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Cube Puzzle Quartet

by mathgrrl May 15, 2016
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Using Cura 4.0 and can't print the cube holder. Anybody have suggestions for settings to get it to work?

Maybe I am lucky or or good. Solved the Nob on the first try (think less then a few minutes) xD omg, saved it in the printable Cube holder.

Photo is spoiler!

i got a second solution for the Hoffmann puzzle xD

I made an animated solution for NOB cube: https://youtu.be/wcBkTHmUJHA

Nice and funny! But Nob puzzle has more than one solution maybe?

yep my solution is also diffrent from others.

What is the recommended infill %?

Comments deleted.

Contrary to common belief the NOB puzzle has (at least) two solutions. Really!
Both solutions show the Ultimaker sign in the same way but the top square is filled with other pieces.

Please help me, I'm dying.

I posted two pictures in the "I made one" section. Both show the two solutions to the NOB puzzle, pictures taken from opposite sides.

This actually helped a lot, I was just about to throw the cube away :)

I can not begin to express my gratitude. Thank you.

Awesome, but... the coffin one is not one of the four that are in the pictures. Not only can I not figure it out, it simply is not one of the four.
In the picture of the pieces it has the gray "Ultimaker" piece or at least that's close, but the third piece from the top (the "corner" piece) is not a piece in the design.

I stand corrected. It was an optical illusion in the photo. THe coffin one does fit after all.

cant figure the coffin out

Nob's puzzle is killing me :/

Did you ever get it?

Nope...just saw there's some help above...going to check it out.

The cube holder don't work. The walls are too thin. Breaks very fast (ABS).
Made a new one with tinkercad online (2 cubes - takes 2 minutes) - works fine.
The puzzles are great. ;-)

The cube holder only prints the first 44 layers... (basically the bottom of the holder) and then stops. In CURA, if you select the layers option, you can see that it will only print the first 44 layers. Not sure why. It does show the whole image when you look at it via the Normal view... I may try to print from home, but on the current version of CURA it doesn't work. I still have an old version loaded at home... Thanks.

My cube puzzle holder doesn't work either. I'm using xyzware. is there any way you could make a design of that with the walls like double the thickness?

Comments deleted.

The cube puzzle holder don`t work. (Cura)

It works for me in Cura - what's your specific issue? I'd like to help you figure it out, but I'll need more information than "don't work" :)

One idea: the box is optimized to slice at fast/low/.15mm layer height. are you trying a different resolution?

You're right, sorry.
I can see the cube puzzle holder in Normal view; but not in the Layers view. (The cube is not generated). Just print a square.

Cura upgraded and ready!
Thank you.

That's great news. Are you using the 2.1.0 beta now or some other version? Another person I know mentioned that an old version of Cura caused their printer to just print the bottom of the holder, so maybe that is the same problem. Hope it goes well!

nice; I just got some transparent PLA in neon orange that this would be pretty cool to build in.

Thank you! This is awesome!