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9mm, 45 ACP & 40 S&W Ammo Boxes - 50 Rnds

by handyman1 May 12, 2016
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I'vemade a test with your 45acp box, anf it's good for 11mm french
Thank you for the design

I tried the 45ACP box, but the lid cannot close when it it is loaded. The lid catches on the cartridge rims at the front side of the box.
Has anyone else had this problem?

I originally designed the boxes to be used Bullets up. The curve of the bullet allows the top to close easily. Granted, it can make the rounds a little harder to grip and remove. But that's they way I did it. Having said that, you can use the boxes bullet down, or primer up, but you have to tilt the box back, or toward the hinge, when closing them so that the bases of the rounds lean away from the front and the lid should close. The third issue may be your C.O.L may be on the long side of tolerance, if you re-load. If you are intent on using the boxed primer up, then one possible solution would be to scale the vertical axis of the bottom slightly to make the bottom a little taller. Don't size any other dimensions. I would suggest a very small amount, like less than 0.5mm. see if that gives you enough headroom. When I use the boxes bottom up, I just tilt them when closing them and it works for me. Mild annoyance but I don't use them primer up very often.
Hope that helps.

any way to get one in .380

Is there any chance you could use the 40 S&W template but change the label to "38 Special" and one for "357 Magnum"? They are roughly the same diameter, would just have to change the Z axis for the extra height. BTW these are just awesome! One of the very few ammo boxes that prints perfect without tweaking too much.

Excellent - will make this with PETG

Nice work - don't suppose you'd do a 38 Super would you ?

Hello. These are awesome. I've printed 14 so far. I have a question. Would you be able to make 100rd versions? I hate carrying 10 or 15 - 50 round boxes to the range. We shoot a lot. It would be much appreciated if you could. Thank you.

I got the inspiration for my ammo boxes from a great box by lucassiglo21. I wanted all my boxes to all be the same size and all hold 50 rounds. Lucasiglo21's 9mm box holds 100 rounds so it may be exactly what you are looking for. Check it out here:


9mm ammo box 100 rounds

i just now saw this variation of my design, cool.
yes the support of the latch is really not the easiest to remove, after i designed the original ones i moved to simplify3d (at that time i was using cura) with S3D you can manually place the support material from the slicer there and that's much easier to remove.

Hey man, Nice design. Do you by any change have a CAD file for the bases? I have an idea where i want to make them a multistack with the lid. And working off the STL is a pain.

Love these! Any chance of releasing the SCAD files? I love these and printed a few for my parents and they were asking about personalizing them with their names.

I am surprised you do not have more comments. Thanks for the hard work. These things work great. I might modify the hing hole size for a paperclip as I like to use those for hinges. I can still use paperclips by breaking the correct length and then putting a little wiggle in the straight piece.

I'm glad you like them. My first few boxes I used paper clips for the hinges. I found they would either bind or work themselves out so I switched to small finishing nails that I clipped to length. They give the boxes a very clean hing look. The hole on the bottom fits tight to hold it in permanently while the hole in the lid allows it to pivot. I can easily generate you a different whole size if you'd like to suggest a size. These boxes are parametrically generated. The hing hole sizes are easily changed variables. Thanks for the feedback. Always looking to improve these.