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Rocketship business card

by rustlemills May 12, 2016
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can confirm it does not work in PLA. Don't have any ABS to try that. The slits don't quite fit after the print has been flattened onto the board. Once you do get one fit in, its too loose and falls right back out! After all that trouble you still have a few more inserts to put in and connect them to all the sides! Cool concept but doesn't work right.

At stock thickness I found it to be a little flimsy and too breakable. I tried increasing the thickness but then it wouldn't fit together

Comments deleted.

Any way you could upload the STEP files for these designs? Would love to make a few small edits.

I was having trouble getting the pieces to fit so I decreased the height by a very small amount and now they fit perfect.

This prints MINT at 200%. Yes, I realize that's no longer a business card, but it's still cool - especially when printed with wood.

My first attempted printed and failed on assembly. But I'm printing again to see if I can improve resolution.

1/ Print it on 125% flow and 100% infill to make sure it is solid. Maybe scale it up by 150% or 200% to make it stronger and easier to assemble. And bigger and awesomer.
2/File out the notches on the rings and the struts to make sure they are clean.
3/Lie one of the vertical struts on a table.
4/Get the smallest ring and push it firmly down into the notch nearest to the nose.
5/Push the second-largest rings in the tail end and the second from top.
6/Push the largest rings in the remaining notches.
7/Add the opposite side strut on the top - massage it along the strut to get them all locked in.
8/Add the other two struts.
9/Maybe add a rubber band or twist tie on the waist just above the fins.
10/Fly it around your head making whoooooosh! noises. It's a cool little model once you have it together.

My special needs son absolutely loves this. I've printed about 10 by now and just wanted to say thank you so much for the hours of joy you've provided with this fun little project.

That's wonderful!

That comment has really made my day, I'm really pleased you both got some pleasure out of this design!

printing now... looking forward to it... this is a neat idea.

Worked well even after I scaled it up a bit. One of the first dozen things I tried on my Monoprice 13860 and it worked great.

I'm pleased, upload an image if you get a chance, we'd love to see!

Posted to the "I made one" section. Thanks again for the fun build.

Worked well even after I scaled it up a bit. One of the first dozen things I tried on my Monoprice 13860 and it worked great.

this is great! I made one for my cousins and they loved it!

You should upload a version without the frame and parts that hold it together. It is nice to be able to have it as a card, but many of us are assembling the moment we pull it off the print bed, and the card frame just wastes time and plastic.

Hi Jarejay, I have added a version without the frame as requested.

Hey sorry I was not more clear. I was able to take care of those notches with my nails as well.

I was referring to the notches or slots the parts slide into each other. I am having a hard time assembling it. Any recommendations on the order to assemble? I would imagine to put the rings on one of the sides, then to add the other sides but my rings are not sticking to the any of the sides. I don't know if this is an issue because I scaled it up or not.

oh sorry, I'm not sure I can help with this. I've only ever printed it the original size on my ultimaker original.

Any advice on assembly? I scaled it up to 175% the original. Did you have to file down the notches?

For me the little notches just came off with my nails but if you've scaled it up you'll probably need to cut them off with a knife or something. It was designed so that the notches that hold the rocket parts to the frame were just 1 pass of the printer. Basically as weak as they could be!

Odd - the files opened ok in Meshmaker but I can't import them into OpenSCAD - 0 polygons.