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Full Graphic Smart Controller Case

by Allted May 13, 2016
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Just printed with PLA, works great. I assembled with a couple of M4 hex cap screws and they were a nice snug fit that holds together well. I got my MPCNC operational last winter and then ditched the project over yard and house work over the warmer months. I'm getting back into it now and need to house up the electronics, clean up my wire routing, attach a vacuum hose, and then most importantly get working with it. Thanks for the nice designs!

I'm looking to buy one if this is possible thanks


I'm putting together my Lowrider 2. You shipped my electronics today! Can't wait. I've got all of the structural pieces put together, and I'm trying to figure out how you are using your clip to mount to the LR2 like in the youtube video you posted. I may just be an idiot, but I can't figure you how you have it mounted.




This is the last print I'm working on for the Lowrider build. i gotta say man, your designs and support make this kind of thing approachable for people who are nervous about failing. My Qidi X-One2 is cranking out the parts for the LR2, but as soon as it's done, I'm going to start on your 3d printer design. I'm hoping to share the common electronics parts between the two until I can afford to get a few more. Is this advisable/doable? Is the design meant to be modular in that way? I can cough up the dough for the extra rambo, powersupply, LCD controller etc.., but the flexibility would keep the misses happier in stretching the expenses over time.

Thanks for everything you're doing dude!


Thank you for the compliments, I really appreciate that and you have made me smile, always a good thing.

Electronics are compatible. You are not going to want to swap them very often but you can to get a few projects done, perhaps make a little money from them and start building your empire....I mean collection of cool tools!

Thanks man! I have a ton of questions, but to keep you from having to answer things over again, I'll read the resources on your site and get back to you. Thanks for making these open dude! When I get a great understanding of it all, I think I'll build a few for my high school. That doesn't violate any licenses or anything right? The kids there have very little in the way of hands on STEM. I've got a year before I'm off active duty and head back for my home town, so plenty of time to figure it all out.



Might be a stupid question, but what is the clip for?

Some people like to hang it.
I hang it on my LowRider CNC.

Ok. Thanks. I thought that they were for the back, just to sit on the desk. Now I understand. Thanks.

So it doesn't look like it to me but, is there any chance the ramps board can fit in this?

No not even close. I have a ramps case listed in my files as well though.

Really nice design! How long do you think you can make the ribbon cables before you start running into issues?

it's more how you have the cable oriented than length

laying flat, fine
folded over on itself or wrapped around a stepper motor drive wire, issues

I read a lot about it, but I am not that kind of engineer.

All I can say is I use and sell 2 foot ones and no one seems to have an issue.

Is there a "stop" button designed for this?

No, if that is what that button is for? I put the hole there in the case but honestly I have never ever touched that button. You can still get to it with a pencil or a pen.

Is that what it does, like a pause or emergency stop?? I feel kinda silly not to know this. I have 6-7 printers running 24/7. You think I would know what that button is for.

Yeah I'm pretty sure that's what it does. I mean, I've pushed it before and stopped my job.

Seems odd I have been around printers longer than most and Never really thought about that button. Kind of mind blowing to me that I have ignored it.

So Sorry I don't have an insert for it but it is still accessible.

awesome case. Would you be able to make a button for it?

also where did you get the long cables for the LCD and the wire mesh cover?

I don't know how you would get a button in there.

I sell the extension kits on the website, vicious1.com. It is PET wire loom over the top.

I have to say, I love your designs Ryan! Impressive man!

Awesome, thank you!

I hope to finish my little tutorial today for an intermediate EstlCAM walk through. In it I milled out the end caps in Brazilian IPE, wood and printed parts look really classy! I should have some pics and a video up soon.

Very interested in that as well. I was hoping to learn how to use estlcam to cut out the parts needed for your 3d printer (wanting it to be the first thing I cut on the mpcnc). I was hoping for a basic walkthough on something simple like your milled parts for that printer. Thanks again for all of the time and effort you put into your forum answering questions and helping out! You are very appreciated!

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Very nice design , refreshing to see new ideas for same old lcd. Good job.

Awesome, Thanks.