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Squirrel chess

by SimCity Sep 24, 2013
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Comments deleted.

Stolen from the creality test codes

Might want to do your research before you make such outrageous comments.

They stole it from me. Check the dates. I uploaded this BEFORE creality even existed, so tell me. How did i steal it?

Comments deleted.

I love this set. As it happens, it came on the SD card of my Creality3D Ender-5 :)

My printer (Replicator Gen 5) seems to be missing/stopping half way through print job. I tried to print set all at once with rafts. The rafts overlapped which didn't concern me because I know they pop off. So....I have the little legs of my squirrels and that's it. Help???

id suggest just trying to print one piece like the king or something. see if that works.

check the tool path too and see if the entire object was sliced correctly.

if your able to print 1 full piece and the entire plate is sliced properly, just leaves mechanical or electrical fault

i printed mine without a raft, tho i highly doubt using one would cause issues

Rise my squrrel army!
we shall defeat a random guy named Dave in battle!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rooks seems to be a bit jarring with the rest of them. Maybe should have a squirrel sticking his head up from the battlements.

funny you should say that. little brother saw them yesterday and said exactly that.

The main reason i didnt complete the top of the acorn is really to avoid having to print the stem.

was thinking of adding a texture to the top like found on real acorns

I think the texture would be a good add. I did not get that they were acorns until I read the comments - maybe it's something about the scale?. You could try a squirrel standing on an acorn top? Really, you could do anything you want as long as you show them in the existing chess lineup. A turret made of small textured acorn tops with a small squirrel in the battlements? The world is your oyster/acorn.

Love the set. We are going to print these for a recent grad at work who has 3 managers making her chase squirrels all day. It will be a lovely addition to her cubical.

hashtag corporatelife - 'cause if you put in a hashtag it turns it into tag. weird.

Why would printing the stem be a problem?

cause most common representations of an acorn the stem curves over. If I work out a nice way to make the pattern for the top I might add another that has a full top.

A curved-over stem wouldn't be a problem on an Up/Afinia; I don't know about other printers...

there is always a limit to FDM no matter what type of printer. most at 40 to
45deg. After that you need support and I really couldn't be bothered
messing around with cleaning that up. Feel free to take out the code that generates the crenellations. Just have to add a bit to generate a stem then.

I guess I'm spoiled by the Up - support removal is no problem, it just pops off.

Yeah I built mine from scratch. support will just break off just with how thin the stem would be just thought it easier not to attempt it. plus makes printing faster.

Or just complete the acorn top without the castellations. Doesn't look nutty enough.

When I (eventually) get around to printing this set, I'm also going to add a cavity to the base of each piece for holding a chunk of metal to give them some heft. Chess is much more satisfying with solid-feeling pieces.

well i finished print on set of pieces but printers temp sensor went bonkers for half of it so not the greatest quality.

I was thinking of cutting a square in the base for some small neodymium magnets. I'll update the code to accommodate option for a cutout

I was thinking a steel nut, washers, or rod, or even a slug of lead. Magnets would be unnecessarily expensive and not so heavy.

oh i wasn't meaning to make heavy was slight off topic thinking about travel set. Just that the cutout could have other uses.

Codes up for those wanting cutouts. should be easy to work out

So printers running with its new belts and psu.

Pics inc

for those paying attention, you might notice some extra code in the scad file for an alternate piece...

Ooh, an Easter egg... er, squirrel nut!

well it is very nutty

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh AWESOME EASTER EGG ACORN IS AWESOME! And worth every second of the 11.5 hours it took my computer to render it!

Yeah it takes a while to compile. For those wanting a compiled version and not with a computer capable of rendering it in a reasonable time frame, I might upon request upload the rendered piece. I really hadn't thought of that

How did you get it? I compiled the openscad file and didn't see anything but the chess set. Do you have to modify a parameter in the code?

modify the code in a certain way. Check the module names for a hint

Not sure what the issue is with scale ... could be a mm to in thing, but when I load the stl files into SolidView or TurboCad, the size is about 40 inches for the individual pieces. I can scale the plate to make it fit , or print small groups of pieces.

As Julia mentioned, it is designed to a mm scale. Always a good practice to work in mm as this is the scale that is most used in CAD design and is also the scale the printers use.

Sounds like the STL is in mm and your software thinks it's in inches. 40mm (1.5") is a reasonable size for a chess piece.

Individual pieces are up go nuts.

Sry guys, was doing this at 1.30 in the morning. Current file was really only for display purposes. openscad files up. just make sure to have the squirrel.stl file in the same folder. For those unable to use openscad, I'll have individual parts up after I get home from work.

Great idea and design, but yes, please upload the individual pieces, thanks!

yeah I saw that just before I started writing this. the epicness could not be contained be the confines of the board. Now to get printer running again...

Love the squirrels, but ... in the file, the rooks overlap the knights, and the scale is not very acceptable.

Could you upload the pieces individually so that we can re-scale and print individual pieces?

individual pieces are up, whats unacceptable about scale?