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Octopus Tablet / Phone Stand

by notcolinforreal Sep 29, 2013
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I love it. I actually used it mounted to the wall and it's perfect.

Love your octopus tentacles designs. Amazing detail!
Can I ask you how did you make the design, did you use Solidworks by chance?
Would it be ok if I used your idea to create legs to hold a small box?

looks great, doesnt really work. needed to add a dot of hot glue to the touch points for the phone/tablet so it didnt slide out or down. the Version 2 of this item is really cool, and works well (although its a bit LARGE). great work, keep iterating and improving! thank you.

Ich habe es auch gedruckt. Für ein Handy kann man es benutzen, für ein Tablet nicht.

This is worthless. Its not force positive enough to actually hold a phone safely, just a tiny ledge between you and a broken phone. I may try to remix this into something thats not a worthless POS that looks nice. Guy probably never printed this to see if it worked -_- It will hold it decently well if you put the phone so the tentacle parts are in front of the screen otherwise it will just fall off if you try to set it up like he has in the rendering. Shameful how many noobs he probably made break their devices

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Nice design, but not working for my tablet, and for my iPhone.

Very cool design but it doesn't work very well to hold a phone or tablet. Wrong angle and not enough for the phone to rest on.

Great design unfortunately doesn't work with iphone 7 :l

It's a nice model but the suction cups on the tentacles are too shallow for them to grip your phone or tablet. Looking down from above - the suction cups are at angles so the hard straight edges of your phone can only grab one shallow cup at a time. The rear is not slanted enough so if you put your phone on it - it is nearly vertical and easy to tip over. As other people noted - it just won't work as intended.One thing you can do with it is use it as a hook by putting it sideways on your wall or behind a closet door to hang something like a hat. Or paint it - because well....it looks cool.

built and cracked half open: tentacles are just too thin and doesn't hold ipad
wast of abs and time

Looks gr8 but doesnt hold the tablet

total waste of time, nothing to stop the tablet bottom edge slipping off. mine slipped of then slid off the table and crashed to the floor cracking the screen

the tablet base needs properly secured in a tablet stand

if you feel bad about it send me the cash for a replacement

While thats completely unfortunate that your tablet fell to floor cracking its screen, perhaps in the future you should exercise a little more caution when placing your electronics on things you made at home.

I've decided to branch out a little bit and evolve the design into something a bit simpler, smaller and more awesomeness. All the great and continued response has been fabulous and very encouraging. It might be a little unfortunate to many of you awesome users on Thingiverse, but I'm going to keep this new one on Shapeways for a good while. I'm not really keen on making a commercial enterprise out of this at the moment, but I really don't know of any other venue where I can continue to create and share without risk of people taking my work and misrepresenting it as there own.

For all those interested, here's the new one:

I find my iPhone 5S doesn't sit very stable on it in portrait orientation. Landscape is a little better. My iPad 2 is practically impossible to mount on it. It looks pretty though.

Thanks for the comments, finally got the new one up. Hopefully this fixes the problems from the previous. Check it out here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:213990http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Octopus Tablet Stand Version Two

I agree. My iPhone sits nicely on the stand but the tablet not so much. Killer nice print but I think it would be best when used with a phone. The part is visually awesome!

Thanks for that. Well I've finally chipped off some free time and finished the new version. Take a peek here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:213990http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Octopus Tablet Stand Version Two

In the process of making this… I'm excited! Will post pics when finished! :)

Awesome, glad to see so many of these popping up. I've got a variant of it I've been hashing out in my free for the last while. Hopefully over the holidays I'll chance to finish it up.

Can someone like print me one of these and send it to me being serious im live in England ill even make a thankyou video on youtube send me and email - joshuasaullongstaff@gmail.com

do u think this would work well with a galaxy note 1? i am looking for a stand/charging dock for my man's phone. This will be my first 3D printing project, so any "tweaking" needs to be really simple!

Given the size of the Note I'm sure it will sit on there without problem. I used a scale model of an iPhone 5 and iPad for reference in my model.

great! i'm thinking this will be perfect! if/when i do print this, i will post a pic for you!

hey, this is really cool. I would love to make this (and post a nice photo) but would you consider making a minor adjustment so that it can be printed on a fused filament printer without support? I think only the one tentacle tip that points down would require support, I think the rest could work. Could you bend that up at >60 degrees?

Take a gander at the new alternate model, that should hopefully make things easier.

looks very promising, let me give it a try. Thanks

I think I can manage that. I'll try get something together this evening, should be an easy tweak.