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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

40 Watt CO2 Laser Tube Clip Remix

by DIY3DTech May 22, 2016
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These are way too big for my K40 laser. Won't even fit in the area of the tube and would hold the tube 2 inches too high if they did fit in! What a joke!

I assume you have seen the pictures of them installed in a common K40 laser, I have these in two versions and they work just fine so why I am the "joke" because I put in all the work to design these, offer to the community for free and just because they don't fit your off breed of a laser I am the bad guy? Have you ever heard of measure twice cut once? You can download the STLs and see the measurements and if you can afford a laser you can afford a ruler, so again please explain to my why I am a "joke"? Also if "Jesus" is inside, would he call me a "joke"? I am not thinking so as I also quite sure the good book would classify this as "rudeness"...

First I did not call you a joke. I called the size of the parts a joke. BTW, STL files do not contain measurements or allow dimensioning so how could one check the size before printing. One would need the actual 3D files from what ever CAD program was used to draw them in order to see the measurements - Duh. It was a waste of time printing something that was too big for the common K40 laser I have, mine looks just like your photo and it is NOT a different breed!. The idea is valid though just the parts are too big. I will just re-draw them to fit the common K40 laser in my shop. Oh yeah, besides a ruler I also use digital calipers.

I am confused "STL files do not contain measurements or allow dimensions " as yes they do as you can see the measurements in any mesh management software. Just load it in TinkerCad, Mesh Mixer or your slicer. In fact you can also re-scale it in your slicer and to add insult to injury I have even given you the Open-SCAD file with the measurements and the ability to adjust its size!

Don't bother yourself with this, Mr. DIY3DTech. You are correct in all of this. If it doesn't fit, there is a host of reasons why that could be (different machine dimensions is more than likely the case, because it's not like all the manufacturers adhere to any one standard design...), and YES you can measure an STL, but I don't need to tell you that ;-) You did great work here, man! I have one question though, and you might have said somewhere and I could have missed it... what material did you print this in? I am preparing to make this change on my K40, and I would appreciate all of the wisdom you can impart from your efforts. Thank you for giving to the community!

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Do you know of anyone who sells these. I do not own or have access to a 3d printer. Thank you.

Hy, could you please tell me what size of screw you used. Thanks.

I just got back from Home Depot with #8 hardware and the capture hole for the nut is MUCH larger than the nut :(

Hi Joe, I follow a lot of your laser stuff here and on your youtube channel. I am trying to print these brackets to try on my 40w laser but I cannot open the modded tube hanger file. Keeps giving me an error as it might be corrupted. Thanks Alex

Just a word of warning for anyone wanting to print this, this does not fit all K40's so measure and check the cas files before printing! I didn't do this and now I have tube mounts that aren't even close to fitting :(

I ran into the same issue, apparently not all K40's are made the same. Some work with a pencil grinder and a cut off wheel fixed it for me.

Nope all of this aligned as is (see pictures) as in both of my k40 lasers the tube actually sits at the top of the bracket. So you're saying with the tube at its lowest point it is still too high for the first order mirror? As the one thing you do not want to do is shim the mirrors as the whole purpose of this is avoid mirror adjustment...

Did you make a new bracket for the first mirror to raise it up? I have the mounts installed all nice in my case but the tube is slightly higher than the original mounts and I can't align my mirrors without shimming them it appears.

Sadly this didn't fit my K40, they were too tall.

Hello, do these files include the thinner thumb nuts? I printed them, but had to sand them down quite a bit to get them to fit. I'm not sure if it's my printer that made them too large

I used the stock opening and stock knobs, mine were tight but did fit. (http://www.DIY3DTech.com)

Thanks for the videos, and uploading all your models!

No worries and glad your finding them of value! (http://www.DIY3DTech.com)