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Toothpaste transfer tube

by jijimath Oct 1, 2013
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You are an absolute genius. I didn’t know I even needed this! Lol

This works as is with Tom's of Maine and Crest toothpaste tubes.

As with other posters, my 100% initial attempt didn't work too well, but 108% fit a Crest-to-Pepsodent transfer (don't judge) well enough to get it done. Woohoo!

Scaled to 108% for Colgate brand, and it fit nicely on three different Colgate tubes, both full and travel size. Toothpaste was cleanly transferred; I appreciate the design. I'll try 100% scale for Crest next. (We're a divided household.) Thanks!

Thanks for this comment: I use Colgate, and a 108% print worked perfectly for me.

Am I the only one that does not get the point of this thing? Why would you transport you paste? Please tell me.

First off, I have to say that I love this thing.

Second, ... Yes, you're the only one that doesn't get the point of this thing.

This is perfect for refilling the little travel toothpaste tubes. I personally don't prefer to take
a 45 day supply of toothpaste on a short 3-day business trip. I always seem to forget to buy a new
little tube until I'm packing the night before a trip, when I'm realizing that the small tube from
the last trip has barely enough for one good brushing. I recently had the idea to design something
like this, but such a relief to find its already been done!

jijimath = HERO

Fantastic! 110% uniform scaling worked great for Arm & Hammer full size to travel size transfer. Travel size was slightly loose, but the transfer worked without spilling a single bit of paste. Looks like toothpaste is viscous enough that it's a bit forgiving, so you just need to get close on fit for it to work. Thanks for posting this.

I am in the same boat as danelaitinen. Glad I found it before I tried to reinvent the wheel. Question, how do you make the threads and calculate the size? Obviously not all toothpaste tubs are the same size.

Great job.

I used a thread pitch gauge to measure the threads and calipers to measure the outer diameter. Increased the diameter on the part a bit so it wouldn't be too snug of a fit.

Awesome, I was just about to sit down and design one of these, then I thought to myself, better check to see if someone beat me too it, Sure enough. :) Thanks.

Works on Crest and some Chinese brands, but the threading does not fit on Rembrandt tubes. I guess I have my first design project in front of me!

I used it for Colgate, scaled it up using uniform scaling. Did it one measure, and it works fine.

Might be possible that simply scaling it will work. For example, if Rembrandt has the same diameter but a tighter thread pitch, vertically scaling it to compress the pitch should work...

Rembrandt diameter is larger, large enough for the Crest tube to slip freely inside a Rembrandt cap. Since the screw depth is so shallow on this piece, I might be able to lengthen the whole thing a bit, open up the cylinder for the outer new material, and add threads there to make a single piece that accepts both sizes.

I like the way you think. Sounds like you have a cool solution in mind.

my toothpaste has stripes in it, what can we do to preserve them? ;-)

Striped toothpaste! Maintaining the separation would be a cool feat indeed.

Had to scale by 1.05 to get it to fit on the toothpaste but now it works perfectly! Thanks!

Brilliant! It is the little hacks in life that make things easier :)

perfect for smuggling A/B explosives onto a plane. thanks!

Mythbusters did a test on this. They tried to replicate the James Bond exploding pen you see being demonstrated by Q in one of the movies. They even had real C4 explosive which probably has more bang per cubic centimeter than your average homemade terrorist concoction. They had to scale it up to one of those large novelty pens to do some real damage to the test dummy.

A 100ml (The limit on allowed containers in Europe) stick of explosives will ruin your piano career if you hold it when it goes off, but it wont bring down an airplane. I imagine someone looked at how much damage X amount of high grade explosives did before settling on that limit.

I made it so that you need to be over 18 and proven to not be a terrorist before you can download and print this design. We should be safe.

Genius +1!!
more people need to design small things like this to make life easier.
as most of us just accepted this as life lol