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Kylo Ren's Lightsaber

by CaseStudyno8 May 30, 2016
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Do you have any filament suggestions for a Ender 3?

I use verbation filament on my printer (ultimaker 2+)

Any chance you have this lightsaber as a full solid model (not splitted up).

This saber was designed to printed in these specific parts to follow part lines I wanted

Is it possible to cut the saber in half, print the first half and then the second half after

I don't have a solid version of it, it was designed to printed in these specific parts to follow part lines I wanted

This model is giving me a large number of problems for slic3r, could you run the files through meshmixer to repair them for other users?

I only have a passing familiarity with Slic3r and I hate it, I'd recommend using Cura

I origionally used it, but I no matter the settings I changed I could not fix stringing. My first print in slic3r using the same settings came out perfectly. This would also improve the quality of the model files by making them multi compatible.

Hi, is it possible to print the upper chamber without supports?
Thank you

It's possible, just watch out for the overhangs around female joint for the side emitters

What percent infill should I print this at? Love the design, kinda want to make a Kylo cosplay now

I used 20%, you'd be safe to go down to 8-10%

Thank you for sharing this great piece! I am having an issue with the Middle Chamber printing in simplify3d. There are a lot of non-manifold edges. When it tries to heal it removes several of the triangles to make it manifold which leaves the side pieces dangling. Any thoughts as to if there is a program I can repair the manifold issue before slicing?

Thank you again!

HI Gihn
I am having the same issue as you i have printed it and it comes out horrible . let me know if you find a solution

I've only used Simplify3d a couple times, I always thought it was overly complicated. I use Cura and rarely run into any of these issues

Ya I have used Cura in the past but with the current printer only simplify. Dont want to have to go through and calibrate a whole new profile because I can't get one part to work. well I guess I can print it and see how it goes.

you should make the new Ben solo lightsaber hilt it is basically the same hilt as kylo rens accept it dosent have the crossgaurd side vents or the circuit opening on the front of the saber and also has no red wire running down from it to the base of the hilt

ps; i love your designs

I've seen! I'm out of state right now but it's top of my to do list!

cant wait
enjoy your trip

Hopefully my nephew will be pleased with his christmas gift

Wonderful! I'm sure he'll love it.

I can't wait to make this. Has anyone made a belt clip for it?

Not that I know of, that could be cool!

There is alot of holes and separet shells in the model that make it unprintable, some can be fixed in meshmixer but some cant. I'm using Simplify 3D

Sounds like a simplyfy3d problem, as you can see plenty of people have had successful prints. Try a better slicer

You are correct it slices fine in Cura, I find it odd that S3D cant solve it, that being said, the files still has some problems, great model btw! :)

Thank you for the great model.
Would you possibly consider putting a 25 mm hole down the middle ? I'd like to put a "blade" in it for my son. But it would be good to travel 90% the length of the handle also to give strength.

Thanks again.

I haven't modified any of my sabers for blades, and I'd rather not start the trend, I don't want to open the flood gate, sorry. This isn't a hard task though, and you may be able to achieve it with openscad or blender which are free programs

OK thank you anyway.
Yes I tried, however there seemed to be too many triangles (which is good!) and the program would also crash. I'll try again.

Odd question, is there any chance you could upload the CAD models before you upload them as .stl? I simply want to join some of the parts so that I can print larger pieces, as opposed to printing multiple and putting them together. This may be a big undertaking, but may I request this for all of your other lightsaber models? If there is a way for me to convert the meshes to solid formats, let me know and I'll do it, but so far it's been a joke trying to find what programs do what to 300 different file types. Figured it was worth a chance asking :)

I don't have any plans to do that, I don't mind people taking the files I upload and modifying them themselves, but the design intent with my sabers is having them separated in an easy to print format in the form that I upload.

Rhino does an okay job of converting meshes to NURBS data which can be more easily translated across programs. It won't work as well the more complex the mesh gets, but these aren't terribly complex. Something like Gungi's outer hilt and Chirrut's staff would be too complex.

For some reason your file for the pommel will not print. It looks good in the beginning and then it just stops and resets.

Sounds like it may be an issue with the slicer, what slicer program are you using?

Printed all the pieces to this model and it came out pretty great and accurate too. One recommendation for the designer though. It might be more convenient for printing/ building the light saber if the pommel and the lower chamber were one piece since they sit EXTREMELY tight within each other. I assembled it with very little cleaning just to see how it would look, and when I tried carefully wriggling out the lower chamber, some of the pommel spires cracked off. nothing some glue can't fix, but for future reference a combination of pommel/lower chamber would be awesome. Once again, great design!

Thanks! It's funny because when I printed mine out, the connections between the lower chamber and pommel were a bit loose, different printers and settings can affect the tolerances, but I'll look at that and re-upload a new version of it, thanks.

Would you happen to know how much plastic would be required, looking to build, thanks

With 20% infill it takes 20.84 meters of filament or 165 grams. This is taking into account support material on the pieces that I suggested in the description.

I get about 100 meters! Am i doing something wrong?

There's something strange for sure, are you using the same or similar setting as I described?

100 meters for the whole thing, i get 25 meters for the upper chamber for example!

My setting are:
20% infill
Standard supports

I sliced one now with 0% infill and i got 30 meters

That's weird. What slicer are you using?

The one that came with the printer

Which printer do you have?

XYZ DaVinci Pro
Xyzware for pro is the software!

I'm unfamiliar with the software, Cura tells me the Upper Chamber takes 7.66 meters. You could try to do a test print, I can't imagine it would that much filament unless its printing it solid.

Arent the pieces solid? they are hollow inside?

They are solid, I meant without infill

Amazing model! Thanks for sharing!

Quick question, it looks like the bottom cap on the end of the pommel is missing. Any thoughts on that or plans to add it in? Perhaps as a separate piece that can be attached later?

I do want to add that part soon, to be honest when I was looking at reference imagery that piece was never super clear but now that more official images have been released I can see it

Did you ever get around to working on the bottom?

Yes! the lower piece is labeled 'Lower Pommel'

That would be an awesome addition!

Hey I'm not sure if this is your lightsaber, I couldn't find another one with this fidelity but its being sold on etsy.


Thanks for pointing it out, it looks like it might be a modified version of the other kylo lightsaber on thingiverse, it looks like it doesn't have the negative space around the bottom and the edge around the middle is angled. I really appreciate you bringing it up though, I'm not a fan of people who do this.

Hi, i´m trying to print the middle chamber and pommel but they doesn't work, I´m using Slic3r but middle chamber appears as if the file only had the cable, the bottom tip and some parts flying around, the body itself it´s missing, the pommel has error in the center structure with parts flying too, is the fist time it happens to me, theres some setting I´m missing? Help, I really want ton have this in my collection, thanks in advance!

I also have problem printing this, model seems broken

That's really strange, I have not heard of that happening to anyone else. Have you tried any other slicers?

Yep, very strange, first time a STL file from here do this on Slic3r. I´m trying Cura now, as many of the users that already printed this model used it. I´ll let you know how it worked for me. Thanks!

The Pommel piece did not print the right away

what happened exactly?

It did not print the right way. it printed cricked

sorry, the pommel shouldnt need support. What slicer are you using?

try using the 'Lay Flat' option if its not printing out flat, it is the top button when you click on 'Rotate'

Thanks It printed great I will take a picture of it and show you it when I get home

was it printed with support?

Thank You!

What's the overall size of it once assembled?

It's about 12 inches long and a little over 1.5 inches in diameter

Thank you. Awesome, finally print my own! I see some made images here show a translucent red wire? How is this possible?

I'm not quite sure what they did, it may have been printed in a translucent red material

Do I use superglue when puting it together?

Most of the joints have pretty tight tolerances, with PLA they can wear loose over time but any cyanoacrylate glue like super glue will work great to keep it together.

thanks. How did you make this?

It was modeled in SolidWorks

Whats wrong with Kylo_-_Pommel.stl can't print it :(((

What's going wrong exactly?

Aha sorry, it's working fine now, just me being a noob :)

No problem, I hope the rest prints out well!

It is great! :D thanx!

Can. You make one with a compartment

I don't have any plans to model any of the internals right now

Is there s spot to put a lightsaber crystal in it?

There are not any internal components modeled for it

On what scale would you recommend printing this lightsaber?

The STL's are scaled to the same size you see in the pictures, so if you're happy with that, it shouldn't require scaling

hi sorry is this a solid piece or can it be hollowed out as would like to print and install some electrics into it

maybe a while away tho as just getting familiar with my new printer :)

It's solid, but you can certainly modify it for electronics

How did you all print the Upper Chamber without supports?

I think I did, I forgot I used supports for that piece, the auto generated support from Cura was just for the bottom of the female end for the side emitters but that is pretty essential. Thanks for pointing that out, I need to change the description

Great work. I would love to put some electronics in this and add a LED blade. Would it be possible to maybe get a hollowed out version or something that would work in fusion 360? Im only a few months into this stuff and i haven't found a good way of editing STL files yet.

What file type would work best for you? I can pm you a link with whatever is best

Not sure but could you do the Fusion 360 file type f3d? Otherwise i think STEP works as well but i can check later tomorrow when i get home from work.

Hi. Can you modify the pommel, please? When I am slicing it with SImplify3D the cylinder part with details disappears. I think the wall is to thin. Please see the screenshot: http://postimg.org/image/8nrefv4sv/ .

The design is very nice!

Best regards!

That's strange, that part is a solid so wall thickness shouldn't be an issue. I did go back into the file and joined the upper and lower pieces as well as some of the small details and uploaded that STL here. Let me know if that get it working for you.

Thanks. I will give it a try printing it. Seems ok in Simplify3D now. I'll post some photos. Thank you very much.

Just got the part fresh out of the printer: http://postimg.org/image/jrwc4s39r/ :D
Job well done! Just got the middle part to go and the saber is complete! It will be done in 11 hours :)

Wonderful! I hope to see the finished piece!

Fantastic work!! Someone know where to find the clips for the red wire. Are they printable?

Thank you! the wire and the clips are all modeled into the parts so they will print along with their component.

Thanks, i didn´t saw it till now.

WORK OF ART!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for nudging me into modeling it

Finally with the correct proportions and details...a Big THANK YOU!!! for making this:)

Thanks, those were the two big things that I wanted address with this model, so I'm glad you like it.