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Sliding Door bolt Print fully assembled

by Sagittario May 29, 2016
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Bogul, I am curious how to make this work with a door frame where the frame is protruded out farther than the door itself. I am not looking for serious security, just to keep my toddler from opening the door....but since the two parts are level with each other, I cannot think of a way to mount this to the door and frame and still keep it lined up. Any ideas?

Hi, have a look at my sliding bolt add ons, the link is at the top of the sliding bolt description.
There is a standoff to raise the height of the bolt to match the receiver part.
You can scale the z height to whatever you need.
I hope that helps, if not, let me know what you need.

In which orientation do you print this?
vertical like a tower? or lay it flat?

Hi, if you want to try printing the bolt assembled in one print, then yes you need to print it like a tower.
Don't add any supports as this is ready to go.

You can add a raft if you wish, but I don't recommend a brim as it sometimes seems to fuse the bottom, making it hard to get moving.

You can also print the bolt as seperate parts and manually assemble if you wish.

But as a general rule print everything you need in the supplied orientation.

Good luck! :)

Thanks, I'm happy that you like it.
To release the bolt if it is stuck, you can try tapping the sliding bar with a small hammer using a piece of wood (or similar) to drive the bar into the bolt body.
If you break any parts you can just print the parts you need.

I also put a reduced contact version on with more clearance on most of the bolt bar if that helps.

Good luck!

great design. wich work without problem? I already print it, but its will not slide. I appreciate the help

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

You're very welcome.

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You may get a "cease and desist" order from Apple. They claim to own the patent on "slide to unlock"

Well, if they come after me, 'I'll make a bolt for it!'.

Printed this for a shed door, just to keep it swinging in the wind. Print came out very well with good tolerances.

I'm glad you liked it, Nice print!

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Well, you're correct in so far as I wouldn't use it to protect my house.
If you want a stronger bolt, print all parts separate.
Print the body and receiver vertical and the bolt bar flat on the print bed. Print all parts at 100% and assemble manually

The main purpose was to keep a door or cupboard closed, which it's quite strong enough for.
The one on my shed has been on since May 2016 and is still working fine.

The support should only have a very small contact with the sphere, I've not heard that its stuck before, but I would suggest that you put the support part in a vice or alternatively use pliers to crush it. Just be careful, and let me know how it goes.
If you need it I can upload a version without support and you can use your slicing software to generate your own.
If all else fails, break off the pin, slide out the bolt bar and print these as separate objects and assemble.

Thank you i used needle nose pliers to break off the supports but still left behind some support material and it looks great just a little bit of sanding will help remove it all. Could you post one without the support material in case i want to print another in the future?

Hi, I've uploaded two versions with no support, I hope these work for you.

how do i get the supports off the sphere? I used the assembled one and is freely moving but the supports are stuck to the sphere on the pin

Hi, yes this can indeed be printed already assembled, just use the assembled stl file in the download it stands the bolt on it's end.
The bolt should work when printed in one piece as the parts have been carefully arranged in their correct places with a clearance space around all of the moving parts plus a built in support I added to allow the ball end of the pin to print without adding any other method of support material, this can be snapped off afterwards.
The design has been oriented to allow it to work, I suggest using a raft to keep everything stable during printing.
However if you're stuck and the assembled print doesn't work for you, there are all the parts here to print and assemble the bolt yourself.

Let me know if you have any problems.
Good luck. and enjoy your journey into the world of 3d printing!

Hi Folks... I have a Monoprint in the post. I am doing my homework and found this wonderful group. I want to make the bolt for my garden box to keep the racoons out! Looking at the files, I thought the operation required was to print each file separately and then assemble the parts. But reading the posts about hammering fused parts suggests one can print the whole latch and it comes apart! I see Bogul did comment on this but curious how the 3D printer can build the thing in one piece. Anyway, thank for the files and idea.

Hi, If it is fused and you cannot free it up, you can print any of the individual parts and assemble manually, all sizes of all parts are the same as the original.
Using cura you can split all parts or use the individual parts.
The only things I can think of regarding the seized part is maybe the nozzle is oozing a little or you're printing too fast.
You are using cooling aren't you?
Brims seem to fuse the bottom of the print a raft is better.
Good luck, let me know how it goes.

I printed one assembled where I could get the bolt out and moving, but it wasn't easy. The last two I've printed it was seized and I ruined the part trying to get them apart. I'm using the one with less contact on the bolt but I think it is touching during the entire build. Would it be best for me to just print the parts separately?

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Ever test how strong it is?

It's not strong with 24% infill and 2 outer layers in PLA. On a cabinet I installed it on, the sliding part bends enough that I'm afraid to snap it. I would go with at least 50% infill and 3 outer layers to make it more structurally sound. If you wanted to use it on an outside gate to keep (for example) a large pet dog from getting out, I'd go with 100% infill just to be safe.

If strength is a problem then it sounds like either you need to print hotter (210 pla) or reduce your layer height and speed or it could be that you are under extruding.
I have printed test bolts in 1 perimeter with very little infill, but they were never bendy.
I have had bendy parts but only when the above conditions were the problem.

Good luck!

Thanks Bogul, actually I print at 50mm/s with an outer wall speed of 14mm/s and 0.2mm layer height at 217C. The problem is probably the filament I'm using. It's Makergeeks PLA and they seem to have changed their formula possibly as of the past month. The sliding part fully extended gives about 2mm when I bend it by hand. Not much - and it goes back immediately and slides perfectly after that. So it definitely works great aside from the slight flex but it's not really a problem that's not easy to fix. It's a great design!

No I can't say I've done any testing, although printed in PLA the parts do feel very strong, I don't think I could break it by hand.
I guess the actual strength is determined by the material you print it in, the infill and shells and the temperature you print at.

I've never had one become damaged.

This is awesome and incredibly functional. Simple designs are sometimes the best to 3d print!

Thank you for sharing your work with the community!

You;re welcome, thanks for the comment, much appreciated!

Superb design and congrats on getting featured. Well deserved.

Thanks for your kind comments, I will say I was amazed when I found out my door bolt was featured,.I still am!

Perfecto. Realizada con todas las piezas horizontales, todas a la vez. Con prusa i3 P3SteelPro de 3Despaña (www.3despana.com). 0`18 mm, PLA 195º, cama caliente 300x200mm 50º, en cristal normal con Laca Nelly extrafuerte, relleno 60%, con soportes. Lo hemos realizado como prueba para comprobar que la impresión a lo largo del eje Y no tenía problemas. Lo siento pero mi nivel de inglés es nulo, estudié francés en las escuela, jeje. Pongo traducción de Google.

Perfect. Made with all the horizontal pieces, all at the same time. With prusa i3 P3SteelPro from 3Despaña (www.3despana.com). 0`18 mm, PLA 195º, warm bed 300x200mm 50º, in normal glass with lacquer Nelly extrafuerte, filling 60%, with supports. We have done this as proof to check that the print along the Y-axis had no problems. I am sorry but my level of English is zero, I studied French in the schools, hehe. I translate from Google.

Gracias por el cumplido, estoy contento de que esto funcione para usted y estoy seguro de que mi español es peor que su inglés (Gracias a Google!)

Thanks for the compliment, I'm pleased this works for you and I'm sure my Spanish is worse than your English (Thanks Google!)

Great design. But i wouldn't use it on doors that needs to be properly locked.. Not because of the design, but because plastic isn't that vandalism-proof :)

Thanks for the compliment.

I see a lot of things on here and this is really nicely done - Great job my friend :)

You're welcome, I wanted to make something simple and functional, and I'm glad you like it :)

No it shouldn't need any support, the top of the main body is easily bridged by the printer, if needed you can clean up the main body with a small file or a small wood chisel.

Does it need supports for printing?

I'd like to see that if you make one. :)

I think I might try this in bronzefill. Really cool!

Thanks very much, it's good to know your designs are appreciated. :)

Simple but ever so practical Print, done well Bogul.

You're very welcome.

like a lot of things on Thingiverse, when you cant find what you need you have to design one yourself.

To be honest I almost didn't post this as I thought there were probably some out there already.