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OctoPrint Raspberry Pi Rig 3.5" PiTFT Touch Display

by adafruit Jun 2, 2016
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Does this work with raspberry pi 4?

Ich brauche dringend hilfe. Ich habe alles nur installiert, wenn ich auf dem Display bin. Kann mir da einer bitte schnell helfen. Gerne auch über PN danke

any chance you have the source files around? I have a different but similar screen, and was hoping to remix the top.

Couldn't get it to fit my Raspberry Pi 3B+. But the stand is perfect and holds the board.

Could you please upload the stand showed in the pictures (with no side bars). Thanks.

I know if you have a 0.8 mm nozzle on the ultimaker it would print in like 5 seconds but, my maker space has a FlashForge Dreamer and Finder so if anybody know the print times....

Does anyone know what the print time is? I know it varies from printer to printer but, what is the average print time?

Just use your slicer software it gives a about times which is pretty close if yours doesn't have this I strongly recommended getting Cura Ultimaker 4.0

With the instructions in the video trying to install. However, it is described differently on the homepage. Does anyone have a step by step guide?

Has someone made a case with better cooling?

Any chance of making a version of a 5" touch screen? If not, I may try remixing it... I just suck at designing models. lol.

Did anyone have difficulty trimming out the hinged side door? At 15% infill, .2 resolution there was still so much over-melt that I couldn't get it to break on the score. I'm printing another bottom now on a different printer to see if I have better results. If anyone has advice I sure could use it.

Is there a place for the Pi camera cable to come out the case ? Thanks !


I made this, and it fits well (the software setup is not complete though). However the Raspberry Pi case does not stay fit in the stand. I plan to use velcro at the moment, would it be possible to have a "notch" or something similar in the design so that it stays without additional support?


PI 3 and pi zero w have Bluetooth and wifi on-board. No need for hats or dongles.

I had issues with the strength of the joint on the top portion of the case. Every time I tried closing the case the lip of the joint would bend and break off. I beefed up the joint and posted it as a remix http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2160917
thank you for the work on this.

Octoprint raspberry pi rig remix

Hey Noe & Pedro. I would like to be able to tweak the stand to be about twice as wide. It is a little unstable especially with a USB cable dangling off the one side. I checked the Fusion 360 source linked from the learning guide, but the stand was not included. Would you be able to add the stand design file to Autodesk360 (or post elsewhere)?

I printed this to use with a Raspberry pi 3 b and the adafruit 3.5". It seems that the board is off,

Yes, I had issues too. I got one of the pegs in the hole on the board and none of the rest would fit. They ended up breaking off as I tried to get it to fit. It works OK with only the one peg, but it would be nicer if it all fit nicely. I wonder if the spec for the board changed after this was designed.

can somebody please help me by getting octoprint to the tft display?
i dont get it anyway. :-(

It would be good to have the case clip onto the stand in some way. Watching the videos of this there's some sliding around with cables connected.

I hope to eventually remix the case to be tripod mountable via https://www.adafruit.com/products/2392 but I have to learn Fusion 360 better first.

I have the 2.8" PiTFT (adafruit PID: 1601). Might there be any similar designs for this smaller model?

I would love one for a 2.8 pitft as well...

It would be great if there is also a version for 4inch and other Displays :)

I like this even though I don't have a Raspberry Pi. I think if I had the case I would buy a raspberry just to complete your case! Maybe you could make me one? What would you estimate producing one case costs you? Very curiouser... ~Russ~

So this won't work with the pi3?

Did you ever find out if you can use the PiTFT with the Pi 3?

what is the overall cost of this project?

What are the dimensions of the case?

Does not seem to fit on M3D bed :(


Which display is this? I found this here in germany http://www.ebay.de/itm/3-2-TFT-LCD-Touchscreen-Display-fur-Raspberry-Pi-B-Kuhlkorpe-Case-pi2b-/381113569267?hash=item58bc238ff3:g:0BoAAOSwZ1lWelJ~

Can you please give me a link to that display you used, so that i fit perfect in your case?

Sure, https://www.adafruit.com/product/2441

All of the parts used in the project are listed in the learning guide (including assembly instructions).


If shipping is too much, can you check out our distributors in Europe.


I got it working and printed a remixed case for Pi 3. Every time the Pi restarted I have to manually start OctoPrint. Open the web browser. connect to and F11 fullscreen. Connect a keyboard and login. It's also quite slow compared to the Android client + OctoPi. Is that normal?

You could try running the automatic start up scripts listed here: https://github.com/foosel/OctoPrint/wiki/Setup-on-a-Raspberry-Pi-running-Raspbian#automatic-start-up This will automatically start OctoPrint after each boot.

The PiTFT has some dependencies - Due to the limited frame rate with the framebuffer tools, it won't be as fast as a tablet or mobile device, unfortunately.

Okay I love the little PiTFT and will use it for something else:-) Thank you very much for the reply all of your projects are amazing.

Please check your download link to get pitft image to sd card. Tried twice and it took sooo long it breaks halfway through

Also, I forgot to mention that the camera ribbon cable actually just has enough room in a gap right above the Ethernet port to come out.


I have a few questions. I had a bit of a struggle to get the two peices to snap together once I had the screen and Pi. And while I was trying to get it to work, I broke two of the standoffs in the top piece. Any advice to make this easier? I used a Flashforge Creator Pro, 20% infill, PLA, Default settings for shells, perimeters etc (Simplify3D)

Did the "nubs" break away from the standoffs, or the entire standoff? I have had the nubs break off due to them being so thin and fragile. You could try increasing the top/bottom layers to 5-6 and see if that helps. I tend to use an extrusion width of 0.48mm with a 1.0 extrusion multiplier (see if thats any different).

Otherwise, it might a good to make a version with mounting holes for machine screws – I could easily do this if you like.

Thanks for your response :) I tried these settings, but with the extrusion multiplier at 1.00 and 0.48mm extrusion width settings, the filament is no longer extruding properly. I am using regular PLA with and started with an extruder temp of 210C because this is what I normally use. I increased the tempature to 220C, but I still had the same problem with no improvement. What do you think I should change here to resolve this issue? I put a screenshot link below showing what is happening.


Ah, from the looks of the first layer, the bed might be too close to the nozzle. Try leveling the bed while its printing by turning the right thumb screw clock-wise until the layers are even.

Didn't think it was a bed leveling problem because I just printed this a few days ago without the settings you suggested without a problem with the nozzle being too close. But I had the clips on in a different position than I had previously. I moved the 4 clips to the four corners of the bed and now I don't have the problem anymore. I'm thinking the bed wasn't down completely flat /even because of it. That little bit made a difference lol. Thats the down side of using plates is the binder clips. For some prints I have to move them because often the extruders will hit them and that causes all sorts of trouble like the plate moving! I may want to look into a way to tape it to the bed instead of using the clips. Any recommendations? I really like being able to remove the bed and not having to use tape to cover the bed. I'm printing now. I will let you know how it goes.

Worked a lot better with these settings! Only problem I have is that although it snaps easily over all, I'm still having an issue getting it to snap all they away all around. One side isn't snapping all the way. Another big issue I have with this project is setting up OctoPrint from scratch. I can't get it to autostart nor get the camera working inside OctoPrint. I will try and ask around and see what my issues are. Thanks again!

Yes, the nubs broke off. I usually have this problem with standoffs in this style. I will try reprinting with the settings you suggested. I have had issues with 3D printed parts that snap together before, but I usually keep top/bottom layers at the default settings unless told otherwise. It could also be the filament I'm using. Maybe PLA/PHA works better that regular PLA, although Hatchbox PLA is pretty good which is what I used.

Hi can you make this work with M3D? in Fio there's option to update firmware to Donovan's cooked up iMe firmware which supposed to bring complete freedom from M3D.

I tested it with Mattercontrol and surprisingly it work. I don't have PiTFT yet

Perfect timing! My old screen-less OctoPi just died...

Sweet, thanks! Need to update mine.

hey... nice set up :) quick question..I know its a bit older and i have one laying around but will this software work with the Pi B with the touchscreen from adafruit?

Yes! The PiTFT's support the model B+

Note that while the screen does work with the newer Pis, the offset is different because of connector position.