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B9 Environmental Control Robot (Lost in Space)

by cerberus333 Sep 29, 2013
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thanks for the reply, so the scale is different, will give it a go.

was going great until i got to the head, could you do the head and neck on its own please. thanks

another person has "chopped" the model up
you can choose the segments you want from that and scale as needed to make the head and neck replacement

Lost In Space Robot - B9 - Parted

How do I download b9 robot

I do not understand. You can click the big "Download this thing button".
click on "thing files" and select the file you want to download.
there are 2 versions,
one had the power pack and shoulder hoops, the other does not.

I started this yesterday and it's one of the best quality models I've ever made. Only problem I ran into is that just above the neck, when it started the bottom bowl of the head, it just stopped and said it was done. Anyone else had this happen? I'm reluctant to run it again because it took so long, I'd love to figure out what happened first. Thanks,

I printed this with a replicator (1) and sliced using repG (marlin accelerated settings) .27 slice
Support was on (to support the obvious overhangs)
It did print to the top, but the support removal was so horrid I gave up.

If you have a g-code output, there are several g-code viewers that allow you to preview
the toolpath and you can see if the path ends prematurely.

barring that, try moving the print slightly (x-y not z!) and rerun the slicer.
if the filesize is significantly larger then it would imply the first run got truncated somehow.
good luck!

As a single object the support requirement particularly at the top make this guy a massive challenge as well as a major gamble. Now... if he was in parts... ooooo this could be such an awesome thing!
Any chance you could part him up. This way not only would printing him be more feasible, we could also use different plastic colors.

I modeled for resin printer on this one,
I will remodel a few ways for FDM.
I actually printed with FDM and supports, it was a nightmare to clean.
Will repost once I make some cut up models

Excellent take on everyone's favorite bubble-headed booby.

Cybernetic Simpleton
Hulking Mass of Mechanical Ignorance
Nickel Plated Nincompoop
Tin Plated Tintinnabulation
Traitorous Tin Plated Fugitive from a Junkyard
(Dr. Zachary Smith)

My back is a disaster area..


I had to do at least a reasonable looking model,
the guy who makes the accurate full size version
will see all the flaws (like the claws being too big etc)

Waiting the next few months for my printer is going to be a very hard wait now that you made this wonderful model .. thank you!

Which printer did you order?
and dang, look around thingiverse, there are TONS of cool models on here!

Pirate3D's Buccaneer.. btw.. still waiting for you to do a HR Pufnstuf Freddy the talking flute. :-D

ok ok
i'll knock at that flute

You will be my hero ..! .. :-D thank you!

Freddy Flute (HR Puffenstuf)

Thank you so much !!! .. my b-day is in a month and this is something I had wanted for 40 years.. thanks again!

BraVO , SPOT ON, a WORK OF ART! Nice to see the gnomes are out of your system

Not quite 100% accurate, I left off a few things, and fudged the bezel stuff a bit,
but I tried to make it convey the iconic look without getting too cartoonish or
excessively faceted. hard to strike a balance as the programs i model this in tend to crash
when booleaning. (no exaggeration, at least 50 crash and restarts( i do save often when i am up against that!))

I posted a second version with a few more features.
The one thing I am not happy with is claws are a bit big, but I wanted them big.
might have to revisit to make more accurate for the purists

Hi Perry, it was great to see you and your display at MakerFaire!
I used to love Lost In Space, it was probably one of the first US Sci-Fi things I saw on UK TV.
I might try and print this (with a couple of supports) when I get back to Blighty.

The pleasure was all mine.
Lost in space I enjoyed, it was the silly scifi as opposed to Star Trek
the more 'serious' of the two. (google The Great Vegetable Rebellion)
I think for FDM print with full support it would go ok with the likely exception of the antenna.
the bubble would be a bit rough on the underside. and it might be a delicate cleanup.
i might split it for FDM supportless printing (like dutchmogul does on lots of his models).
I actually modeled the claws closed so it could possibly be FDM printed and cleaned up with
a jewlers saw.
Have a nice trip back to GB!