, taking a look at the vr cover interface photo's, their interface looks really accurate. Best guess is that it would probably fit.

Thanks to everyone below who complimented and/or tipped. It's good to see people are continuing to find this adapter helpful.

hi what Infill, Layer Thickness , and Material choices is best for this and where do i get the prescription lense for this type of adapter with uv protection thing and that will this work with the prescription lense at vr lens or just get the lens from other website? thanks

20% infil, .2mm layer height and PLA works fine. The Zenni frame to search for is in the thing details.

hi, thanks for replying, 1 or so questions i have left is for the "part in thing" do i remove the 40mm len adapter and leave 43mm lens adapter and Rift len adapter on https://gyazo.com/bdca8d0baa019d55cb809ad4fd80d5a0 ? and if i choose the 43mm do i get this round glasses on zennioptical that will fit on the adapter if i take out the lens? http://www.zennioptical.com/550021-metal-alloy-full-rim-frame-with-spring-hinges.html (first time gnna order on this website so idk much about the stuff to order) thanks a lot

Just use the 43mm .stl. Yes, that is the correct frame.

I can't wait to get it! Just ordered 2 of the 43mm adapters and the glasses/lenses from Zenni. Tipped ya $2 for the huge help! Hope others do the same.

Same - just ordered lenses with the $5 AR coating, can't wait to get this installed. Assuming the print fits, I'll be tipping a couple bucks also!

Does anyone know if this design is compatible with the replacement facial interfaces from VR Cover? I don't have one (yet) so I'm not sure how similar they are to the stock facial interface, or if it will accommodate this design.

To answer my own question in case it helps someone else, this design does NOT fit well with the VR Cover. The main problem is that the part at the bottom of the interface that the tabs straddle is different on the VR Cover. It is much thicker. Additionally, the VR Cover is not as flexible as the stock Oculus cover, so this part is squeezed too much when inserted.

That said, with about an hour's time, some sandpaper, an exacto knife, and some superglue, I was able to make it work for what I wanted. I removed the bottom tabs of my print completely so that the part would fit into the VR Cover. I then had to remove material from the part in various places so that everything would lay flush. Not sure if the curvature is a bit different, or it could be that my spare part that I had printed was a bit sloppy in those areas. After some trial and error, it dry fit in well, and I put my lenses in and fitted it in and put it into the rift. This was a PITA to do without the tabs holding it in place, but once I got it aligned I saw that the lenses were touching the rift's lenses, so on the bottom of the part, above where the tabs used to be, I made notches so that the part will slide further back (toward eyes, away from lenses), and that stopped the lenses from touching. Then I superglued the part into the VR Cover. I kept my lenses in while doing this so that the part was stiff and all the contact points set up. Now that it's all set up, the lenses still come in and out of the part easily enough, and the part is firmly held in place.

I know most folks probably won't want to go to all this trouble and "ruin" the VR Cover, but it has worked out remarkably well for me. The lenses seem to sit further from my face, and my eyebrows/cheeks don't rub the adapter like they did with the stock interface and the original part. I don't ever have to worry about it falling out or realigning it when I remove the interface from the headset, and now I have an interface I use just for me, and I use the stock one for my kids/guests.

I have pretty high-index lenses (1.61), which I think would be necessary for the method I used because as I mentioned they seem to sit closer to the headset, there is still only maybe 2mm of space between them and the rift lenses.

This is a frickin miracle! Thanks so much!

Amazing design, allows me to play on my rift without opening a new pair of daily contact lenses or risk damage to my rift or my designer glasses. The lens sit comfortably above the rift's lenses and they wont touch even if you push. The clarity is excellent but i did notice a bit of loss in FOV when i was the the Oculus home menu, but not really something you would notice once you're immersed in a game. Can't recommend these enough + they are a fraction of the price of VR lens lab's offerings.

Ordered up the 43mm version from a printer in Sheboygan, WI on Monday and they were in my snail-mail box on Thursday (thanks Kirby's Hub!!). I had him make three since I thought I might need to cut & glue a couple together to compensate for pupil distance. Pulled my glasses out of the envelope from Zenni Optical an hour ago (Friday - I'd also ordered on Monday) and thought they were a bit wide, but after bending the nose pads in & slapping them on my face it seems a perfect prescription. I then took them off and lined them up to one of the prints -- spacing on the frames and the adapter print appear identical, and I anticipate not having to cram the Oculus slider adjustment to the extreme left anymore. A VERY tiny Phillips driver is req'd for loosening the frames to pop out the lenses. Now I'm looking for a d@m*ed Sharpie so I can 'index' them before removing and transferring to the adapter...will update...

OK update, like an hour later after finding my Sharpie and putting a tiny dot atop each lens. They snapped perfectly into the adapter, which snapped perfectly into the Rift's face-frame and then back onto the headset. I was concerned that there would be contact with the Oculus' lenses, but I estimate 1mm clearance on one side, and perhaps 1.5mm on the other (for MY prescription). Yay! Still have to have the slider far left for best view, but AWESOME now that I don't need my glasses upon VR entry. THANKS jegstad!!!

Comments deleted.

Thank you for sharing this! I made the 43mm version using my prescription and the IPD from the Oculus settings (i.e. 69mm), and it was perfect. After installing this I can now read text in my CV1!

One question. Zenni Optical wants to know my PD (pupillary distance). When my prescription lenses are transferred to the adapter, how much will this value change? There must be some margin of error, right?

You should be ordering the glasses using your prescription ipd. The adapter lens spacing matches the zenni frame lens spacing.

My prescription didn't come with that info. I was thinking about using the adjustable IPD value of the headset for reference. From what I can measure with a ruler and piece of paper, it's almost the same. But if I'm off by 3 mm, I hope it won't affect my vision.

I used the IPD from the Oculus settings and it was fine. I think Zenni just wants to make sure the frames will fit your face, but you will throw them away anyway.

Ah, so you're saying the IPD value is not used in the manufacturing of the lenses? It's only for the frames? That seems to make sense.

IPD is used in conjunction with the frame size/spacing to determine where the lens maker puts the optical center of the lens.
"If you have a low myopia prescription, and no astigmatism correction, getting PD exactly right isn’t that big of a deal. Of course you don’t want to blindly guess at it, but a millimeter or two either way won’t affect your lens wear notably.
So if that’s you, you’re in the clear.
But if you have a high myopia prescription, and especially if you also have an astigmatism correction, the PD suddenly becomes pretty important. "

Technically speaking, how is the "optical center" added to the lens? Is the lens material physically and/or permanently altered or is it something to do with the film coating?

It's defined during the grinding of a prescription lens. There's plenty of references about this stuff on the internet, but I thought this reference explains it pretty well (#7 on the page):

Ah, so the edges of the lens are grinded down to move the marked optical center to center of your eye. It does matter. A whole lot.

Cannot express how excited i am about this, great job! Definitely leaving a tip

It's been working great for me for 9 months! I broke the original one I printed, and was forced to use my glasses while I printed out a new one. It was pure torture. The Zenni lenses were much higher quality than I was expecting for $15.

I printed the newer design, and it is even better. Thanks!

Just got my lenses from Zenni and popped them in. This works great, thank you so much for creating it and sharing it with the world! So much better than glasses or contacts.

Hi there, thanks for sharing the adapter. I'm planning to use the 43 mm lens. I just did a test with it in my oculus and I notice the frame is reduzing oculus FOV. Is there a way to make the lens bigger? Maybe oval? Just a suggestion. Thanks!

Comments deleted.

wich adapter is the best ? i got -4 dioptre . greez

Comments deleted.

the order this printed button wont work ? greez

Works for me.

now it works...thanks...

this looks awesome...i need to try it. are the 43 mm lenses the best way to go.

I'd go with the 43mm version.

I would love to see an adapter for a larger lens with a bit more FOV. I have the VR Lens Lab lenses and adapter and they have a better FOV especially on the bottom. I'm not going to complain about the free design though.

The VR lens lab lenses are distorted at the edge so even though the FOV is larger it's not all it's cracked up to be. Zenni lenses are sharp edge to edge.

I have also a question. How much is the distance between the rift lenses and the adapter lenses? So can the adapter lenses touch and scratch the oculus lenses in any case? And wich kind of lenses should i order from zenni ? There a lot of lenses, 1.65 1.67, i dont not wich one i should choose for this adapter. I now the frame, but not the details like index etc.

The lenses in the adapter should not contact the headset lenses unless you are pressing on the adapter lenses or something. Picture 3 shows the spacing between the adapter and the headset lenses. The lenses pictured are 1.57 index lenses with a medium strength prescription (-6 diopters). I don't know how much thicker a stronger prescription would make the lense, but there is a few mm of clearance with my lenses. As I understand it, higher index lenses would be thinner/flatter.

Hi there. I have a small question. In this model, What is the distance between lens(front asphere) and eyes ? The front asphere of regular eyeglasses should be 15mm far from eyes. Every mm dose the matter, especially for the high index glasses. From your picture ,It looks like this frame is 3~5mm farther than the regular glasses. Im sure that if the distance miss matched , it will miss match the asphere curve and cause the slightly blur.

Comments deleted.

Since the adapters affixes lenses to the headset, the distance of the lenses from your eyes will be a function of how the cv1 fits on your particular face. How far are the cv1 lenses from your eyes now? Take that distance and subtract 4 mm and you'll have a rough guess at how far the adapter lenses will be from your eyes.

Thanks for the replay.
The CV1 lens are fresnel lens. The light through lens is almost collimated. Only the FOV changes by the distance. It just need align the center with your pupils. But prescription lens are distance-sensitive. It is a function of each particular eye only. It should stay near that place. The higher index of glass and higher myopia the more sensitive it is.The foam is soft but the frame is still solid. Actually its still lot space . But It too hard to measure inside that space.

I send the empty frame to lens crafter .He believe it need rise the frame a little bit.Otherwise re-config the machining for this specific parameter or mount this thing on my nose for perfect matching. •(⌚_⌚)•

Any way.Thanks for the design.I think its a good time learning basic 3D modeling and remix it.

Is there any reason why you created a second design for the 43mm lenses? Is there an advantage over the 40mm? Or you just had a second frame lying around? :P

I wanted a second set of lenses to test a design I'm trying out that replaces the entire facial interface, and decided to go with the slightly larger frames.

Oh, ok. I thought it would have to do increased FOV or something with the larger lenses... but i guess when they sit that close to your eyes, it's doesn't make a huge difference. So I guess there's no reason to pick one over the other? If there isn't, then I'll go ahead with the 43mm ones then...

I have access to custom cut lenses, any recommendations to improve on the design? Or just stick with what you've experimented with?

Yeah, it doesn't make a huge difference visually. The 43 mm frames are slightly oblong shaped, so the shape does help keep the lenses oriented. Have you seen the lenses from vr lens lab? I'm not sure how much a lens that is shaped like that would help compared a round lens. The main reason I started with the round lens is because it's easy to design for.

Yeah, I don't see what the advantage that that lens shape would give over round ones... I think i'll stick to the 43mm for now. :)

PS: Strangest thing, the lenses are reversed in the VR-lens lab mounts, as in the concave part faces the Rift... which makes sense so you don't scratch the Rift lenses, but it seems initially counter-intuitive at first.

Thanks a lot man. I was working on a design as well but this is way better.

Do you recommend ABS or PLA?

Would this work for Dk2? tks!

no its specifically fitted for the CV1 only.

You're a (virtual) life saver!

Just ordered a set of lenses for these and will have to give the adaptor a try. Print it inside facing down I imagine and enable support for the top bit?

How do you pull off the part from the rift to attach this?

Done, and I must say, using a good pair of lenses is soo much better on the eyes than wearing my contacts. Love this, thanks for releasing it!

Yeah, I printed mine sliced with simplify3d with supports turned on, oriented as it's shown in the first picture.

Here's what Oculus says about removing the facial interface- https://support.oculus.com/help/oculus/1114691701909297
In practice, what I've found works best is to hold the headset in both hands, face down with the top strap towards you, and apply firm upwards pressure with both your thumbs at the same time against the plastic rim of the facial interface until the tab starts to pop out.

What interpupillary distance (IPD) is this designed for? Would it need tweaking for a different IPD?

Since the lens spacing matches the frame from Zenni, as long as youre getting your prescription/ipd for that frame, the adapter should work fine.

When you say the frame matches the IPD for the frame, what about the adjustable IPD on the Rift itself? What if the frame and the Rift IPDs don't line up?

Its exactly like wearing any glasses with the rift. You can adjust the rift ipd to match your prescription ipd, or tweak it to what looks best...

Thanks! I'm gonna try it.

Got it, works great! Thanks a ton! Couldn't be happier!