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MEI BLASTER (overwatch) [solid]

by mynefild May 30, 2016
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Hey dude,
This is a site for free downloads so please don't spam us with your stuff to buy.

i agree 100%

"bluster". is there a reason for this mispelling?

do you have a link to the clear plastic ball you used on the back?

anyone have an electronics parts list?

Sorry to bother you, but the uploaded file is a single part. Is it possible for you to upload all the pieces separately?

The files you posted has all the pieces as one object and you can't separate them. Is there a way to separate them?

When I was putting this together post processing, I noticed you were missing a few pieces: The smal blue piece that sits behind the glowing sphere, the front cap below the barrel, and the piece that fits between the fingers on the rear. If I sent you the files would you want to add them to the download files?

Do you have the piece that sits between the fingers on the rear of the body? I saw on youimagine the cap and blue piece that sit behind the sphere were added, but the yellow body piece is still missing. Could you send it to me?

Ill try to remember to send it on Tuesday whe I am back at work

In the picture, there seems to be a piece with an orthogonal shape connecting the "connector" of the barrel handle to the main base. It that file missing, or was the piece deemed unnecessary?

The link to the kit files aren't currently working for me. Has anyone else had any luck?

Use desktop and not mobile, on mobiles it don't work.

Any body has got a full data please.i need it.

I made mine using this 3d file and it turned out really well!
I hope to upload some photos soon <3

Are all the files there? Or would I need to replicate some of the files such as handle and such?

Could you make the Mei's backpack and her robot, Snowball?

Do I need to Mirror the two handle parts? there seems to be only one side of each. Are there any parts that need printed more the once?

Can you link the exact electronics for this gun.

The 0_Body_old_original model won't come out as a complete print. There seem to be errors in the model itself which cause it to completely omit entire areas near the narrow end, or adding solids where there should be openings when left unrotated. Is there something i'm missing? I can post photos somewhere, if necessary.

I just looked at the preview in simplify3d, and it seems to be ok. I have enabled support material generation.

Maybe run it through netfab free or make printable, and/or try another slicer?

yeah, it looks ok in my slicer, too, but it doesn't print the whole thing x.x; I'll try to see if i can repair it

Comments deleted.

do you have a file for it as one complete gun? i want to print it to go with a 1/6th scale Mei figure

Is this complete and how did you do the LEDs?

What kind of glue did he use to put everything together for this?

so... is it currently printable or not?

I've printed it and I'm in the process of putting it together - there were a few small missing bits at this stage that I had to improvise, and you'll need to mirror/cut up a few bits for printing, but it's a great model, goes together nicely.

Hi Mynefild,
A wonderful job. Very well thought-out modelling.

Very saddened to hear you lost your original files.
Also, have been very apprehensive about Fusion360 storing my files 'out in the cloud' for this very reason since I changed over to modelling with it.

Could you please share with us what you think might have happened to lose your files?

Best of luck,


original model - in Cinema4D ("offline" of course). that's why now - fusion360

Beautiful work! I'm doing a Mei cosplay in a few weeks - I've already started work on making the gun, but some of these pieces will be perfect for the bits I haven't made yet! Thank you!

Sorry to hear the original files were lost but if I may say, this is amazingly done for how recent the game was released. Definitely looking forwards to the refinished files!