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Keychain / Smartphone Stand

by Shira May 31, 2016
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Very Cool Products. Good idea to make it multifunctional to be a keychain and a phone holder.

These are amazingly cute designs. For my phone (slightly larger, with an extra pocket glued to the back), the opening was too narrow, and the phone was too wobbly in it. I had to customize this design to my own needs - make the body of the hippo larger and add a "puddle" at the bottom, to stabilize the phone. I'd love to post my design, but unfortunately this thing doesn't allow remixes :-(

I think the hippo is a bad model. I printed it 2 times, and each time it was missing layers. The other one printed oerfectly.

Hi Shira,
These are adorable. I'm a total noob at 3D printing and loving every moment. I saw your cute, tiny designs and thought it would be a great first project. Result: Loving it!!! I have a request. It's the year of the PIG in the Chinese Zodiac. Any chance, you could design one with a pig? I'd love to give 'em out.

https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/532566420/3d-printetd-and-hand-painted-little?ref=unav_listing-other-24&frs=1# This shop sells the dragon despite the license being listed as non commercial. Thought I'd let you know.

Thank you for contacting us NeonWolf but we wasn't the ones who look for the model, download it, print, paint and sell despite being branded by the designer as non-commercial. This model was given to us by a customer that ask for us to 3d print and paint it probably because they didn't have a 3d printer. However we are sorry for this Shira, We already deactivated our listing with your design and i just create this account to tell you that your design is amazing and that there are other shops selling it on Etsy. If you want you can report them and Etsy will also deactivated their listings.
Keep us the good work because they are amazing :)

Thanks for Your design .... i make some (very much ) cats to make charity to a cats shelter ... to be gifted in reward of some offer (food ... blankets ... any kind of help for the puppy or the adults of the shelter ... ) By the way ... I printed them bigger to stand the phone with the silicon cover or some sort of cover .... Thanks Again ...

Very cool design!

I made the cat a few days ago and of course i attached my keys to it immmediately. I thought the the printing went very well with a nice looking surface but the ring snapped at the base when I grabbed my keys this morning. I'm new to 3d printing. Could this mean an underlying problem with my printing process ? My 3d printer is an ender 3, I sliced the model in latest version of Cura, draft quality infill 20%.

edit : better (I hope) picture of the cat and the ring

I'm not sure if I understand you right and the picture is a bit out of focus. Do you mean the plastics ring is broken without any force on it? The reason for this could be a to low printing temperature so that the layers don't really stick one on the other.

Yeah I've had troubles taking a good picture with my phone as the plastic is somewhat shiny. I wouldn't say I didn't put any force on it as I think I grabbed the keys on the table by the keyring. I got the keyring in my hand but the key stayed on the table :P.

My printer is a brand new Ender 3, I'm printing at 200°C. I used the small sample of PLA that came with the printer. I didn't rotate the model in Cura.The 20x20x20 calibration cube went out well so I thought my parameters were fine.

I'll try to take a better picture and update the comment.

That's what I assumed. I'm printing PLA with 215 °C on my Felix printer and I don't think it depends so much on the printer model if the temperatures are really what they should be, more on the material. I suggest to give it a try with 215 °C nozzle temp. Alternatively you could try to print smaller objects with different temperatures and see which of the examples comes out best. Since you are new to 3D printing you might have some problems to design your own objects now. Let me know and I'll design you for example a 10 mm ring on a square stand for testing purposes and send it by email.

Here are the results! I've included a shot of the bottom of the model but my phone doesn't show the creases very well. Maybe it's just the brim that fused with the bottom because of the hot bed. I'm not sure how I can tell if this cat ring will be stronger though! Looks good to me, as did the first one.

The problem with the none flat bottom might depend on this model. There are other comments here that also point to it. Maybe it was not the best choice to start with, nevertheless these models are nice. The rest seems to be ok. If the ring still is not strong enough you cold use higher infill and/or more 'walls' in the slicer options to get the ring solid

Thanks for the all these advices!

I'm starting to think my first layers are weak because this is a pattern that shows on all the models I've printed so far. I managed to print this one, then a small toy (the articulated slug) which had an even more stringy base, so I leveled my bed once again then I couldn't get anything to stick on the bed (I have both the glass bed and the original one that came with the printer, I've tried to switch back to the latter), so after an hour or so of struggling more and more to print the calibration cube (which I have already printed 3 times before without a problem), I decided I should stop, take a breath, go to bed and try again from the beginning tomorrow. People never take pictures of the bases of their object so I'm not sure how flat they're supposed to be maybe I went overboard trying to solve that issue and ruined my calibration.

3d printing really tries your patience sometimes! this is a good exercise for that.

If you are interested we should continue this discussion in an other place. Either you provide an email address in your profile or you go to my profile (by clicking on my icon) and find there my email address. There you can write me a short note and I'll get your mail address.

Thanks for the offer! I haven't looked into design yet. I'll need to read about the options and make a choice for the sofware.I think the PLA roll i've bought is of better quality than the small sample so maybe that will help in addition to increasing the temperature. I think my first layer is always a bit weak (you can see the folds on the bottom, it's not flat) so maybe the increased temperature could help with that too.

edit : I've edited my initial comment with better pictures of the cat.

I'm printing another one at 215°C and I've increased wall thickness from 0.6mm to 1,2mm. I've also noticed that in machine settins in Cura, filament width is set at 1,75mm, but only at 1,74 in the (hidden.. why ??) advanced print settings.. So I've corrected that at well.

Tell me how to get a plug from the headphone connector, if it is broken off?

one of my favorite staff on thingeverse is your designs

This is ingenious!

Could you make the neck longer so a thicker phone could fit in it?

You can resize it in cura .... You can resize it all or only one axis ....

Could you make a model of a bull?

I messed up his painting but I love it a lot, I've printed all four animals for friends, they are all adorably awesome. .it's easy to make the "neck" longer for phones in otterboxes!

Me encantan tus diseños, pero me gustaria que en estos hicieras la parte donde va el celular unos milimetros mas ancha por que no entran con funda, por ejemplo mi cel es un huawei P9 super delgado y aun con la funda pero con ella tiene de grosor 12mm y tus diseños tienen 9mm.

Thank you so much! I will try to create a Dragoncito ))

Have you thought about making them with a wider gap to accommodate some of the heftier phone cases out there?

simple and great, my girlfriend loved the hippo

how/ in what program did you design these?

I will be giving a presentation about 3D printing, would you like to know if I can distribute as a gift at the end of the presentation to anyone who is evaluating the presentation? Thank you :)

Can't wait to try this! It'll be my first! Thanks for the design. I'll comment later on how it turned out for me.


Comments deleted.

These look great, how long do they take to print and how much filament do they take?

I find that each printer, and each slicing program seems to have different requirements depending on the settings you select. One print I did (of a different design), the slicer said would take 1hr 15 minutes, but the printer reported 1 hr 25 minutes on completion. Something this small shouldn't take all that long, or use a lot of filament.

Super ! Made the dragon / cat and Tuttle

Thanks! Cool designs, love em.

However, the bottoms of the prints are poorly designed, since the first layer is a lot smaller than the second layer, making the prints warp quite easily. Could you maybe something about this?

Comments deleted.

the dragon one works the best and is most stable

The animals on look like the armadillo in the movie Rango when he got ran over :)

I made dragon cat and hipototam. Both holds phone perfectly. Dragon holds much more better due to its long tail. While hipo and cat can't hold 9.7" tablet, dragon holds 9.7" tablet perfectly.

Es una chorrada fantástica. He realizado el dragon y lo he pintado de verde con reflejos dorados y ha quedado fenomenal. Practico y lindo.
(Chorrada = thing of little importance)
Traducción de google:
It's a fantastic bullshit (¿?). I made the little dragon and painted it green with golden highlights and it has been phenomenal. Practical and cute.

Can someone pretty please remix a bunny for this one?

Very cute animals, not only the ones shown here :-) Thanks for sharing!
I just have one question: What is the default measure of the slot for the smartphone. I Don't want to print one, just to realize my phone doesn't fit into it.

These look amazing! I hope this question hasn't already been asked/answered, did you use a heated bed to print the filaflex?

I also have the i3 hephestos, but I don't have a heated bed for it, so I was curious.

To print filaflex you do not need warm bedding, and not necessary lacquer... : )
Adheres very well to the glass surface, on other surfaces may need lacquer, but hot bed does not

Made the dragon. Adorbs.

Did the dragon
Had to scale him up a little 1.05
To get my wife's iPhone with a slim case to fit

These are terrific! Great work here!

(Note that people might find it more easily if you fix the typo. "Keichain" should be "Keychain" unless there's something cute I'm missing in the title?)

Thank you! I have rectified it : )

Cool - you rock! I ran the little dragon in a wood filament and he fits my GS5 nicely.

these are adorable and creative!

Like your bat, these look amazing.

My wife jjust asked me to print her some of these :D Its the first time she's took an intrest in 3d printing

thank you. And keep up the good work :)


Podrias pasarme la configuracion que tienes con la prusa i3? las has hecho muy lentas las piezas? El infill es rectilinio o honeycomb?
Me ha salido bastante bien pero no como a ti :(


Comments deleted.

I think the product is very beautifully designed, and also practical. But one thing I'd like to suggest is that the angle between the fixed phone and the floor seems too large and it becomes a little inconvenient to use the phone. Would it be possible for you to change the modeling by making the angle smaller?

Please upload more animals including : dog, pig etc..

I uploaded a puppy here (still not hanging on Thingiverse)
I have also wanted to model an elephant ... I hope to find time for it

Would love to see an elephant

you should update the thingverse upload to include the dog, so it is easier for ppl to get the model here..

Also I think pigs are quite cute if u can model one..

I printed your cat one which is pretty nice..

You should also make alternative models of each animals for phones with cases.


Do u think it is better to use flexible filament or PLA?

yes, it is a good idea. Possibly I do when I find time... and money to do it.

I designed for flexible filament. So it's a nice keychain to place in pocket, and is best suited to the different sizes of smartphone.
But also it can be printed on PLA and other materials

Comments deleted.

Really cute! I like them all. Really well presented too!

Also using Makerbot Replicator Mini 5th Gen - Have printed the cat, dragon and now hippo - all have turned out amazing! Using two of them to hold ipad when cooking dinner!

Made Dragoncite. Awesome print from MakerBot replicator 5th Generation

compliments!!! very sweet :)

compliments!!! very sweet :)

Podrías hacer uno de una ballena?

Sonia! estan padrisimos! excelente trabajo!

Jajaja! Que chulos!! Buen trabajo!!

Gracias : )