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Tesla SuperCharger Phone Charger

by RobPfis07 May 24, 2016
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это супермодель! уже печатаю! https://www.facebook.com/tride.pechaty

this is honestly the coolest thing i've ever seen on this website

Just finished printing this on an Anycubic SLA Photon Printer without Modification!!! Fit perfect with Zero lines and hard as a rock with 100% infill.

I said no modifications... I did have to slant a few items (Due to ya kinda need to on SLA printers)
The sides fit the height of the Photon without slanting and room to spare when done to leave the vat.


not very happy with the result: having a big big gap between the two white parts which is not very beautifull
Also the two cylinder are short and a little bit small
Anyone having the same issue? solutions?

Does anyone have the editable files for the white faces ? looking add a custom name instead :)

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could you do a file that doesn't require assembly?

This is so cute, nice work!

Hey mate, this looks like a really good model to use for my dads birthday on the 2nd may but i was just wondering, how does this work? Do you put a power bank inside or?
Thanks for your help

You would use your regular phone charger. The phone cord comes in through the base, up the inside and out the underside of the top.
Hope this helps.

Where can I put my phone in?

No were. It is only to hold the cable and looking good.

OH MY GOD i just saw these on an hotel getting installed, i was so excited, ¡i am printing this model right now!

my (silver_stand) does not fit into my (silver_base)... what should I do?...

I had the same issue, I just sanded down the stand until it fit. I had to press pretty hard to get it to snap in, though. You could try printing the base 2 or 3% larger though.

I printed^^ the silver_base 102% and it is way too big - So I'll try orginal size ;)
^^PRUSA i3 MK2

The model closely resembles the one on the tesla website but saved me lots of money

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For anyone dense like myself this does nothing special. It looks like the car charging stations used by Tesla cars. It is cool but i had no idea it was a cable holder. Good Job By the way

I used the STL files from here: https://www.mysupercharger.net/
One of the white parts doesn't work with the Z-Suite for Zortrax M200. (It says that the files need to be repaired)

Is this compatible with micro usb and usb type-c chargers?

can you upload a center piece for usb c?

Comments deleted.

Did you print the two white faces with supports? I tried to print with them and it didn't turn out well.

Yes, unfortunately you'll need supports on a lot of these pieces. Especially the two white pieces and probably the two rings (big and small). @3dpassion below was supposed to be remaking this to print better, but I have not seen anything follow up from him on that. The supports do remove easily though, since there isn't a whole lot of support

Where does the small red ring go?

It goes behind the "TESLA" lettering in the top part. Its just to when you look through the lettering it appears red.

Ok, made it already actually. Only need to add cord thingy. Check this out: http://imgur.com/E5ZROp5 ;-) Good enough?

This looks awesome! The only problem is it won't print properly, due to the "TESLA" lettering being suspended in air. Unless you plan on splitting it up the middle like the original was, so each half prints on its back?

If you are able to export the red and white part for dual extrusion, and the grey alone, that would be awesome! Not sure how much work that is though...

They all are done properly, no worries :) I don't do bad models :) fully 3D printable! Each color part is a separate 3D model, you are looking at assembly. Main base is indeed split in two. Letters are printed either separately or laying flat.

Awesome! Feel free to link your thingiverse object here once you have it uploaded, so people can get to it quickly. I'd like to give it a try myself.

It will be in my account, for everyone who would like to print it - just go there and download ;) I love this charger idea, I will also sand it, it will make it look awesome :)

I will do this right. From the scratch. Give me couple days. Subscribe for my updates! ;)

How is the design going?
I would love to see it :)

Designed that same day. Easy design. Haven't printed yet, due to no gray filament and no time :) have other projects now.

In redwoods now :) Don't have my PC with me. Will surely upload when I come back to hobby from vacation. ;)

Still have fingers crossed you'll upload :)

Hey, no time for than man, I am sorry. We are working on 3Dpassion website day and night (literally 24/7), pushing it to release this month. I am also working on second iteration of our premium hotend prototype now, while building my CoreXY machine from the scratch. All that while running my two other businesses and an amazon store :) Much bigger things are coming to waste time on plastic toy designs :) Moreover I think there are plenty already available here, check other designers. Follow insta @3d.passion for updates! Lots of work is done there and a lot of updates :)

Just followed you, looking forward to it!

Thank you

...but I look forward to getting it eventually!

Dont forget to credit the designer at https://www.mysupercharger.net/ please

Love It! Thank You!!

how the thell do you reload a phone with this ?, why not just plug the cable straight in your phone ?
it does not seem to hold the phone in any way

Plug is straight to the phone, we don't mind

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Comments deleted.

Did it come out crooked at the top for anyone else or did mine just warp somehow? If I lineup the sides, the seam at he top isn't straight. Seems like even if the bottom had started warping that the upper layers would have printed straight.

mine is fine and ive been doing this for two weeks. I keep the room warm to help with warping.

I figured out the problem a week later. My X-axis was out of alignment so all my prints were coming out skewed. It was hard to notice on most of them, but I've fixed it now.

Great job on putting together this page.

almost $100 for FDM 3D printed crap :D wow :))) For $100 cost I can cast that out of aluminum on my CNC and anodize it ;) the original designer is www.tesla.com ;) He didn't develop anything LOL

I love this model! I would like to shoot a youtube video printing it. Do you mind if I show the design printing? I will also recognize you for your awesome design skills!

I did not design the model, I just sliced it. I've since found out where it originally came from. Check out mysupercharger.net for more info about the original artist. Thanks for the feedback though!

This is awesome! The artifacts mentioned are all too apparent on the prints. I'm about halfway through printing, and yep they do show up on my prints.