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iBoardbot: an OPEN SOURCE internet remotely controlled drawing robot

by jjrobots Jun 6, 2016
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If I use abs to print these parts, do I need to change their scale?What materials do you use to print these parts?

No, everything should be fine. Knowing that the ABS is stronger than PLA maybe inserting the round bars/tubes may take more effort but should be doable.

Can you fix the top right support so the hex is the correct dimension for the nylock nut?

I just assembled another iboardbot and did not have problems with the right support. Are you using M3 nuts?

Bit confused

Does this require a paid subscription to the app?

Not really. The iboardbot uses our server in order to be connected to internet and reachable from everywhere. But the server service is already included with the KITs (https://www.jjrobots.com/product/iboardbot-the-internet-controlled-whiteboard-robot/). There is not annual subscription fee or similar. Unlimited service. Alternatively, you can control it locally: http://forums.jjrobots.com/thread-1403.html

Started printing the case bottom (cura) and it only has 3 holes (plus 4 in the corners), but in Cura, i clearly see 14 (plus 4 in the corners). If I change to LAYER VIEW in CURA it looks more like what is printing (3 holes). Why is that? Will it be a problem in assembly?

Try with the new version we have uploaded already tested for the new CURA version. Looking at your photos, you will not have any problems assembly the case anyway :-)

I'm using Cura v3.0.3. I'll try your new version.

Anyone else have this problem?

What slicer software are you using? CURA/ 3D builder and Repetier are not having problems printing it

I found the top_LEFT_support_FIXED.stl. The fixed file sliced and printed good with Simplify3D.

Hello I ask you a help I built the boardbot and bought your card arduino leonardo with the wifi card buy from you I followed all the procedures after assembling i downloaded the iboardbot ino code inserted into the folder compiled with arduino ide 1.5 .6 and loaded it but the card continues to give me a yellow flashing light that I know the wrong com port and the card is recognized but the yellow light is not fixed but flashes coem are inserted the example codes board bot configuration, servo step And wi enclosed in a single folder the boards should be installed one at a time? Is it possible that the card is defective or not compatible with the wi fi card? I bought thirst from you i also registered on your site the procedure for the web app and i did all wizard procedure but do not accept the key of my modem wi fi accept only the pasword87654321 the problem and that the board rduino should have the light Yellow fix i want to know before or after installing the codecs the boardbot the web app works i have created profile but i think it is either the board or the code the inbore boards but when compile and send the lights are lit but then the yellow light continues to bump Without getting fixed I do not know how to do I ought to change the card maybe maybe loaded the code differently or without mounting the card

You would need access to the cloud service in order to connect the iboardbot to internet. Send us an email to info@jjrobots.com, we will give you some info about this.

This is the second robot from you I have assembled . A magnet for customers on the street. Keep on the good work!

Is WebAPP open source as well?

Well, the WebAPP can not be OPEN for security reasons.

Hey there, I read on your forums that you're planning on releasing the php code, or some parts of it at some point.

Any estimates on that??

EDIT: Topic url: http://forums.jjrobots.com/thread-890-page-2.html

Probably no plans on releasing parts of the code on server side... :(

How to use jjrobotics application..while I am clicking on iboardbot ,it shows coming soon

The iboardbot is controlled via WebAPP
It is a web based application, so you can run it on almost every device (as long as it has internet access) and you do not need to be worried about compatibility issues or updating it.

More info here:

Hello. I trying to fit 8mm long tube into left and right support parts. But the tube diameter is bigger then it must be. Can you please upload a version with bigger tube slot or maybe upload model in format suitable for Autodesk fusion?

drill it out a lil bigger. drill another hole perpendicular to the rod and thread in a set screw?

If the tube diameter is slightly thicker than 8mm (8,03 for example) it will be difficult to insert it into the plastic parts but even with the right diameter you will have to push it firmly (might take a little effort but can be done). We do not have Autodesk Fusion buth the STL format can be imported in many CAD software packages

can you please rotate iBoardBot_top_left_support_FIXED.stl

Comments deleted.

Ugh, I just hammered on the old version the other day. Any tips for the easiest way to remove one?
Maybe heat the sprocket with a heat gun a bit? I guess I could go for a careful hacksaw.
Think about getting a metal one made!

UPDATE--a little heating of the old sprocket with a heat gun and gentle pry with a small crowbar and off with the old sprocket.
I'm going to try chilling down the motor a bit before putting the new sprocket on. I hate using a hammer to install sprockets.

Hello. It looks like y_motor_pulley_42_JP_FIXED is broken. Look at cogs. They looks like they worn a lot. Please correct files.

Check it again. Should be fixed: tested with CURA, slic3r and Simplify3D

Thank you very much.
Confirm-bug is fixed.

Can you post the case as four separate parts? All four together is too big for my printer bed and S3D can't obviously split the STL files

Done. Now, there are 3 parts: TOP, BOTTOM and LATERAL (2 needed) ;-)

Is het possible to make a version with a bigger Glass plate? I would like to make one with the KLUDD Glass plate from IKEA with the dimensions of 65x45 cm

And then mount it on the Wall in the kitchen.

Yes, it is possible. Actually, some users are working on it. Take a look to this thread in the Community:
The current size allows to display 5 rows of texts and drawings at the same time

It seems this thread is missing.. Did anyone succeed at making one? I want to build this, but I'm from Texas, and I like everything BIG! :)

It seems this thread is missing.. Did anyone succeed at making one? I want to build this, but I'm from Texas, and I like everything BIG! :)

This inspires me to build the same thing, but for drawing PCBs. Perhaps someone has or will beat me to it but this would be a handy thing for making your own PCBs.

Awesome idea. But using NEMA17 motors that cost a lot seems to be an overkill for a small device.
1 dollar (literally!) "28byj-48-5v" stepper motors would do the job equally nice (just a bit slower, indeed, but at a fraction of cost).

Thanks for the comment Sanja
We have tested several types of stepper motors and finally picked the NEMA17 due to:

  • Easy to get (very common and reliable)
  • Can handle the fast accelerations the iBoarbot requires (otherwise it takes a lot of time to draw)
  • They are the same motor we have used in the B-robot EVO (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1069256) so you can create another robot using the same motors ;-)
B-robot EVO (the evolved Self balancing robot)

One more stupid question, what is the size of the glass?

Tempered glass: 400x150mm 6mm thick

I'm curious, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but why are there duplicate items in the files?

hmmm... There should be only one model for every item. There is a photo of all the printed parts here: http://bit.ly/292k7Hf

One more question: Can I use Brain 2.1 shield? It only got one Servo output.

Of course you can. Actually, the Brain shield 2.1 has two servo outputs (one next to the other) ;-)

Got it.. JP5 and JP6.

Not to be negative but how is this different from using a monitor with a similar program?

The iBoardBot is WAY different than using a "similar" program and a computer monitor....
This is a PHYSICAL item you can build (or buy) and like the Eggbot, laser engraver, 3D Printer and other bots...it creates a PHYSICAL object, in this case, a drawing or message or even the time and weather on a PHYSICAL piece of glass and on top of that, you can share your code with others and they can send you messages, artwork etc.

Not sure WHY you would even want to be negative towards something this cool mate....besides, if you don't like it or don't think it's cool...simply ignore this page and never come back to visit or even consider making one of the iBoardBots. Simple as that.

Cheers mate!

1st I was not talking to you. Also as a FYI a monitor is a physical item and as for your negativity I can go anywhere and comment on anything I wish. Perhaps you should read your own words. Sorry jjrobots for this comment in your comments.

LOLZ! You posted a comment (which is PUBLIC DOMAIN)...NOT a direct message...so in essence, you ARE talking to ANYONE who reads this.
You CAN be as negative as YOU like...no one is stopping you mate.

Since you seem to know it all...where is this magical program that is similar to that of the iBoardbot that will allow me to send messages, drawings and IFTT recipes to a computer monitor...I would definitely be interested in running the software on one of my machines. Until then, I will have fun building and using my iBoardbot!

I feel sorry for you. done talking with you.

Comments deleted.

Hi Paul. the iBoardbot is a sort of "hack" of a regular glass shelf and a 3D printer. We wanted different users to collaborate drawing at the same time from different devices and world places like they were locally drawing with a invisible hand .
Some features: Writing Tweets with a specific Hashtag, displaying motivational quotes every XX hours, showing the weather forecast in your city, ifttt recipes...we thought the iBoarbot could be a cool gadget with as many features as you can create (it is an OPEN PROJECT). Some users have already created a real time clock or added some new "ingredients" to the iBoardbot in the FORUM
Of course you can do the same using a monitor (or a printer) but... it is not the same :-P

How do you keep the ink from drying out?

I have been using the Iboardbot almost three weeks (I am a very happy iBoardbot´s kickstarter backer) and I have left the marker uncapped the whole time and... it is still drawing nicely! They have picked the Staedtler 351 (DRY SAFE – can be left uncapped for days without drying up). Perfect choice I have to say. Inexpensive and reliable.

Amazing! thank you for publishing it